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How the Syria Conflict Going to Over?

There is Continous bloodshed going on in Syria while a deal has been stalled to evacuate Rebel Fighters and Syrian civilian’s with heavy shelling reported day before Yesterday.


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A ceasefire has been issued in aleppo while the people are running out of their houses in Buses and Truck’s.

The last 24 hour’s in Aleppo has been the wrost hours as people evacuated about 50,0000 to 1000000 ,they were taken away by syrian Govt to a safe place where they can get food and shelter.

“The clashes are violent and bombardment is very heavy… it seems as though everything (the ceasefire) is finished,” Rami Abdulrahman, director of the British-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) monitoring group, said.

While the Ceasefire has been resumed once again on wednesday as Syrian’s rebelions are continue to fight back with airstrike By Russsia and Turkey.

What are Conflicts Causes?


  1. Voilence Causes By Uprising.

Pro Democracy protests has been Occured in March 2011 when some Teenagers have made revolutionary slogans on the walls of their school.So the army had tortured and punished them so that thousands of peoples comes to the street and start rising the conflicts between democracy and civilians.


uprising in syria created war



2. Syria becomes Place of Civil War


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Violence are esclated in the country and thousands of protestor’s have rised to fight the Govt in order to save their culture ,Pride.

A report estimated that about 90,000 people died in syria attacks till June 2013 but soon jumped to reach about 250,000 toll death till march 2015.


3.  Rise Of War crimes.

An enquiry commission of US have evidence that due to syria violence many parties,people indulges in rapes,robbery,distortion and lot’s more criminal activities.


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4.  Rise Of Rebels,Jihadist and Proxy war.


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The rebelion’s has been rised since the war started in its inception.

Thousands of rebelians have started their war against us official and armed forces.In september  2014 Us made airstrikes against them but they occupied their presence in the eastern parts of the country by getting continous support from the IS-IS and lots more other Jhadist parties of the country.


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However, the exile group has little influence on the ground in Syria and its primacy is rejected by many opponents of Mr Assad.


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