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Why Do Indians always Vote and Support to Politicians having Criminal Records?


indian ParlinmentEvery Third Politician in Parliament is accused of Criminal Charges.


why Do Indian  Political Parties always gives Ticket of election only to those candidates who are having some serious criminal charges against them?


A well Known Indian Political Scientist Milan Vaishnav has been studying Crime and Democracy linkups for so many years.His upcoming books are also related to the Democracy and disturbing feature of Politicians.In the Latest Trending of our website, Blog4everyone will describe all the Hidden Secrets about the Corrupt Politicians.


The Good News is Going around that General election has carried out across the Nations.There are 500 Million voters were stood up in the queue at more than 900,000 stations across India to Give their ballots to different Politicians standing from their corresponding Regions.People will decide the Fortune of 8250 candidates standing from the 464 different parties.


The Bad News is that about 34% of the Candidates about 543 were accused of criminal charges against them into which only 24% were accused of criminal records in the Last edition of elections in 2014.


Facts of Corrupt Politicians.



There are more than 20% of MP’s are having serious charges against them like assault, attempt to murder, theft and much more.


So the Question Comes Is this will be Appreciable?


1.What are the Serious charges against these Politicians?

2.why do Indian Politicians have Criminal Records?

3. Democracy and Barrel of Gun?


The Criminal Records have come from their ancestors when the First election was taken Place in 1952.


464 parties were active criminal charges in 2014 despite 55 were previously from the first election which was held in 1952.This margin victory has been raised by 9.7% in 2009, slightly increases by 15% to 24% in 2014 elections.However, it will enormously increase by today approximately equal to 32%.


The two Major Parties in India BJP and Congress mainly these two parties hold the constitution of India.

Why do these  Parties elect the Candidates with such Crime cases?


Dr. Vaishnav says,” The key factor for selecting these candidates is that Parties need self-investor which means they have hard money enough to spend and provide funds to their parties on their own self Basis.


There are three million political positions so all their parties need candidates who can give rent to them, manages their expenses and provide all selfish support to them.


These Guys Follow only one Basic Principle “Apna Kaam Banta, Bhaad MeinJaye Janta”.



“Good Policy to save the Money”.

Because Most of the criminal charges accused candidates are self-investors.So campaigning an election for a Party seems to be costly in most parts of the world.So the self-investors candidate provides the parties enough Funds so that all the things could handle easily.


A candidate’s wealth is a good proxy for his or her electoral vitality,” says Dr. Vaishnav, who is the senior fellow at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.


During His Research Dr. Vaishnav has Found that all candidates who stood up in the last three General elections.Candidates having criminal records having 18% more chances as compared to the candidates with clean records have only 6% win.


He did a Similar calculation for the elections held in 2003 to 2009 that candidates who have pending cases against them have more advantage to win their corresponding elections for their parties.


Politics offers a Lucrative career a study has been proved that all the sitting legislators have increased their wealth by 222%.


The average are-contesting candidates have their wealth about was $264,000 (£216,110) in 2004 and $618,000 in 2013, an increase of 134%.

Biggest Criminal Records.



Dr. Vaishnav proves the wrong assumptions created by the People in their mind that they used to vote these criminal records candidates because they are illiterate, ignorant, or simply, ill-informed.That’s totally wrong.


Candidates having criminal records do not have to mask their popularity.They automatically get noticed.A newspaper a few days back published that in the Northern region of Uttar Pradesh a candidate of the Ruling Party has declared that he is having the Biggest Criminal Records of all time found by that Newspaper in Latest Trending section.

These criminal Records candidates will become a Huge threat to the Nations as they become a lead role in religion separation and breaks the Democracy in Near by Future.


One thing is clear that Crime and democracy will go hand in hand as long as political parties need Funds for their Financial campaigning.


Our Prime Minister Modi Ji has stated that People have rights to know from where the BJP party got its Funds.So the thing is that 14% of the BJp leaders has accused of criminal charges and also 10% of Leaders from the Congress party as well.


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