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Planned Parenthood Files Lawsuits To Protect Abortion Rights

Planned Parenthood Laws





The Lawsuits were mainly applied towards Three states namely as Missouri,Alaska and North Caroline.


Planned Parenthood has filled their file against abortion cases in three states just Before the two months when the Donald Trump is elected as the Us President.


These are applicable in the three states Missouri,Alaska and North Caroline in association with American Civil Liberiies union (ACLU) and center for Reproductive Rights.


These laws are applicable in different scenarios like in North Caroline ,Abortion can be Long Banned for 20 weeks .women will only get abortion in case for medical emergency.Except for Rape instinct.


In Alaska it has been virtually Banned so if a lady wants to get  abortion she needs to fly to Another state if she wants to do so.


well in Missouri there in only one clinic is left and if a lady wants to do abortion she needs to get fulfilled all the Govt related queries and needs to justify this procedure.


Due to the laws in Restriction about 1.2 millions women in Missouri who could be impacted with a Pregnancy,where they might make a decision about an abortion.In these cases they have only one Choice where they can go to :”Mary Kogut president and CEO of Planned Parenthood of the St Louis and Southwest Missouri Region.





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