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How will affiliate Marketing will help you to earn $10,000 pm?

affiliate marketing


If you are a writer who is eager to write some amazing articles or content then it would be Great?

Because if your content caught the attention of your Targeted user.Then you are able to write your E – books and sells it on the Affiliates ebooks selling websites.

I will discuss with you guys How you can earn lots of Money by selling ebooks?

If you are a writer who is eager to write some amazing articles or content then it would be Great?

Because if your content caught the attention of your Targeted user.Then you are able to write your e -books and sells it on the Affiliates ebooks selling websites.


What are the Technical Requirements for Affiliate Marketing?


  1. A Running Blog: A blog is required to which you can write regularly.If you are not having a blog then go for a New one.You can build your blog using any Platform like wordpress.org,bloggers.com.
  2. A little knowledge of Html/Css: For a better writer you must be a good represented so it would be great if you have a little knowledge of Html/CSS.
  3. Targeted Audience: If you are Running a Blog then you must having some little traffic like 100 visitors per day.


Writing and Selling Ebooks.

Sounds really amazing Earn $1000 dollars pm.

affiliate marketing



Points to remember to create Ebooks.


  • Choose The proper Title and Eye catching.


 Select the Proper Title for your story, article or the Content that you are Going to write.Suppose if you are running a Blog related to “Technology” then create a title like “Is Robotics is going to take over the Humans civilization?” or something else.


  • Write the Topics you Love.

When you make your mind to write e -books then only write those stuff that you like the most.Do not go away with your friend suggestion.If you know something and you are good in it then why would your skill going to be wasted?


  • What are the Topics you have to choose?


You might think that what you Know is already known to everyone?

Yes, it is right but there are millions of ways to which the same thing can be represented in a better way.Then why would you choose the Unique way to represent the content.


  • Design the Cover Page for better Appearance.

    There are lots of free tools available online from which you can generate the articles or ebook cover page in the more attractive way.Most bloggers provide the Seo Tips about the Best Blog Platform and their unique Graphics styles that will catch the Reader’s attention.

E:g-Inkscape is the Free Tool available online.


  • Perfect Description is Must.


You must write a Perfect Description for your ebook that why should people buy your ebook?Describe your ebook’s word count, author biography, Genre etc.

Mention some of the Common problems faced by the peoples and their solutions. The description is very important for the ebook as people used to see things if they are some interesting facts to read it out.


  • Offer some samples of Ebooks for Free.


Do not try to go become rich in the single step by selling ebooks.

Before selling your ebooks first, try to sell some sample e -books for the newbies for free.As soon as you grab the attention of your readers then you can sell the e -books according to your rates.


 Publicity your e-books

You can make a banner of your ebook and publicize it on some famous news article websites and magazine.

You can ask any blogger to have some review on the ebooks you have public.I know it is a bit time consuming and sounds annoying.But once you get the reputed authorship of your writing.You will def get the rewards for what you have written.


  • Which websites Helps you to sell Ebooks?


Now the question comes which are the best sites that will submit your ebooks and helps you to earn money.Amazon kindly store is the best website where you can submit your ebooks and sell.

However, there are lots of websites but I am going to show you Most important and helpful websites that will help you to earn money and can submit your ebooks.


Web sites that submits your ebooks for free.



















I wish the information provided to you Guys would be helpful.If I miss something you can figure out and suggestion are appreciated.

Thanks for reading do share the reviews.


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