Top 10 Hacking Secrets ever has been revealed by Anonymous Hackers.

anonymous hacker


The anonymous Hacker never revealed their name, personnel their addresses their contacts but they have the personal life as well.So, some anonymous hackers revealed some of the Hidden secrets about the world that will blow off your mind away.

Today Blog4everyone will discuss all the Top 10 Dirty Hacking secrets revealed by Anonymous Hackers in our Tech Related News section.


1#. Anonymous Hackers Paid to Hack WikiLeaks:



wiki leaks hacked by hackers


At HbGary and the company while some of its Friend has Planned to hack WikiLeaks.Wiki Leaks and the Company Like anonymous has kept some Hackers and the Government companies with them.

Anonymous Found that what HbGary going to their B.F.F.wikileaks and Hacked into HBGary’s system they have found all the related emails in which all the Plans were mentioned that they are going to be published.

The result comes company losses and the CEO left the Company because of their secret has been exposed by the anonymous hackers.


2#. Anonymous Hackers Paid by Russian Govt to Help Putin.


putin taken help by hackers


As well Known President of Russia Mr.Vladimir Putin is the Greatest.But a dark secret revealed by the anonymous hackers that Putin and the Govt paid the Huge amount to anonymous hackers during the campaign of Putin’s reelection.

Despite all these Illegal facts, Putin has won that election.


3#. Location of Top Secret Canadian spies has been exposed by anonymous.


canadian spies exposed



The Canadian security intelligence is the world’s most underrated spy agency.Unlike the CIA and British Intelligence, they have spread with their strong spies techniques all across the Globe.

Unfortunately Anonymous has exposed some of the secrets which all most blew their cover when they released information on spy forces working for Canada across the world.Ultimately, Canadian Police shooting an anonymous person wearing a Fawkes Mask.So due to this world’s strongest spy agency going to be imploded.


4#. A Company who keep the Records of Individuals has been exposed By anonymous.



anonymous hackers



AAPT is the similar company like AT and T because this company holds all the records of the people to Australian Government.However, despite the fact, all these information are needed to kept secret but Australian govt wants all the sensitive data of the people on hold as the company keeps all the secret and sensitive data of the peoples.

The company keeps all the telephone directories and their personnel data as well.The Australian arm of anonymous has released all the customer sensitive data and make that Public so that they can catch the thieves.


5#.Westboro Baptist Church Members’ Information Exposed by Anonymous.


west boro baptist church


There are not more churches like that Westboro Baptist Church.These churches are mainly Known for their Protest against theFunerals of Deceased Military Members.They are a Group that hates everything.

In response to Church decisions on Funerals, Anonymous made their Plan to Exposed the Church Member’s personal information and make that Public.


6#. Phone Conversation between FBI and Scotland Yard has been Exposed by Anonymous.


fbi and scotland yard phone



The love affairs between FBI and British Police has been Fingered by an anonymous hacker.So the FbI has planned to find out the anonymous hacker.Instead of finding that anonymous has exposed the telephonic conversation between FBi and Scotland yard and make that Public.


7#. Security Software firm source code exposed by Anonymous.


anonymous mask



A company’s Known for his well Reputation in The open Market.Suppose apple is a Brand that makes Good computers.

Similarly, Symantec is a Company which is a Giant Industry in Software that protects its clients from Malware threat.But It sounds so Funny for anonymous hackers.They release all the System security source code of the company and make that Public.

So the company has to keep its unique code and made it secure so that its competitor may not take benefit of that.


8#. Personal Identification of the People has been Exposed By the anonymous.


personal identification has been exposed



The U.S Census bureau the Group who researches the Makeup of people in the U.S had their server hacked by anonymous.They stole all the secret data of the people from the U.S census and recollects the information basically a legal agreement between u.S and other Nation.The U.S census has so proud that they kept all the personal identification of their People but anonymous proves them wrong.


9#. Personal Identification of St.Louis police chief has been exposed by the anonymous.


st louis police chief info exposed


sources via

To Protest, the st.luis county’s handling of the Protestor’s in Ferguson Anonymous decided to post the Profile of St. Louis Police Chief personal information and make it Public.


10#. KKK member’s Personal Identification has been Exposed.



kkk members identification exposed



Atleast one thousand Member’s of the KKK has been exposed by anonymous of all their Personal Identification.


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