How to Get More Likes on Facebook Page?

how to get more like on facebook page


Social Media is one of the Biggest Platform which leads the Success of any Businessman or a Business.You can make a facebook Page to promote your Business or a blog.

Now the question comes that How to get More likes on Facebook Page?

So do not worry at all we will Discuss how SEO Best Practices will be implemented for Facebook and what are the strategies to implement the same?

If you Go for a paid Facebook Marketing it will take the huge amount of yours.So make this more Professional by applying some of the  Method to get Likes on Facebook Pages.


1. Adding a Facebook Widget to Your Blog.


how to get more fb likes


The best way to get more Likes on the facebook page is to just simply add a Facebook widget on your website by using Facebook Developers page.You can set your widget according to your Design and it is recommended to show the Faces of your Fans.


If you are using a WordPress Blog then it is more simple just you can add WP Facebook plugin and by adding the widget to the sidebar you can Display that Facebook widget.



2. Add a Facebook Page Promoter LightBox.


If you want to tell all your readers about the Facebook Page you can set a Preconfigured Popup plugin named Facebook Page Promoter Lightbox. 

This is also a very Good way to increase the Number of Followers without Going further towards your Blog.


3. By inviting Friends.


You can invite your Friends from the Invite Now section of your Facebook Page.But do in a smart way like Messenger of Facebook you can select all your friends and make a group thus by leaving a message to like your page.

You can make more Admins to increase the number of Followers.Suppose you make 5 Admins for your page and each admin having 400 friends so it will reach 20,000 friends.



4. Share Pictures, Videos, and Latest News updates.


Share Latest News updates Daily the most important thing is the proper timing of posting the status so that the time when you make the post it will reach the maximum number of Peoples.


Try to Post more on Saturday and Sunday because Most People are free at this time so that they can read the Post and gets engaged.

 Share fascinating pictures and attractive videos because a survey shows that 80% of the people gets attracted towards the Visual Display.



5.  Create Events and Facebook Fan Contest.


You can create an Event for any Facebook Fan Following contest like by offering if someone likes the Page you will offer a free software, strategy one year hosting or something else.

Try to make more impressions and engagements by using this strategy.


6. Use your Facebook Page URL in your E-mail structure and Forums.


In order to get better results and to achieve more positive results for likes, you can add your facebook page URL in your e-mails and Forums so that it will reach new audiences more often.


7. Create attractive Cover Photo.


First, make your cover photo more impressive or eye-catching because it leaves a better impact and sets visual preferences for your audiences.

If you are running a Blog then find the Niche cover theme images that are suitable for your  Blog.



8. Share your page on your wall and on other social Networks as well.


You often posts your images, videos, and other stuff so why not Post your facebook page on your wall?

Apart from that, you can also share your page on other Platforms like Google,Twitter, LinkedIn.


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