No New year Celebrations For Gay Couples

Gay couples celebrations



Same sex peoples or Gay used to celebrate their New Year with a Bang,but this time it would be Going to be Difficult for them.Because some of the resturant and Night clubs of Mumbai would not going to accept any Gay couple’s to rejoice their new year celebrations.


A gay couple when they reached to a Pub the owner simply refuse them to enter in the desk by saying that we are not going to accept gay couples.He was surprised that this is the first time when someone not allowing them to go and Fun in the Resturants.



However Family person are allowed them to do so.The first response about this has come From Mumbai Bar stock exchange Hotel as they refuse to accept the gay couples,but also provided the gay couples to go some of the Gay private parties.


The same Reply has been Given by the Khar’s olive Bar and Kitchen ,Sahara star and even the Most happening Pirates of the kitchen from thane of pune.Later the owner said:
Hira Bulani asked, “When the world of hospitality across the globe is reaping the benefits of the pink dollar/rupee why shouldn’t we? Don’t forget these are double income couples with no children are inclined to spend a lot.”


So this is going to be happen to the Most friendly portion of india city for Gay couples.With a large numbers of party hotel and bars has been closed for the Gay communities,especially in the Delhi NCR region where the peoples love to enjoy their selves.


while in the Mumbai the LGBTQI the social activist Harsh iyer said that “i know some of the private party clubs and hotels has shut their doors for Gay couples but why can’t i would party with everyone else just because of my sexual orientation.


Iyer shared his own Experience when two days ago he visited one of the watering hole Bar stock exchange of Mumbai with his two friends.The hotel refused to allow him when pointed towards him that why they don’t allowing them then one of the hotel staff refused by saying that it is against the Rules and they can only accept couples but not gay couples.


He sais” the law is still not against the Homesexuality.

So why should these Joint’s are stuck up?It’s not like i am asking to drink or eat for free.

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