SEO best practices that can increase your online e-store revenue by 300+

Implementing SEO Best practices is quite simple and easy for regular websites as well as for personal blogs.However when it comes to an E-commerce platform like Magento you have to utilize your SEO skill in a more tricky way.

Let’s Discuss them one by one.


1. By making User-Friendly URLs in Magento store.



User-Friendly Url is important for better indexing.

Enabling this option is easy.

  1. Go to your admin panel then navigate to the system->configuration.
  2. Next, go to the left section by clicking the web.
  3. A section appears namely Search engine optimization.

4.Choose the option User Server Rewrites option and click on Yes.

  1. Save the configuration details.




magento and seo best practices




2. Not adding store code to the URLs.



when the URLs in the Magento store are lean it will give you a chance to rapidly index in the databases of the web server in no time.For this, you can just navigate to the



system->configuration->web->search engine optimization.



seo best practices for magento



“Choose the URL section menu” and set “Add stores code to URL options to no” so that stores code will not get added to the URLs.



3. By changing the Default Robots to “index, follow” so that Search engine index all your web pages easily.



Just navigate to the System->configuration->Design ->Html heads




seo best practices and magento




However, the “Default Title” and “Description” appear over there you can to change them according to your website requirement so that it will increase your online presence.





seo best practices and magento





  1. Make sure that your e-store is having a proper “robots.txt” file



You must configure your site with the proper robots.txt file so that the search engine can directly visit your website pages and you can specify that which pages you would not wants to be indexed by search engine.



  1. Avoid URL duplicate redirection.



To do this simply Navigate to the System->Configuraton->Catalog->Search engine optimization.

select “Categories path to product URL” as “no” as described below:



seo best practices and magento



  1. You can also set the “Canonical Link Meta tag” field to “yes” just to avoid the duplicate data for same products showing in the multiple categories.




seo best practices and magento





7. You can also optimize your images for better visibility.



seo best practices and magento




You can give your Products as Meaningful Names like “Anmol made by SAF.jpg”

so that when someone types this phrase you will get your products noticed.




  1. Use “URL key”.

You can use URL key option to make it SEO friendly.



seo best practices and magento




9.For Better Navigation you can create “Sitemap ” automatically.




Just navigate to the following sections system->configuration->Google sitemap.



seo best practices and magento




Select “Generation setting box” and Enable sitemap option and change your frequency according to your products updations.



  1. Analysis and Monitoring Setup in Magento.

you can connect your “Google webmaster verification tag” with your e-store by using Following way

System->Configuration->Design->Html heads.



seo best practices and magento



You can track your website by setting “Google analytics ” by using the following path:

system->Configuration->Google API.



seo best practices and magento




These Mentioned SEO tips for Magento are the “SEO Best Practices ” that will enhance your online presence and increase your revenue for your products and services.


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