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Some of the Best SEO Tips for a website that you ever Heard.

best seo tips


Everyone is very Excited while starting a Blog or website.The basic Principle and thinking behind Every Mind are to promote a Blog and get lots of Popularity in No time.

But have you ever Thought this would only happen when you apply Proper and Best SEO Tips that will Increase your Rankings?


Before Further Proceedings Figured out some of the things about your website.

1.what is the Main one thing about your website?

2. Purpose of the website.

3. How indulged you in your website?


If you figured out these important things then it’s Time to Implement Best SEO Tips that will raise your ranking and traffic.



1. Make the Blog about One Thing.


Mostly Bloggers do Mistake while making the Blog they choose multiple things and starts writings but it is a Bad criterion.


Do First Proper Research Of Keywords for your Blog and write niche content.Once the Blog gets Hits you can simultaneously add other things as well.Do research to Promote a website for Free that will increase traffic.



2. Keywords are Most important.


Make use of Keywords whenever this would be Possible only this can make your website the Best Blog Platform.Always use in site Title, simple tagline, keywords, Page title and Page Content.


If you are running a Word Press blog simply go and Install All in one SEO Pack. 



3. Cross-Linking of the Internal links in the website.


Always remember that one thing is someone only stays on your blog if your blog is informative.So keep Doing Internal Links where they are necessary so to spread the valuable information among the visitors coming on your website.


4. Make Proper Permalink structure.


I have seen that many websites having numbers in their URL like


It is a Bad Format make it clear and clean because clean URL gets easily Crawled and Indexed by search engines.





5. Make sure that Loading Speed of the website is Fast.


Always test your Loading Speed of Website this matters a lot because slow speed will decrease your organic rankings and also slows down your website.


Remove and compress things that are hardly any use of it may be Music Player, Heavy images, JS, Minify CSS JS, compress external CSS.



 6.Patience is Power-Do not makes changes every time.


Patience is Power means some Bloggers start writing content and making backlinks with a speed of Bullet train.But have some patience everything would come to you but it will take Time.


Keep Patience because when you Do frequent Changes like Theme conversion, URL structure change, Domain name changes it leaves a bad impact on the search engines.



7. Do not use Too much affiliate marketings.


It is always recommended that always use only One Affiliate marketing Platform like Google Adsense because when you start using Too much affiliate Programs on your website your website might get considered as Spam sometimes.

Because Crawler thought that your site is only about money and nothing else so make sure of that.


8. A blog is about for the People, By the People, and To the People.


You have to Keep one Thing in mind always that You are not Your Audience.So always try to write only that things that are accepted by the People.

It is the only audience that can make your blog hit.


I hope this will covered some of the things about SEO for Beginners.


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