Some best Tips of New Year’s Resolution that makes Your year 2017 wonderful

new year resolution


In the Year 2016 as it comes to an end.A new year is going to comes in our Life,however when it comes to New year Resolution everyone having the same question that what we should take our New year Resolution and why? so the answer of this question is very simple.So Today i am going to discuss with You Guys some of the best Tips of New year’s Resolution that Makes your upcoming year Wonderful.



1. Making a Habit of Meditation.

According to scientific studies meditation is one of the most important thing in life that will help you to reduce your stress,anxiety and increase your Brain Power.Just to do the simple tricks You can give yourself a 2 Minutes time to do that.This will refresh your mind and gives a fresh feel to your Body.


mediation in life



2. Loose your Excess weight.


weight loose
Time to start that diet


well you can also take this resolution as now a days our youth having a common problem to remain as fit and for that they can simply take the resolution that they are going to loose their weight by five pounds.In this case you can follow these steps:

  • Do not eat Fast Foods in excess.
  • Increase salad in your Breakfast.
  • Take energy drinks.
  • Start Jogging atleast for 30 minutes everyday.
  • start Bicycling.
  • Avoid use of having Drugs Habits.


3. Making a Hobby habit.

A hobby is very important for you in your life because it helps you to Grow your Brain Power.A hoppy may be simple or stressful it is upto you how will you guys will pick up that hoppy like i will tell you some simple hobby that will help you to reduce your mental stress and enhances your Brain Power.

hobby habit

  • Making a Hobby of Reading Books.
  • Grow something in your Garden like Fruits,Flowers or vegetable.
  • Start making some unique dishes in your kitchen not daily but once in a week.
  • Take a dairy and start writing something for yourself like if you like to observe peoples you can capture their daily experiences with you you can pen down that.
  • Play with your internal karate kid it means give yourself time so that you can play some games with your friends ,family members like cricket,baseball,chess or any other game.
  • Try to learn a New Language bilingual or trilingual language try to speak with other language’s people.


4. Write a Business Plan.

Start writing some tips or tricks that comes to your mind for growing your Business Plan.When you Plan all the details and ideas of the business that you are going to start it will definetly going to help you in implementing that business.

business plan


5. Grow more Trees.


plant a tree today

Start making a resolution this coming year that you are going to plant atleast 100 trees plants each one in every week .This will increase the Greenery in our world but also helps to reduce the Global Warming issues a bit. So start thinking to plant a tree.


6. Little things matters alot.

Start going to enjoy the little things more in the upcoming year.A life is very vast so having a great achieving winning a worldcup or become a Millionare wont give you internal happiness.Start enjoy little things likewise:

enjoy little things


  • start going to walking barefooted on the grass.
  • Go to a Pet shop enjoy all the things by cute puppies.
  • In the evening look at the stars and try to be Feel that everyone has to go to God one day.



7. Travel.



Plan a trip this upcoming year this will help you to know all the culture related to that particular nation their livelihood their religion and lots more.


8. Say no to drug.


say no to drugs

If you are a Drug Addict then try to avoid all the drugs related activities from your life,if you are unable to avoid then start oing to a church where you can get to know how will worship helps to reduce and to throw away the Drugs from your life as well.


9. Help Poor People.


help poor people

You can make a resolution that at every month you are going to help poor people like:

  • By giving clothes to them.
  • By providing Books to their children.

I hope these are the ideas of new year’s resolution will def gonna make a Change in your life.Thanks for reading and keep share this Article.


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