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High Earning Affiliate Platforms that will Boost Your Earnings.

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If you are a blogger and getting some decent kind of traffic then you might be thinking of using an affiliate Platform that provide the Best ways to make Money online.

Today I will Discuss some of the High Earning Affiliate Platform that will Maximize your Earning as much as you can.There are several affiliate programs that are available on the internet today but you must know first which affiliate platform are the Best to utilize.

1. Infolinks.




Infolinks offers affiliate programs to Blogger in which they can earn huge amount on a commission basis.Infolinks is a Global advertising Platform for both publishers and advertisers.

Online advertisers can create a campaign by using this platform and target their engaged audience.Advertisement with the help of Infolinks means that you are delivering messages to Engaged customers.

Online users and website owners can utilize info links in their blogs or website in the form of  Infold, Intag, Intext, nd InScreen.

It Takes only one minute to integrate your website with info links.

Infolinks Supports a Marketplace of 100,000 websites operates in 128 countries.It’s headquarter is located in Palo Alto California and R &D department in Tel Aviv Israel.

Commission Structure of Infolinks.

The Commission structure by info links for referring new Publishers are as Follows:

 ->If you Refer a small Publisher with average 10,000-page impressions you will get $25.

 -> If you Refer a Medium Publisher with 100,000-page impressions you will get $100.

 -> If you Refer a Publisher with more than 100,00-page impressions you will get $1000.

The condition is that you will get only one time earning when someone signs up through your referral link.


2. Maximize  Earning with Google Adsense.




Yet Another and universal Platform of Advertisement Program.Google Adsense is the most usable Ad platform that every Blogger utilizing these days.

With Google Adsense, you can turn your Passion into Huge Profit.

Adsense is the simplest, free and easy way of earning money from your website by placing ads.

Why 2 Million People has Chosen Google Adsense?

Across the Globe, about 2 million people has already utilized this platform to monetize their website and maxmize their earning with Google adsense.

a. Right Ads for your Audience.

Google adsense reneiewd your content befor placing ads on your website.The developers ensures that the best ads which is relevant to your website will only displayed on the mobiles or on the desktop.


b. Complete Customization in your Control.

You can Place you ads where ever you want and also Block some specific ads when you want.


c. Only ads published that Provide you High Earning.

It will take you to the Biggest ads platform where online advertisers are bidding for an ad space so you will get the benefit of that.


Payment structure are bit different from the Ad platform as Google will give you the Earning only when you reach your Threshold Earning.


3. Boost your earnings with Chitika.


chitika ad platform


Chitika is one of the most Popular Display Advertising Network in the world.However it is not as much as Popular like Google Adsense but still, you can’t ignore in terms of revenue making.

Chitika provides you various types of ads display but its most popular feature is text in ads display.Integration of Chitika to a website is quite Easy you can easily add through your “ad setup”.

The Minimum Threshold is $10 however it also offers you referral program.


Pros of Using Chitika.


1. Easy to Use.

There is no Learning Curve in Chitika Ads platform.From start to finish it is one of the Easiest way of Learning and Placing ads.


2.Simple  Interface.

It is user-friendly anyone can use it like a simple editor as the ad panel is so easy that anyone can use it accordingly.


3. Excellent Customer Support and Low Minium Payment Threshold.

The best Thing about Chitika is that they provide a better customer service support.You can Contact to any of the Representative through live chat, email or support.

The second best Thing is that you can the minimum threshold amount is only $10 that helps you to quickly earn Money.



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