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A Security Guard of Argos Becomes Gambia’s President

Adama Barrow a former argos security Guard wins the Presidential election and becomes  ZAMBIA President.



adama barrow wins



In Just six months a Common man named Adama Barrow wins successfully the Presidential elections in Zambia by defeating the known leader YAHYA JAMMEH.


Alieu Momarr Njai who is the election commision supreme head declared the Barrow as the President of Zambia,called for peace and tolerance.





Adama Barrow ended the Previous leader’s 22 years democratic alliance with his Fantastic win by 45% of votes while the Mr Jammesh finished second by getting only 36% votes.


Mr. barrow has Father of five was come into limelight by jailing the Top political  official from the Democratic party in July,with eight opposition parties helped him to get the best of Politics and identified by his personality.


He now own an estate company but lived in Britain for a half and a year when he is younger ,he worked as a security guard for argos in London where he developed love for Arsenel Football Club.


A very unique way is applied for voting in which Zambians voted him by placing Marbles in the drum by writing each candidate’s name.


Mr. Jammeh came into powers in 1994 and win the battle for the consecutive elections in 1996,2001,2006 and 2011.


Human rights Group have accused Jammeh of ordering the death of countless political opponents as well as Political journalists and homosexuals.

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