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How to Improve Alexa Rank in 3 Months?

whenever a Newbie or Professional starts working on its new website the  first thing that comes into the mind that How to  improve its Alexa Rank as  soon as possible to make its website as the “Best blog Platform”.




Suppose If you are trying Immense SEO including writing Quality Content,   Forum Submissions, and Blog Commenting still not able to enough to improve  the website alexa Rank.


Today we will Discuss some of the Proven Tactics that will Boost your traffic and Improve your Alexa Rank  just within 3 Months.


What is Alexa Rank?


Alexa determines how Popular your website by comparing all the similar and relevant websites across the Globe.


How Alexa Ranks a website?


Alexa gathers all the information regarding a website and then Ranks Accordingly.


However, Alexa basically works by calculating the Unique number of visitors and the no of page views on your blog or website.


To improve your Rankings on Alexa and to make your blog as one of the recommended “Best Blog Platform”.


Steps to improve Alexa Ranks:


  1. Install the Alexa Rank Extension with your Browser.


When you Install the Alexa Toolbar Extension you will have accurate details of your Daily Alexa Rank statics.


a.Go to Google just type Alexa Extension with the name of your browser like Alexa rank toolbar for chrome.

b.Download it simply.

c.It will automatically reflect on your browser and you will able to find all the details of your Rankings on Alexa.



2.Write always Unique and Generous Content.


If your concern with any of the SEO expert or analysts they will tell you very simple thing that “Content is King” and you should write quality and generous content.


When you make frequent updates on your website with quality posts and length of 1000 plus words you will automatically get indexed by the search engine like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.


Alexa does regular checkups of your website’s hits and sends it to the Alexa servers.When you write quality content you will get customer engagement and it will boost your rankings as well.


Google always looks for quality and Dense content that are meaningful for the visitors.



3.Make a writing habit for your Blog Daily.


“Slow and steady wins the Runs” by this proverb I want to tell all the

Bloggers that try to write posts daily on your blogs if not possible for you to write daily then keep trying to post 4 article in a week.



In my opinion, the content writers who make a frequent posting on their website with the quality bunch of words they will get their reward not today but for tomorrow.


Therefore try to make writing quality posts on your blog regularly.



4.Try to post Regularly on social Networks.



Try to Post your Content on the Major Social Media Platforms like Facebook, Google, Twitter, Digg, Linkedin, and Stumbleupon.


These social media Networks will give you the immense boost for your Blog and makes your blog or website viral in no time.


  1. Alexa Rank in 2017.


I used to get Lots of Emails Regarding that Is Alexa Rank will be Important in 2017 my answer to them is simple and straightforward that do not try too much SEO techniques to rank higher but try to integrate all these things you will get your website ranked rapidly and makes your blog as the “Best Blog Platform”.





No doubt, SEO are most important for any website to Rank higher in SERP of Google.

But Still, you can create a different impression on your target audiences by writing quality contents and to improve your Alexa rank regularly.Once your website comes below 1 lakh you will get a number of daily visitors that you never ever imagined.

Thanks for reading my article and Do share your reviews regarding the same.

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