Top 10 cool Facts of the Tech world that might surprise you.

1.One of the Reputed online shopping website Ebay today makes a average Transcation of $680 per second.


Tech News related Ebay


2.Approximately 7 billion people on this planet to which 4 billions of them uses Mobile phone while rest 3 billion of them uses Toothbrush.

Tech news about mobile users


3.The world’s Most biggest Brands have allmost started their Journey from the garage like:

  • Hewlett Packard.
  • Microsoft.
  • Apple.

tech news of apple

4.The Person known as the Father of Information Theory Claude Shannon invented the Digital circuit-the foundation of magic that provide all of us internet today.

tech news claude shannon

5.There are approximately 6.9 Million iphone users across the globe.

tech news iphone users


6.A Red Panda having its Native Place in Himalayas and Southwestern china.The word Red Panda in English Translated as “Firefox” which the Browser gets its Name.

tech news red panda


7.The very First Camera which was invented in 1973 nearly took allmost Eight Hours to snap a photo.

tech news camera


8.Alaska is the only state in America that can be typed in one row Traditional English QWERTY keyword.

tech news alaska state


9.Tech Companies often test their new products in the New Zealand city because the country is diverse  its Residents speak English and if the Product gets Flop.The news would not get easily spread because the country is relatively isolated.

tech news isolated


10.Facebook coughs up atleast $500 to anyone who can find a way to hack this site.

tech news facebook hack


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