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Tips to Remain Fit and slim

1.Healthy Lifestyle :


Allmost every smartphone having an application of Pedometer for the measurement of healthy exercises or activities that you should perform in your daily activities.Doctor’s recommend that you should perform approx 10,000 daily healthy activities,that will keep your blood pressure in control maintain low cholestrol and keeps your mind and body soothed and refresh.


2. Walking Habits:


If you have your Pet like Dog so can go a long walk or you can go with your child as well,try to walk faster as much as you can.This will help you to burn more calories inside your body increases your heart rate and saves your precious time as well.


3. Bicycling Habits:


Take a bicycle and go for atleast half   n hour instead of going for a ride in the car, it will not only gives strength to your legs but also gives you immense pleasure and you feel energetic and refresh all over the day.


4. Sitting Habits:


Try not to sit more than one hour at a time try to take a break from this people use to sit on the chair for long hours might get suffers from the chronic pain.Allmost 33 percent of the calories has burned due to standing ,this will improve your body postures and you feel relaxed.


5. Massage Habits:


Try to tapping your Fingers your palm and also try to make a little massage on your shoulders as well.while talking to the phone watching TV try to move your body parts by standing and pacing this will also burn your calories.

6. Deep Breathing Habits:


I know now a days people hardly get time to take a long deep breathe in their daily routine life because they are so busy in their daily life activities.But try to make a long deep breathing habit so that take 1 0r 2 seconds inhaling and then exhale.


7.Weekend activities:


Try to make a schedule of the weekend activities with your Family,friends or best buddy.This will will relaxed and stress free from all the hurdle or stress that you suffering from the last few days you feel happy by doing this.


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