Your Internet History Going to Be Exposed

A new bill has been passed by the Uk Government Snooper’s Charter’s or the investigatory powers bill has enabled that all the services providers of internet had to maintained the internet websites records access by their users and handover it to the Govt when required.


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This will helps the authorities all the internet activities that is being access by their users.This will help the secret agencies for investigation to avoid the hackers and lot more for the defence departments ,so that they can prevent the criminal activities that is going to be happen.

The log has to maintain by the ISP’s on every 12 months.As a protective measures people can maintain their secret privacy by means of web proxies and virtual private networks or by private Browsing.

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Snooper’s charter has proposed this bill about four year’s back but lot’s of criticism has been faced so handover it to the home secretery dept.Finally the Bill has been passed.

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