Some Facts about Donald Trump that You want To know




  1. Donald Trump was Born 14 June 1946 in Jamaica estates the queen the New York City.


2. The Donald have never drunk and having any Kind of Drug addiction in his entire Life.However his elder Brother Fred use to take Drugs and so many Times he is warned by Trump to leave all such kind of kind of Drug addiction,ultimately Fred dies due to taking heavy Drugs.


3. His Parent’s sent him to New York Military school when he was just 13 year’s old.His Parent’s Thought that he might need more Discipline.He completed his Graduation in 1964 from the academy and eventually a BS in economics  from the Wharton school at the University of Pennsylvania.


4. Trump is German Ancestry  from his Father’s side and gets Scottish ancestry from his Mother’s side.


5. He made $375000 from his Reality show named “The Apprentice”.


6. You can find his star  on the Hollywood walk of Fame.In 2007 Trump became the 2327th  star to receive the honor for his role  as Being the producer of NBC’s :”The apprentice”.


7. Trump is the only Presidential candidate with his own Board game, Titled Trump:The Game .The Rights and Monopoly was Launched in 1989 but after getting poor reviews it vanishes.


8. Although Trump Drunk but he launched his own Brand of Vodka in 2006, described as “the superb product and beautifully packaged”.Unfortunately the Consumers didn’t agree and the Product gets halted in 2011.


9. He is One of the Romantic Creatures on this Planet as well.He Currently married to Slovenian model Melania Knauss but he also married to an alternate in 1968 Czech  olympic Ski Team and actor Marla Maples.


10. Trump was an active member of the “Birther ” movement that questioned Obama birth place.He often sent the Investigator’s to accquire information about the Native place of Obama.Due to this in 2014 obama publicly revealed his Birth Certificate.


11. A germaphobe , Trump dislikes to shakes his Hand when forced to shake Hands he has an Interesting Technique of vigorously pulling the other Person into close to his Body.


12. He Doesn’t lack in self Confidence.He was quoted in 2004 in the Daily News saying:” All the women on the Apprentice flirted with me-consciously or unconsciously.That’s to be Expected.”


13. Trump didn’t drop his Football Fantasies after playing varsity football in high school.In 1983 he purchased the New Jersey Generals of the United States Football league, which he unsuccessfully tried to merge with the National Football league.The USFL soon Folded.


14. All four of his Grandparents were Born in Europe.


15. His Uncle John  G trump was a Professor in Massachusetts   institute of Technology from 1963 to 1973 was involved in the Radar Research for allies in the second world war , helped designed the X ray machines which helps the treatment of cancer patient’s.


16.  Trump frequently invokes his Uncle to gave the proof of Family smart genes.


17.  During his senior year he participated in the marching drills whore an uniform and got the Rank of Captain.In 2015 he told a Biographer that NYMA provides him more training than that of regular candidates seeking training from the academy.


18. Trump’s Residence ,Trump tower was used as the Fictional wayne enterprise named as the “The Dark Knight Rises”.


19.  He is a Germaphobe that is why he is Having the habit of making high fives.


20. He and the Ringo starr starred at the same”Sabrina the Teenage Witch” .


21.  He will be the oldest person to ever become the First term President at the age 70 , surpassing Ronald Reagan who was elected at the age of 69 after winning the 1980 election.


22. Trump has Five children by three Marriages and has Eight Grand children .His two marriages were ended as Divorce which was publicized in the tabloid media.


23.  In 2015 Trump announced the candidacy for President as a Republican and quickly emerged as a Front runner of his party’s Nomination.


24.  In June 2015 of his Campaign of Presidential he told the media that he would change his Hair style if he would gets selected as President.


25.  He loves Golf he own 16 high Golf end courses around the world and plays regularly.


26. Trump’s First Big Deal in Manhattan was the Development of Grand Hyatt hotel in 1978.

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