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What are the Strategies that helps you to get 1000+ visitors per Day?

Seo is a Deep Ocean everyone in this Field wants to Learn, Earn and get all the Rewards he/she working For.A Blog without Traffic sounds really Bad.There are Approximate #3 Million websites Across the world.So survival in such a Tough and challenging Seo world is very Difficult but not impossible.

Let me Get straight to the Point today I am Going to discuss some of the strategies that will bring 1000+ visitors per day.


1.  Best and Thorough “Content Writing”.

It is seen by many Bloggers says that “Content is King”.Yes, they are Right content is King.Do you Know websites with 2000+ words will get the top 10 SERP result?Now the Questions Comes how would get the Content Niche for the website and Thorough Long Blog Post.

The Answer is very simple  “suppose your Blog or website is about Sports”.There is a Tool named “Buzzsumo“.This tool will help you to get the Most relevant content for your Blog or website.


content writing tool


This Tool will help you to get the Most Unique and relevant Topic for your niche Blog.

Tips To write Better and Highly eye Catching contents are:

  • Relevant Topics about 2000+ words.
  • Proper Meta Tags and Keywords.
  • Use Images and embed Videos where it requires.
  • Linked to Other Blogs for better information.


2. Make Use Of Google Keyword Planner For Long Tail Keywords.

Do you know about 78 to 85% are the Keywords having Longtail will reflect in the search engine more often as compared to the short tail Keywords.

Suppose I am Looking for Best Blog Platform.I know will select only that website which gonna fulfill my needs.


google keyword planner

So there are many Benefits of using Long Tail Keywords:

  • Significant Search Volume
  • Higher CTR
  • Lower CPA
  • Higher Conversion Rate.

5 Benefits of using Long Tail Keywords.


3. Guest Posting or Guest Blogging.

How often do you hear this word Guest Blogging?Do you know the Great Heros of the Digital Marketing world often advises you to do Guest Blogging?


How to Request for Guest Blogging?

Hello [Name of the Blog or Founder or Editor],

I am a regular visitor of your Blog_________________[name of the Blog].I like the way you write the Posts on all the Blogging Topin including a post________________[name of the popular post that caught your attention].

Since you already Publish the different Posts from Different authors in your niche.It would be great if i will also make contribution towards your website.

I am working as a _________________[the position you have as a Blogger or writer].I also contributed some unique and amazing posts to different blogs_______________[sample of your Blog writing].As i am a passionate content writer understand the value of quality content.So please allow me to be a part ofyour wonderful blog.

Thanks XXX


List of websites That allow you to write For them.


4.  Social Media Sharing On Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin.

The Very first thing that you should is to post the blog post on your social Media accounts.You will get as many Likes, account comments and user engagements from the user that are always online on the social media accounts.

How to Choose Best Social Media Platform?


5. Forum Posting is Backbone for websites.

Forum posting is the Most important thing that will increase your Rankings on the Search Engines.When you Register for any website do not put your Signatures instantly have some patience when your posts on the Forum will reach a Point then you can put your keywords in your signatures.

For Forum submission there is a Tool that helps you to get backlinks from the niche websites.This tool name is “Dropmylink”.


drop my link

List of Do-follow websites that helps you to make Forum submissions.


6. Blog Commenting.

Blog commenting is very important to get High-quality niche backlink for your Blog or website.Mostly Bloggers do one Mistake they start putting Link in their name as keywords in the Begining.

Try to learn all the Important aspects of Blog Commenting as First read the topic to which you are going to put the comment after having some positive feedbacks and responses then you can put the Keywords.Otherwise, you would mark as a Spam generator.

How will Blog Commenting Improve Your Rankings Rapidly?


7.Email Marketing.

Email Marketing is one of the sources of getting Heavy Traffic towards your Blog.Nowadays all the business is surrounded by the Email.So build an Effective email marketing strategy that will give you benefits like:

  • It helps to generate Traffic by user engagement.
  • It helps to grow the Brand awareness.
  • Email Marketing is Easily Shareable.
  • Email Marketing is Cost Effective.

You can use Free Email service Providers Platform to generate heavy leads like Mail Chimp allows you to build your Email Marketing list for Free.You can send 10,000 emails in a single day.This will help you to track the performance of the Email Campaigns and also helps you to make viral your website.

Benefits of Email Marketing.


8. Backlinking.

The most important strategy of Seo is Back Link Building and the link that you are going to create must be Do-follow.Always try to create a backlink with high Page Rank and domain authority.

So I am going to tell you, Guys, that the Link Building is very easy if you do it smartly.Ok so here is a Tool name “Backlink checker Tool by Rank signal “.


backlink checker tool


Rank Signal is very powerful Tool which helps you to find the Backlink of your competitors this will not only saves your lot of Time but also helps you to make the backlinking process so easier.


9. Youtube Marketing.

Every People on this Planet wants to see a Visual Display of the things that anyone can Represent.Visual representation has always gathered the attention of the viewers.

Small business can expand their reach to global by using youtube Marketing as it is cost effective way to go viral.

  • It helps to Capture the Attention oF People.
  • It helps to generate High Volume of Traffic
  • Viral Marketing.
  • Worldwide accessibility
  • Social Media Integration Becomes Easy.

Well, Thank you so much, Guys, for reading my article.I hope you Guys will get all the things clear that i have written.Any valuable Feedback would be appreciable.Kindly share your views.

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