Vin Diesel and Indian Actress Deepika looks Fab in Indian Outfits:

well in the Promotional way Indian celeb Deepika and Hollywood actor vin diesel look astonishing in Indian outfits.The Return of the Xender cage ,however few days back they share a video in which deepika is teaching Hindi to Vin diesel and Now they came together with This type of Fashion Trends for the Promo of XXX.

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Why Selena Gomez Not want to appear her Body in the Instagram:

After taking Three months Break from the showbiz world to remove her Anxiety and Depression ,she came back to spotlight in an American Music award show to deliver a lovely and powerful Message to her Fans.


selena gomez blog4everyone


Selena Gomez is not only the the star who do not want to make her social Appear on Instagram during her Mental health but some other Celebrity as well like Kim Kardashian west who kept their low Profile.Selena said ” she doesn’t want to look your Bodies on the Instagram .I want to see what is here. Then she Move Forward.



Easy step to Improve your lifestyle :


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Happiness brings Smile and now a days people hardly get happiness.Enjoy all the little things that you do in your routine life like:

a.If you are Married then get some time to play with your children and if your single then chat with your Best buddy.

b.Eating your dinner outside.

c.Collect all the Photographs of childhood and make a gallery it will refresh your childhood memories.


2.Personality Development and self learning:

a.Take a book that requires an effort and try to solve the riddles and puzzles present in them.

b.Try to innovate something new whatever if it is your invention from the solved puzzle or riddle.

c.Set your mind for the images,words and thoughts that you are often remember that.


3.Financial Activities:

Create a Financial plan for the next seven days that you are going to spend or invest.

a.Go to shopping mall or Grocery store with cash and calculator instead of Debit card or Credit card.

4.Time Management:

Regularise your daily life with proper Discipline:

a.Assignment list.

b.Appointment list.

c.To do lists.

Apart from that Don’t watch Television for more that half an hour,don’t play video games more that twenty minutes and also spent times on social media sites like Facebook ,Twitter and stumbleupon.

Also take care of the things like:Transportation,Lesiure,Income generation.

Utilize this Process for next seven days and find out:

what went wrong?

what went right?

How you get succeeded?


Make a chart for the Next seven days about your health:

a.Your weight.

b.Your colour.

c.your waiste.

d.your stamina.

e.your aggression.

6.Love realtionship:

wheather you are married or single try to please your life partner by saying simply these words “I love you”,

“wake up darling its Morning oe Evening”,cook something that brings smile on your love role model.

All these steps will ensure that your lifestyle Store gets Better


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