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What are the Benefit’s of Grey Hat Seo?

grey hat seo
grey hat seo




Grey hat Seo is the Technique which comes between Black Hat Seo and White Hat Seo.To clear the concepts between black hat seo and Grey hat are the Legal Tactics that are implements by Digital Marketer’s to improve the Rankings in search engines.You can implement on the Best Blog Platform which can provide you the best Information,so that you can implement the right strategy for your website or blog. 



List of Grey Hat Seo Tactics:

1. Buying an Expired Domain “Seo Squatting”.


Buying a Domain which has been expired after that adding some pages to that website which has similar keywords as that of previous website.But make sure that the Contents that you are going to put is of good quality.So you can rank better and faster by maintaining the site’s trust Rank.


2.  Make Viral and High Followed Social Media Accounts.


Make social media accounts then select some cute stories,Humor topics,celeb or any kind of Rough and tough looking social media accounts.The day when you get lot of likes and following then suddenly start turning your traffic towards the website you started.

I am saying you can do it by avoiding Google’s rules but do it in that way so that nobody will care for that.


3. Website Redesigning.


Make changes in your website at regular interval of times,because whenever you make changes in your websites Google’s thought that it is going to be something Fresh and that’s why it is going to reindex it again.


4. Add Comment Box in site.


By adding comment boxes on your website’s pages,post and images will surely going to increases your traffic.No doubt you can get lot of spammer’s to drop their links on your site,but only when makes your approval by adding rel=nofollow .However if you get some relevant text related to your site it would be helpful.


5. Blog Commenting.


Whenever you drop link on any website or when you write helpful stuff for people then tell them to link you back,so that they can also find some useful stuff from your own blog.So try to make your appearance on the websites you follow.


6. Make use of Social Media Icons.


Make use of social media icons like Facebook,Google,Twitter as much as you can on each and every portion of your website.You can click fewer times and tell the world too.


7. Charity Links.


Make a donation to a small firm or charity organization and write a quality content of the Good work by them by adding link and tell them that would link you back but without the Google’s Penality.


8. Cloaking

This is another important aspect of seo and risky one but if you very less once in a month you would not get Penalised.Cloaking means showing different meaning to bots and to visitors.

9. Spun Content.


It means copying other’s website content and make your own.

e:g- If i have copied someone’s site topic Best seo Techniques by copying that title and by adding some additional idea’s into it will makes my own content.


10. Negative Feedbacks or Reviews.


Most of the People’s are looking for Negative Feedback instead of positive.when you start giving negative feedback you will going to be highlighted and automatically get noticed.



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