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Top 6 Best Seo Practices that you must Do in 2017.

seo best practices


Gone are the Days when Google used to match the organic Search query and place the desired results.Google Not just only checks for the Search Proof but also you must be checked yourself properly in the Local Seo Listing as well.

So The question comes How? Today I will discuss some of the Top 6 Best Seo Practices that you must do in 2017.


1. Why is Local Seo taking Over?


seo best practices


A case study did by SEO Moz shows that Local Seo will help the online visitor to reach the desired website if they are listed under Google local Listings.If your Business relays on the local SEO then you must submit your website on the local SEO listing’s websites.

How can you do Your Local SEO  better?


1. Citations.

It ensures that the Correct Information is listed across all the Local search engines so that it can be discovered.Suppose you have named your page as “BFS” instead of Best Flipkart Store you must ensure that the other’s reflects the same.

2.Google Place page must Be Optimized Properly For better Results.

You must ensure that the Google Place page must be properly Optimized so that if someone searches for the keyword will match to the exact category along with the specific landing page.


3. Reviews are Important.

Google places only display reviews on the Google but try to get reviews from the aggregators like Yelp, yellow pages, and trip advisor will bring a better appearance.


2. Make your Search as much as Social.


Searches are all most ended if you are not appearing on the social websites like Facebook, twitter because there are 300 social subscribers across the Globe so the best way to boost your Local SEO is through proper social media Optimization.


3. Think of People, not robots while Optimizing your keywords.


Keywords play an Important role because it is the very first thing when a Person searches for a query in a Google.So if someone searches for a query for Best sports Shoes then your keyword must match this query string.So makes sure while optimizing all your keywords.


4. Good Content Writers are Like a Gem.


Google is not stupid or not fool to take and published the copied content.Try to put and only create pure and original content on your website this will automatically make you more searchable on the Google.

For Example, The Best Seo Practices that always appreciated by Influential bloggers then we write the Blog post on this and we will get the backlink from one of my Competitor with Do-follow.


5. Make sure you proper optimized the Schema.org and rich Snippets.


The Three Big search engine like Google,Yahoo, and Bing together makes a Schema.org which is a website standard that helps them to read the website’s content and index them Properly.

Making Rich snippets for your website helps the Google and other search engine help to get them proper information about reviews, upcoming events and much more.


6. Site Metrics are More Important.


Take Proper tracking and Monitoring Tools like Google Analytics that helps you to keep the records of the Keywords and conversion rates along with CTR that helps every blogger to maintain’s the proper data of your website.


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