Top 10 reasons why you have to use Infographics for Search engine Optimization Technique?

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There are 200 Million Tweets,300 million websites,1.5 billion of content units as a marketer one question would definitely stick to the mind how would one blogger makes his content different from the rest of the world?

I will help you Guys to Find its Answer is to Build Infographics because there are Top 10 reasons why you have to use Infographics for Search engine Optimization Technique?

Let’s Discuss them one by one.


1. Infographics Interest Grows by continuously.


A visual representation is always been Good and leaves a better impact on the visitors.Even the Most Visited websites and the Best Blog Platforms have already discussed the importance of infographics.In recent years Google Trends registered a Continuously increasing interest in the Infographics over the past recent years.

google trends

Business owners and Digital Marketers can take the advantages of infographics.Even the Best Seo Practices has been implemented with the help of Infographics.


2. Visual Elements can Attract your Target Audience.


A fact shows that about 95% of People are visually remembering things.So you have caught their optic nerves so that the target audience will get attracted by Infographics.Pictures, Graphs, Charts, Beriefstylish Fonts represents a better view as compared to BriefText.

A complex Structure of a Story can be easily represented by displaying an Infographic.


3. Free Tools and websites are available on the Internet for the generation of Infographics.


There are Lost of websites that provide you to create an account for Free and can Generate Infographics of your Own choice.Free templates and Numerous of designing tools are present on the account from where you can create infographics.


List of website From where you can generate Infographics.

  1. Venngage Free Infographics Maker.
  2. Piktochart
  3. Infographics with Canvas.



  7. Many Eyes

  8. iCharts

  9. Dipity

  10. Timeline JS


4. Boost Your Brand Awareness with Infographics.


Telling the world about your Brand, product, and services with the block of text hardly put an impact on the target audience no matter how informative they are.

However, if the same thing when represented Visually grab more attention of the visitors.Digital Marketing Experts and influential bloggers have concluded that infographics are a great way of Promoting your Brand awareness and Infographics can increase your sale by 12 percent.


5. Promotion of Infographics is Easy.


After creation of your Infographics, you can also Promote it by submitting your website to the most popular websites that can help you to increase your brand and product awareness among the targeted customers.

List of the website where you can submit and promote your Infographics.

1.Flowing DataSubmit Infographics

2.Mashable InfographicsSubmit News

3.GOOD InfographicsPost Infographics

4.Cool InfographicsSubmit Infographics

5.Daily InfographicSubmit Infographics

6.I love ChartsSubmit Charts

7.Infographics ShowcaseSubmit Infographics

8.Submit InfographicsSubmit Infographics

9.Power of Data VisualizationSubmit Tip

10.Infographics ArchiveSubmit Infographics



6. Inbound Link Generation with Infographics.


Infographics are not a great source of getting higher ranking in Google but it leaves a better social impact.However, infographics can create a great social impact on the target audience and helps to generate traffic through backlinks.

Usually, backlinks can be generated by entities and an individual can link back to your website.So, a number of inbound backlinks can be generated and that will be a great source of boosting your rankings.

Infographics are the Best Seo Practices that can go viral because Infographics are embedded with your contact, offers and direct means of communication.


7. Infographics can increase your Subscribers.


Interesting visual elements that contain in Infographics will help you to generate more likes, comments, shares and another social signal that can be a remarkable sign of increasing the organic traffic.

With every single like and each comments that you have got on your infographics will help you to increase your subscribers and Followers.


8. Infographics generate a better Understanding of your Content.


Studies show that about 67% of consumers puts more importance towards the clear and detailed visual representation of the products or services other than the long detailed block of texts.The key to success in Infographics marketing to represent a Detailed, concise and better visual representation.


9. Infographics can Create you a Graphic Expert.


The use of Charts, bars, pics in a better way can itself made you as the Expert of Graphics formation of the niche field.As when you submit your infographics and the use of visual element will have some impact about the creator of graphics.

10. Infographics can make target Visitor stay Longer.


Infographics are the best way to hold your target audience for a longer Time because infographics not only helps to increase inbound links but also increases the stick rate the more the stick rate the higher ranking you will get for your website.


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