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6 simple steps to get more Profitable YouTube advertising.

Have You ever thought that How many videos seen on YouTube every day? I hope you would not able to guess it is about 5 Billion videos in a Single day.

Even 300 Hours of videos will upload by every individual in a single minute.


6 simple steps to get more Profitable Youtube advertising.


In fact the Success of most of the businesses like Amazon, Ebay totally occupied by Youtube video advertising.

If your Business or blog still not using Video Advertisement then you must apply from now onwards.However after Google Youtube is the Second largest search engine.Many Blogs including Best Blog Platforms are always their strategies for digital Marketing by using YouTube videos in their posts.

Therefore to advertise your Brand and to Increase your Online Presence YouTube is the Best way to increase your online reputation and to increase the customer engagement.


1. First Choose your Ad Format wisely.


There is a large number of  Ad Format available on YouTube platform including Sponsered ads.So the questions come into mind what Kind of format you choose.Therefore the answer is ver simple just go here Youtube help page here.


6 simple steps to get more Profitable Youtube advertising.



Suppose you are looking for “Best Blog Platform” with a customer engagement video ad than would be better you must run your ad in True view Stream or in the Discovery ad.

Apart from them if you are looking for the more targeted audience and highly customer engagement video then it must be wise to use sponsored ad.


In my point of view, you first try to make experiments with different types of ads format and then compare their differences to find out the best ad format for your website or business.



2.  Use of Instream-Segment and  Discovery Ads.


In Google Adwords campaigning Networks when you make the separation between Search and Display networks.

Just like similar to them you would understand the Differences between Instream and Discovery Ads displaying ads Format.

Basically Instream video format play before, during or after the other videos.However, Discovery ads appear next to related YouTube videos as a separate part of youtube search results.



6 simple steps to get more Profitable Youtube advertising.



via word stream: Example of Discovery Ad.

Because of the different types of the budget level according to the individual you can utilize according to your convenience.



3. Start taking Benefits of YouTube  Targeting Options.


Just like advertising on the Facebook, Twitter, google and Linkedin you have to pay a very close attention towards your target regions.So why you waste your valuable money on the unqualified and undeserving eyes who are hardly like your ads any more.


6 simple steps to get more Profitable Youtube advertising.


Via SEMRush


Therefore you can start taking benefits of your video ads by targeting your customer to the specific locations.

Suppose if you are having a business for selling best cup cakes in Australia then it will be good to start Targeting your customer from the region specific.



4. Video Remarketing.


The setting of a Remarketing is also a killer strategy to get your video ads viral because you already hold the security of the products you have published on your website by analyzing the audiences who had already shown interest in your products or services.

If you are still unfamiliar with Remarketing then its time to implement the way to follow your website audiences with ads related to them on the other places like Facebook, Twitter or AdWords display network.


5. Start advertisement More appealing Content.


Start uploading or making video advertisement which is more appealing because there is a large number of Humorous video content available on the youtube platform.

So start creating more appealing video content, it might b the compelling human based native story or something Mystery type.

Like Top 10 videos of 2017.


6.  Try to add Interactive Elements to Increase your Call to action.


If you are a Business owner or a personal or professional Digital Marketing Expert.You can take benefit by adding the interactive element to your advertisements that enable your customers to download or even signups or Lands on your homepage.

Therefore adding Interactive elements on your ads increases your call to action.


6 simple steps to get more Profitable Youtube advertising.




Youtube Marketing is one of the Easiest and Best way to advertisement or promote your Business.Most of the searches happens only on this Search Engine,so start taking benefits of You Tube Marketing it will increase your online presence as well as your ROI.


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