Top 10 coolest SMO Tips and Tricks that will increase your Rankings like a Roller Coaster.

Are you tired of Posting a number of Text and Videos on Social Media’s Platform like FaceBook and Twitter?


smo coolest tips and tricks


But unable to get a single like and comments on your Posts then your wait is over.Today Blog4everyone will Discuss The Top 10 Coolest SMO Tips and Tricks that will Increase your website Rankings like a Roller Coaster.Because at this Platform we will Provide the Latest and Free SEO Tips that will help you.

How to Engage your Targeted audience on Facebook?


1. Post Subject Related Videos:


The most Important thing that I thing for Facebook Marketing is that you should Post a Videos.Because Visual things leave a better Impression on the Person Looking for things.Social media analytics company Socialbakers Looked at more than 670,000 posts by 4445 brand pages and found that the video posts has better impressions about 8.77% than the text and links about 5.71% and photos about 3.77%.

  Post-It Direct:

Try to make the Post directly instead of Linking the third party websites like Youtube.

Post a Featured Video:

Try to Post a Featured Video as Facebook allows you to Post a featured video on your post.

Video Playlists:

Group all your videos content together and create a Playlist as well.


2.Share quote Related Images:


Try to share quote related Images.These Images that has some text written on it will attract lots of visitors.The quote may be some inspirational or Love making scenes because nowadays our youth are used to like that.

Quote Relates images helps you to build your relationships with the followers and also helps in facebook sharing.Facebook sharing will help you to make your Brand or Page viral.


3. Boost Your Posts:


Try to Boost Your Post.If you are Posting an Ad and it gives you better number of impressions then Facebook allows making Paid advertisement in which You can Boost Your Post and get Thousands of Likes.


4. Select and Engage Your CTA Button:


You can Choose a call to action Button that is present on the Page.This will help you to engage your visitors on the Landing Page of your website.

Currently, Facebook allows us to make use of seven buttons available for CTA:









5. Set Your Posting Frequency:


Try to make a limit of Posting on your Facebook Page because too much posting will also decrease your following.I have even seen that some of the Brand pages use to post 30-40 posts per day.This will decrease your Followers on the Page.

Try to Post only 2-3 Post regularly that will be enough to engage the targeted audience.


6. Try to post on Trending Topics:

Try to Post some creative and Trending topics that will help others to see what they want to see.Because Facebook is Changing day by day.Now you can show your LIVE VIDEOS has well.

So, try to Post some trending topic related posts only.



1.Find the Right Search Results:

Newbie of Twitter hardly knows how to Find the Right People on the Twitter.They start searching by their name.This is not How twitter works?

Twitter refines your searches by the Keywords that grouped together.So always finds the people by their hashtags and keywords on the profile.


2.Create and Share the Curated Lists:


Lists are the best Feature of Twitter to Filter the Information.Lists are Basically a way of Grouping of different Peoples having the same Profession.

Suppose if you are a blogger you can curate a list named Blogger Adda and put all the names in them.This will help you to engage the visitors and try to interact with them Properly.

3.Ensure Videos and Images in the Post:


Try to Post a story with images because an Observation shows that there are 2 million posts with photo can be retweets and 38% of them with videos.So try to post your tweets with a Branding image.


4. Likes and Reply in Twitter Posts:


This is the Most thing that you have to keep in Mind that whenever someone tweets a good thing.You must reply on this and likes as well.Because doing so it will help you to interact with the visitors and you will get the benefit of that.

5. Follow back and Keep Track of your tweets:


The Best Mantra to increase the Number of Followers on Twitter is that you must apply the Followback strategy because follow back leaves a good impression on your Followers.

Apart from this, you can also keep track of your Tweets because this will help you to find which tweet of yours are performing better.


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