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Deadly Lake In the World

In the  Northwestern Cameroon Near the Border of Nigeria on  August 21 1986 a killer instinct of lake has been Flowing.



deadly lake of world



A giant cloud of Carbon dioxide has been buubled up by polluting the Fresh air of oxygen and disrupts the 1746 villagers and death of 3000 animals.

It sounds really scary but it is true that this lake would affects the thousand of people living nearby.It has been said that about 400 year’s ago a volcanic eruption created a carter in the lake due to this a massive carbon dioxide is producing over the centuries.

Day by day it is going below the earth’s surface producing gas seeping into the goundwater to create “Carbon dioxide soda springs”  that bled into the lake says Dr. George Kling, a biologist at the University of Michigan.

when the cap is get removed it explodes like a warm shaken coke.


lake nyos



The carbon dioxide is building up day by day increasing the pressure in the water,the day when the cap get’s removed it will burst and explode like a warm shaken coke.

Unfortunately  there are only three worldwide lakes with these kinds of property and it is more horrible than the rest.Triggering the pressure is only by the landslide or an earthquake.

Lake Nyos, While “unlikely,” according to Dr. Greg Tanyileke of the Cameroonian Institute for Geological and Mining Research and the chief government scientist working on the lake, Lake Nyos could suffer another deadly eruption.

But not only carbon dioxide is the Problem if their is any kind of eruption has been occur so it will take away nearly the life 5,000 living in the Nigeria and makes imbalance.

Scientist are trying to resolve the future disruption that may be occur due to this deadly lake.But day by day the nasty gases has been evolving inside the earth’s surface that one day it will definitely going to take away the life of several thousands people of Nigeria.

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