Top 10 Best Free SEO Tools for Successful Blogging that you Do not Know.

In Every Profession whatever It may be Running a shop or a software designing or developing and Blogging.Every Profession needs a Perfection and the Perfection Only comes if you have sufficient technique or Tools.


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Today I will Discuss Some Amazing top 10 best Tools that can be Implemented for SEO best practices.

Most Of the Blogger take help to boost their Rankings with the Help of Paid Linking method or paid content promotion and others.But the Question comes in mind is there really Free Tools are available on the internet that will help you?

Yes, you are right there are Free Tools that help you to boost your Rankings.Let Discuss them One by one.


1.Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog is a Free Tool that can Make your website SEO Friendly.If you thought that you have created the Content and People will Come.Not anymore?

we live in an era where 3 Million websites are there across the Globe.Everyone nowadays competing for the Potential Audience so you are.If you owned a small blog and written content unable to attract Lots of traffic.So, in that case, this tool will help you out.

This Tool will make sure that your website looks good to the crawler.This tool helps you to Fix Error on your blog like Heading tags, missing alt images, meta, title, and description.

Your Broken Backlinks and the status code of each Page.


2. Infolinks-you can make money from your Blog.


Infolinks is one of the Best Earning Affiliate Platform ever.If you are owned a small blog and getting a Descent level of Traffic then this Tool or Platform will provide you ways to make money .

Infolinks offers affiliate programs to Blogger in which they can earn huge amount on a commission basis.Infolinks is a Global advertising Platform for both publishers and advertisers.

Online advertisers can create a campaign by using this platform and target their engaged audience.Advertisement with the help of Infolinks means that you are delivering messages to Engaged customers.

Online users and website owners can utilize info links in their blogs or website in the form of  Infold, Intag, Intext, nd InScreen.

It Takes only one minute to integrate your website with info links.

Infolinks Supports a Marketplace of 100,000 websites operates in 128 countries.It’s headquarter is located in Palo Alto California and R &D department in Tel Aviv Israel.


3. Survicate -Maintain your Email Sign-ups.


Do your readers reads your content or not? who Knows?

You can only make the estimations from the Likes or the number of Social shared daily or Monthly basis.But these are only Hints it hardly helpful for you.Take the use of Survicate one of the coolest Tool of SEO for the collecting the emails and Signups.Because when you gathers all the information what your readers want to read.Then only you can understand where the interest of the Potential customer.

3. Notify -Promote your Content on Social Media.


Social Media is the Backbone of making your content viral.People are Proactively engaged in many social media platforms.They ask Peoples for recommendations like”can anyone help me to buy sports shoes” or”which social media platform is good for SEO” or something like that.

So asking for recommendations and getting feedbacks helps you to promote your blog so Notify helps you to share your content on various media platforms directly by embedding your keywords on Hip chat, twitter etc.


5. Manage Filter -will help you to Maintains Followers on twitter.


The best way to gather the attention of People is through Social media like twitter where you can Build your audience in the Form of Followers.Have you ever thought that you are following about 10,000 people only of which you get Follow back of 1000 peoples?That’s not Good at all.

So How to Find the Following persons who are not following you back? In that case, you can use Manage Filter this tools will let you know which are the person who is not Following you back.With the help of this you can unfollow those person but in 24 hours you can only unfollow 100 persons.

Pro Tip: Do not Forget to unfollow the persons who are not Following you back otherwise your account can be marked as spammy.


6. -helps you to engage your Audience with webinars.


Every blogger has a dream that she can deliver something about his or her content of the website that can grab the attention of other users through webinars.So is the best software or you can say that an utility Tool that will helps you to engage your audience.You can simply create a room for a chat and generate your link so that your FRiends or the target audience can come and have live chat with you.


7. Buzzsumo -Search for high-quality Content.


The most important Part of Blogging is the Content creation and the created content must be of quality.A content with the quality material can boost your search engine ranking in no time.So Buzzsumo will help you to find the amazing and coolest high-quality content that will help you to make an idea for the new content generation.

Tip: You can find some Niche article with the Buzzsumo and can use the Skyscraping Technique.


8. Hemingway App– It nourishes your writing.


Blogging needs strong writing skills.However, your writing must be engaging and informative as well so to caught the attention of readers.On the other hand, everyone has their own way of writing but we cannot forget the ease of writing.Making a sentence simply would not hurt the others.This style of writing has made by one Person Ernest Hemingway which led him to the Nobel Prize in 1954.

That Great Legend has no more but there is an app Hemingway App which helps to polish your writing.You can create your content and put into this app.It will help you to find the common errors, mistakes in the sentence.With the Help of this App you can replace the proper snonyoms.

Tip: If you are not a Native English speaker then you can simply use Grammarly that helps you to refine and polish your writing by indicating all the proper words, synonyms and sentences that suit better in content.


9. Startup Stock Photos and Pexels .


This Platform also helps you to get some quality free pics that will make your Content to look better and impressive.


10. and Keyword Planner.


These two platform helps you to get enough high ranking keywords that will boost your rankings.Just you can put some keywords on which you are going to create content and you will get enough high ranking keywords with low competition and high traffic.


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