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Top 10 Paid Seo Tips that will Increase Your Traffic.

paid seo tips

Free Seo Tips are good for building the Online reputation.When you follow all the strategies of using organic Seo, No doubt it will Give you immense visitors and Traffic for your website or  Blog.It will take so much time to reach that Peak.

But In the case of Paid Seo Tips or strategy are a bit different it will give you a huge amount of traffic plus makes you viral in a very small time.It will help you to increase your Click Through Rate(CTR) and Conversion Rate as well.

So, i will discuss some Important Paid Seo Tips that will gives you enormous traffic and increase your Search results.Nowadays there are Millions of websites that wants to appear on the Top.Free SEO strategies are Good but if you want to grow your business and wants to reach that Peak makes use of Paid Seo Tips.

1#. Banner Advertising.


banner advertising


The Banner Advertising is one of the Most vital roles of Paid Marketing on the Internet today.In order to promote your Banner Make an attractive Banner Design and submit it to the High traffic websites on the web that will advertise your Banner and helps you to earn a huge amount of traffic on your website.


Some of the Websites that Makes Banner  Advertising are:












2#.Google AdWords Marketing and Paid Per Click.

Google AdWords or Microsoft AdCenter or other relevant sources of paid Marketing that will help you to increase your traffic and at a very low cost.With the help of AdWords platform, you can set your daily Budget and campaign for the PPC for your chosen Keywords.They will start ranking from the day when you make the PPC campaign.So it is also a very good source of earning lots of penny and the huge amount of visitors on your website.


3#. Social Media Advertisement.

The Facebook, Linkedin, The StumbleUpon are all the sources of Paid social Media Platform.They will give immense traffic for your Blog or websites.This is because they submit your advertise to the most relevant categories and Platform from where you will get all the desired results for your website.Even Twitter paid ads, Pinterest also has been a great source of advertisement.


4#.Advertisement with Email Marketing.

Make use of Email advertisement this will also play a great role in promoting your website.Email Marketing helps you to reach the Targeted audiences many companies and firms makes use of Email Marketing strategies to boost the rankings of their websites.Make sure use the email marketing strategy in a proper and Ethical way.Because the use of stolen emails or person will sometimes damage your online reputation as well.

5#. Paid Directory Submissions.

However, when you make the free directories submissions for your websites it will take a very long time to add in the relevant categories.So there are lots of websites who helps you to add your Directories instantly but they-they charge a small amount of money for this.But do not try to make the heavy lead with paid submissions otherwise, your website comes to the Spam section.

6#. Affiliate Marketing Techniques.

Affiliate Programs will help you to go viral and they will help you to rank higher on the Search engines.There are lots of affiliate marketing available on the internet world.E:g-Wordstream,Neil Patel.com and much more.They have the ability to provide you one million website visitor in a Single Month.Depending upon the Budget you are planning to help them.It depends upon on you will you the offer whether it is for 6 months or one year.Their packages are not very costly so anyone can afford to take help from them.

7#. Paid Seo Tools.

You can also Buy some Fantastic Seo Tools like: Semrush

->You can see your Competitors Ranking Positions.

->Domain specific Keyword Rankings.

->Crawl Audit tool.

->Compare Various Seo Metrics.

->Compare of Domains by Keywords and much more.


8#. Paid Reviews on you Blog.

You can also take the Help from online digital marketing expert for the Paid reviews as well.Paid reviews will help if you are launched your new products or services so that the people will explore.

Paid reviews are a better way to promote your new products for your websites or blogs.


9#. Paid Video promotion.

when you visually represent something it will more explore by the people on the internet today.Try to take the help from the youtube video promotion.If you are having your youtube channel then you can easily promote your videos and make it viral with the help of paid youtube marketing plans.

10#. Paid Content promotion.

Article submission is allmost Dead but if you wants to increase your traffic for the website so you can submit your article to the Paid article submission websites.This will help you to get more explored by the People.This will also increase your traffic and online appearance on the internet.


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