Obama Completes his First leg of Final Foreign Trip



barack obama in athens



Obama says increasingly People feel disconnected from their Government and institutions.He says Globalization is Feeding a Rising “tribalism ” and “Nationalism” that will generate Suspicion of “Institution”.


During the Speech he also Defending the European union, calling it to the Great achievement of the Human History.


while speaking in athens during the first leg of his final foreign trip, obama says that the trend of improving technology leads to “Enormous disruptions”  for many countries and communities as technology and innovation leads to smaller workforces to being used to produce Goods.


 obama meets trump in athens



He also said that “the rich and Powerful communities” living by the Different set of rules by avoiding to giving taxes to the Government demolished Nation’s the In differences towards the Major  communities will be the challenges to the Economic condition of the Country.


He also added “the current Globalization needs a correction”.


He also said”in the years ahead and decades our country have to make sure that the benefits of the integrated” shared global economy are more broadly shared by more people”.


Earlier the Us outgoing President Mr.Barack Obama gives a private visit to the Greece ancient Monument the Acropolis.


However with overwhelmed welcome done by athens there were some protests happen against “American imperialism” .


The President is Expected to touch on both the country’s effort to emerge from the Financial Crisis , and on its role Dealing with thousand’s of refugees who has crossed the Greece’s border on their way to more Prosperous European countries.


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