Which is the Best way to Earn Money Google Adsense or Google Adwords?

adsense vs adwords



Google Adwords is a Process of advertising criteria on Search engine results page that are associated partners of Google while Google Adsense is a process by which you can earn Money in which Google shows ads on your website or Blog.

Today Blog4everyone will Describe Some Paid Seo Tips that will help you to find out the Differences between them.

Both of the advertisements Platform are developed by Google. AdSense and Google AdWords Both are different aspects of Earning Platform.So as Blogger you must know the differences between them.


#1. what is Google Adwords and what are its Benefits?

Google AdWords is an Ad platform of Google developed and owned by them.With the help of Google Adwords, you can utilize this as an advertiser and they will help your ads to be published on the Google Search engine results page(the associated partners of Google.)

The Main benefit of using Google Adwords is that you can only Pay when someone clicks on your advertisement and you would not have to worry about the Number of impressions of your keywords for your advertisement.


Benefits of using Google Adwords:


1. Measurable.

Most People says that in Digital Marketing I have spent a Lot of money and half of my Money is wasted.But In the case of Google Adwords, there are a bit different criteria.You can keep the track of your ROI(Return on Investment).Each of Click Through Rate(C.T.R), Cost per acquisition (C.P.A) and the Number of an Impressions.


2. Cost Effective.

The most important benefit of Google Adwords is Cost effective.As you can only pay the amount when someone clicks on your advertisement.You can set a Budget of $5 to $5000 dollars per day.There are several optimization techniques are associated with the Adwords account that will always help you in no time.


3. Most Relevant Results.

The most vital Role of Google Search engine is to Display the most relevant result on the Search engine page results.Google’s main task is to show the Most accurate results for the user’s search query.Because whenever someone searches for a query an Ad Auction takes place there.Suppose If you are are Bidding for a Keywords “Paid Seo Tips” for $10 and the same keyword occupied by your competitor showing the same for $20 then the ranking position of your competitor’s keyword will above then yours.


4. Location Targeting and Mobile Targeting.

Google AdWords allows you to choose the specific geographic locations.So that you can select particular locations where your ads can display, you can select the Particular countries as well.

With the Immense use of Mobile devices by users, you can also locate your mobile targeting ads.As the ads create by the Google AdWords are Responsive and mobile user Specific.

#2. By Using Adwords Is my Keyword appear on the Top Place of SERP?

As I have Discussed Earlier there is no Guarantee that your ads will appear on the Top of SERP because whenever you search for a query Google first Display the Organic results while on the other Hands your ads reflect on the Right side of the page.




However, there are several factors that matter in the Ranking of your keyword like the Quality score of your Ads, Bid of the keyword, Quality of the Landing page.


3#. What is Google Adsense?

Google Adsense is a Platform where you can act as a Publisher and Google will display all the ads on your website and you will get reward whenever someone clicks on your Ads.

E:g: adsenseSuppose an advertiser use Google AdWords to Display his ads for $2 dollar and he is displaying the “Best Nike shoes”.And you are a publisher using AdSense Platform of Google and your website is about Sports Trends then the advertiser will reach your website and then if someone clicks on your site you will get paid $1.36 which is 68% of the Bid amount and Google will keep $0.64.


Benefits of Using Google Adsense.


1. Your Space Is in Demand.

There are Millions of advertisers across the Globe and they are constantly bidding for the ad space.It means More relevant ads, More space will be occupied by the advertisers.


2. You Can Optimize the Look and Feel of Ad.

By using control Panel of Google Adsense you can optimize your ads look and feel according to your desired place on the Blog.You can place the ads on the Header Section, body or in the Footer section as well.

3.  Compare and Learn with Adsense Experiments.

You can set different ads campaign with A/B testing in which you can place two different ads in different sections and compare which is performing better without changing the code of your website.


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