Strange Secret Behind the Famous “Mona Lisa Painting”.

Monalisa secret



Greatest Mysteries Behind The Famous “Mona Lisa Painting” has been Been Resolved.According To the British Academy they revealed that the strange secret Behind the Famous “Mona Lisa Painting” smile Leonardo da Vinci’s by studying a recently discovered Portrait Renaissance Master, La Bella Principessa.



secret behing mona lisa painting




By compairing the techniques employeed ,some of the scientist from the Sheffield Hallam University claim to have prove that engimatic “now you see it, now you don’t effect of the Mona Lisa Smile was intentional on the Part of Da Vinci.They have named it “the uncatachable smile”.



The epiphancy came by studying La Bella Principessa.The earlier Painting which Portraits ,the young Illigimate Daughter of Milanese Duke having the same effect as that of the Mona Lisa painting:From some angles the young lady seems to be smiling ,from others,the smile appears to have vanished.


la Bella Principessa’s Face covering seems to move a little bit slant from the View if it has been Taken from the Digital Portrait.Through a series of Psychophysics experiments it has been found that in the slant of La Bella’s Principessa’s Mouth influences her Expression of Contentment.


when volunteers were asked to see the Painting from a variety of different angles and distances.The Result has been Found out that, while Focussing on the eyes of painting or when the Painting the Gets digitally Blurred ,a delicate smile could be seen.However if we Take a closer look the smile would get disappeared.


Mona lisa Painting secret


Mona Lisa Painting Secrets.


Cotte who is the Founder of Lumiere Technology ,scanned the Painting with a 240 Mega Pixel multi spectral camera which uses 13 wavelengths from the ultraviolet radiations to infrared.


A zoomed image of Mona lisa’s left eye revealed that a single brush stroke in the eyebrow region ,Cotte then said, “that i a m an engineer and scientist>it was not logical that Mona lisa eye’s do not have eyebrow or eyelashes.”


  • If you would see the Left hand you will see the First Position of Finger slight different one as compared to the other’s.
  • Lace on the Mona Lisa’s Dress.
  • The transparency of the Veil shows the Vinci First painted the Landscape and then by using the Transparency techniques to veiltop it.
  • The Position has been Changed of the left index and middle Finger.
  • The elbow was repaired when a certain piece of rock has been thrown in 1956.
  • The Blanket taken by Mona lisa cover’s her Knee also her stomach.
  • The left Finger has not been completely Finished.


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