Why Accelerated Mobile Pages of Google are so Important?

AMP means accelerated mobile pages is basically an open source coding standard made primarily for publishers.Amp embedded websites load 4x faster than usual loading speed of a website.






No doubt having a responsive website is good but with proper implementation of an amp, pages enable your web pages loading speed faster both in desktops and in smartphones as well.Even for websites which help the Newbies the ways to earn money are also implementing AMP google for faster execution.



Why AMP is Important for mobile platforms?

Have you ever tried to load your website on mobile?

Do you happy with the loading speed?


I know I am not.Loading a website on a desktop takes a little time as I have a usual internet speed not always fast depending upon the bandwidth of the speed.For what about Mobile not always your internet runs faster depending on the data pack have you subscribed.

So it is better to optimize your smartphone platform for the website so that it provides a better user experience.
It can be done easily by standardizing a mobile version of your site with AMP.
Let’s discuss step by step.

However, is meant for better user experiences.So Google starts giving preferences to websites which having AMP on their web pages.


why AMP is so Important for Publishing sites?


if you are running a content-based blog then it is so important to implement the AMP with your website.Even Most Visited Websites are found that they are starting implement AMP .Also, websites that used to publish content for a newbie that gives a descriptive Guide to ways to earn money are equally important.

However you need not set the amp for your whole website it might affect your conversion rates.You can simply employ it to the content part or blog or news updates section to maximize the user experience.


How can I Implement in my WordPress website?


There are very simple and easy steps are given for the implementation of Amp with your word press based website.


1.Install the amp WordPress plugin.
2.Activate the plugin.
3. You can update your permalinks by going to settings->permalinks and saved the permalinks settings.


For Nonwordpress website just go to www.ampproject.org
The Implementation of Amp are in the following ways:
1.Amp HTML:
A redesigned standard coding format of HTML included with amp related commands.

2.Amp js:
a new javascript coding format that allows you to load speed of your website increase asynchronously.

3. Amp can:
this will take all your amp optimized content and cache them for faster delivery.


How to find google amp optimized content?


1. Grab your Smartphone or tablet or gadget.
2.Click on your desktop browser.
3.type in g.co/amp demo.
4.Search for news-worthy phrases like “Kim Kardashian nude selfie”,
Donald trump controversial speech” or something like this.


How will Google amp affect the paid marketing campaign strategies?

Google already stated that websites with faster loading speed will implement the better paid per click marketing.It will help the websites which help visitors new ways to earn money.
with amp your ads with get better impressions and click like:

1.faster than usual.
2.your ads become beautiful and eye catching.
3.all ads will be redirected with https.
4.it works better together as it has broad market landscapes and having better support for the advertisement.




No doubt Google is mainly Responsible for displaying any kind of results.In order to increase the Better user experience, Google AMPs are very important.However, it hardly has any SEO impact but it definitely helps the user to get best results on their smartphones as well as the faster execution of all time.So it would be recommended that add AMPs web pages today.

Although I have tried to cover the important points regarding AMP hope it will be enough for Newbie.

Thanks for reading my article and do share your reviews.


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