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Best Tips To make Your Email Marketing Strategy Successful.

Best email marketing strategy tips


over 67% of Digital Marketers are Preferred Email marketing in order to represent the Content and Business across the Globe.


Best email marketing strategy tips


Email Marketing Strategy is one of the Best and Easy ways to utilize and Expands the Digital Marketing techniques for Promoting a website.Nobody likes to waste his/her time by visiting different websites about the Things they are looking for.


So Email Marketing is the Best way to reach the Target Audience and Promote your website.So Today I will Describe you Some of the Best and Brief Tips to make your Email Marketing Strategy Successful.


1. Build an Aquisition Strategy.


You have to Prioritized with your audience growth.If you are analyzing that from which area most of the Traffic has been coming to your website or they are getting engaged in your Brand.


Then Follow the Next step to enhance that engagement and try to convert them into the sales lead.Suppose your Potential Audience uses Forms on his/her Smartphones of Tablet then try to optimize those pages and then hit all the emails to the Audience.



2. Proper Use of Subject lines.


The Best Email Subject Line of the Ex- President Barack Obama Fundraising scheme.He Found the GReat engagement with subject line of  “Hey” or “wow”.


Best Email Marketing Tips


source: Bufferapp

The Most Important Thing in The Email Marketing is Deciding the Subject Line.A subject Line 60-70 characters are very bad mostly called as “Dead Zone”.


A Research by Adestra tracking the report of 900 million emails report shows that there is no increase in the open rate of emails with Subject Line of 60-70 characters.

Always use “Hey” or “wow” to represent the Subject Line of your Email.In fact, emails with few characters have open rate of 58%.


3. The Best Schedule To send Emails on the Prime Time.


best email marketing tips


Most of the Email Marketers Forget one thing which is Most Important for Email Marketing is the Best Time for Sending Emails.

As Business, working hours are 9.00 to 5.00 pm but the Proper time and suitable for sending emails is 8.00 pm onwards no doubt Business hours are good for daily business activity but when it comes to targeting your Potential Audience so it must be good to send the Emails from the Primetime 8.00 pm onwards.



4. Provide Stuffs For Free.


The audience loves Free stuff even If someone Offers me a Free E-book or something else I would Love to Take it.


best email marketing tips

source: buffer app


5. Email still Taking the Lead instead of Facebook and Twitter.


Social Media may be High reach among the Peoples of the Universe but the content is still the king in the Email Campaigning according to a Study by socialTwist. Over an 18 Months Period, the SocialTwist found 119 referral Campaigns from the leading Brands and Companies.

Of the 300,000 referrals 50.8 percent of the customers come from the Email marketing,26% comes from the twitter and 22% of the Facebook.



6. Sends Emails On the Weekends.


Again it is also Recommended to Send Emails on the Weekends because it will improve not only the opening rate of emails but also the Clickthrough rates.

Saturday’s and Sundays are usually nonworking Days so it helps the most customers to have a free time that will increase the sales and conversion rate of the Emails as well.


Best Email Marketing Tips


7. Personalize Emails as Much as You can.


The Email Subscribers and social subscribers you have to make the Email personalize in every way that will help your subscriber to participate them.

For example, You can create an Email containing Personalized Recommendations based on the Each subscriber’s search behavior on your website.Including Personalised Recommendation will not only increase your conversion Rate by 20-25% but also increase your Click Through rates by 35-40%.


I hope this Article would be covered up things about Email Marketing if not then do share your views.


About The Writer: Suraj Jaiswal.

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