Some Best Free Seo Tips that will Boost Your Rankings In 2017.

With the Enormous changes that come to the Digital Marketing world.It makes us from time to time to keep on changing with the Seo implementation.So, Blog4everyone is going to represent Some of the Best 100 Free SEO Tips that will Boost your Rankings in the present year 2017.

1. Use of Quality and Not Copied Content.


quality and not copied content

As the traditional sayings that “Content is King” is that really True?

Yes, it is True.Only write Pure, makes generic and not Copied Content because if you write pure and quality content Content you will automatically get figured out By search engines.So, do not worry about the Ranking by copying and pasting the other blog’s content don’t help you to get on the Top but it makes your blog into the Spam Consideration.


2. Keep It Simple Short and Sweet (K.I.S.S)Headlines.


Keep It simple short and sweet


By K.I.S.S really means that Keep the headlines Simple, short and sweet.Suppose IfIam looking for the “Best  Hotel near Phuket” so i am expecting this sort of title for the particular content.However, if the same content will be written like If you are Looking for the Best Best Hotel near Phuket-Best Hotels in Phuket.It would not work.


3. Post the Quality Content which Larger Number of words.


pure and quality lenthy content


Have you ever Find that If you are Search for something on the Google you will get to know that the Longer Post will appear the First position.It means that whatever content you are going to write it would have at least 2000+ words.

4. Web Page Readability Score.


webpage readability score


Web page Readability score Determines the Difficulties that took place in your article while Reading.Therefore it is also called as Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level which describes the score for your difficult words included in the article.

This score must be between 70-80% for your article.You can also check your article score at Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level.


5.  Proper Use of Keywords and Images with Alt tags.

Whenever you write some kind of content For website or Blog make proper use of Keywords on your paragraph known as Keyword density.

Also when you insert any kind of Images on your article do not forget to add alt tags describing the keywords in them.This will be a key feature for the Ranking in search engines.


6. Page Title must be Greater than 45 characters.


Try to make the Title of your Page, ParagaraphaParagraphin the beginning it must be of 75 characters because it also plays a vital role in SEO.

7. The Proper and Accurate combination of Title, Keywords and Meta Description.


proper use of meta description


Make a proper arrangement of Keywords and Meta Descriptions because the suitable arrangement of the proper title, keywords and meta description will easily find by the web crawler on the search engines.


8. The speed of a Website.


webpage loading speed


By Speed, I simply mean that the Loading speed of the Page must be Faster because Major Search engines like Google, yahoo, bing only consider those websites which are having high loading speed.

You can check your website loading speed with:



9. Time to time Updation of a Blog.


If you are a reader of some blog and that is your Favourite then you exactly knows when the next blog post will appear.similarly, you have to be properly scheduled in terms of putting content on your website.This will make a consistent effect in terms of traffic coming daily basis on your blog.

10.  Reviews or Comments on Your Blogs.


Ask visitor what they want you to write on your Blog.Put review or comments section on each of your posts.This will help you to gather all the related issues with your blog or the things that you can make it better by enhancing your writing skills.So this will be the great source to interact and build your target audience.

11. Create Controversial Topics.

Try to create some controversial topics or content and have debate on this.Sometimes if you are writing some content which approaches towards negativity this will also help you to get more popular.But remember do not harm any one’s ethical values otherwise too much controversy sometimes effects your online reputation as well.


12. Updates Yourself with Popular SEO experts.

Seo expert like I used to regular follow their updates from them because they are the Gods of Digital Marketing era.


13. Outbound theme links.

This is mostly seen that suppose you are writing about affiliate marketing and you have put the link to some food factory manufacturing.So this is a bad approach try to link with the appropriate theme links for the content you are writing.


14. Proper Checking of broken Links.

Broken links put a Major issue sometimes while crawling by the search engines bots.If your websites having some broken Link then do a regular check and Fix them otherwise they will hit your ranking.

15. Enable Breadcrumb to your website.

Google always uses the search string to find a Particular website URL.So it is better so that you can enable the Breadcrumb on your website.

I hope all these Points will be Helpful if not then do share your reviews.

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