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The World’s Toughest Exam “GaoKao”

Ever Since 1952 , “Gaokao” has been the world’s Toughest exam of three days which is extremely difficult both Socially and academically.




An estimation shows that 9.4 Millions students took Participation in this “hell like Exam”.

This Exam is most Important for the China’s Native People.

Some parents pray for their children’s hotel are close to the Gaokao exam center so that they can reach on their respective centres in time.

Students who took participation in Gaokao usually has to face the Mathematical,chinese,English,Science and Human science as their main subjects.


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Yang wang 26, officially completed the Gaokao in 2008.He scores well enough to the China’s leading Reasearch university Peking in Beijing.

After Few year’s working in china,he moved to sydney where he completed Master’s in commerce from University in south wales.

A fact told by him that chinese student’s spends approximately 80 hours of studying in every week.School breaks are very rare and their social life is very limited.


gaokao exam blog4everyone


It is allmost the dead end for every candidates as the student’s have to nearly utilize 10 hour’s study in a day.Most of the time when student’s walking they used to cram all exam pattern’s and chapter’s so very badly,so that they never going to forget that.

Gaokao is the most important exam for the student’s passes the HSC because this is the only way to get admission in university.


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