How Instagram Helps me to Get 300 Page views per Day and Increase my Traffic?

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Well, social Medial is a Powerful tool nowadays but I used to Promote my Brand and Blog only on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, and Google.

But when I came to know that Instagram helps to derive sales and helps your brand to be promoted all across the Globe.

The day when I have started I had expected to get at least 100 pageviews per day but Instagram proves me wrong.

Despite delivering me 100 page views Now I am getting 300 pageviews per day.


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So one question stick to the Mind How we will optimize and set our Instagram account so that it will help us to drive traffic?

Blog4everyone will discuss some interesting and Hidden strategies about the SEM and SMO which help your brand to be promoted and helps you to get more visitors on your blog.


1.Setting a well-optimized Brand Instagram Account.


If you are all set your business account on Instagram Note down all your blog’s or brand key points so that you can implement it on the Instagram account.


While your business account will get separated from your personal one because you want to achieve great sales from the account not by showing your personnel experiences or selfies so take proper care of this.


2.Include a Clickable link in your profile.


While setting up of your account you will find Just above the Bio in the description section you can put the link to your website.So that when ever someone clicks to know more about you it will directlytakes you to your business website.


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3.Create and Posts Some Viral and Fascinating Images related to your Brand so that People will Follow.


When it comes to the Promotion of a Brand It is the quite complicated task to attract the visitors towards your brand.But try to post such images that will appeal your visitors, every day so that they can click and redirects towards your website.


Make use of the editing Tools that are available on the Instagram control panel while You are posting your Pic.



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Share The Images that People wants to see because 70% youth across the globe has lot more attention towards the new brands that comes into the every day.So you have to represents the things in much more better way so that they will get attracted and purchase your brand or product.



4.Offer Promotions and Exclusive Offers to your Followers.


Pump your followers with your promotion offers and exclusive offers.Because a stat shows that 41% of the Instagram followers only get caught by the giveaways and offers that you represent on your make sure that you will Post some images that will show some offers going to over or how much discount you are getting until the offers end are something like that.



 5.Enable the Goe-tagging and promote the Upcoming events.


Yet another useful tool of Instagram where you can add your location as well.Facts show that only 5% of the people show their location however if you enable the Geo-tag on your pics it will get the attention approximately 79% of Instagrams.

The feature of Geo-tagging is located on the upper section of Instagram when your picture appears just above that section an option appears for geo tag where you can put the address of the physical location.This will put a better impact on the followers.


Another aspect of creating an event strategy

Because it will help to engage your followers towards your event.Like you can create an event taking place in the New york for fashion.So you can put some images regarding that.



6.Make use Hashtags as Brand Specific.


This is yet another feature of Instagram in which you can create your product specific hashtags if you are a blogger then you can create Hashtags like #blog4everyone at the end of your story.

So that if someone searches by this tag they will get to know about your profile your product.

 You can Use General Hashtags and trend hashtags as well like a #weekend party,#ccd new york or something like that.After creating such hashtags you can also Monitor them that which hashtags are more appealing then you can create related to that particular topic and submit your new story.


7.Post IMages and videos as well.


Not only Images you can also post videos as well because visual appearance grabs the attention of people more.Ask your followers about your videos and images.

Do like their images and Comments on them.


8.Do not Forget to Post on weekends(Saturday and Sunday).


An observation shows that about 90% of the instagramers are online on  Saturday and Sundays.However, you have to be consistent with your posting but try to more engageyouself with your followers on weekends.It will help you to derive a heavy traffic on your business.


8.Determine your Frequency of Posting.


You have to proper note down the frequency of posting images however you can post 3-4 times a day and you can keep the track of that because this will help you to increase your ROI.


9.Improvement On your Posting:

Proper track your results and do the needful enhancements in the images and videos by using third party tracking analytics.


 10.Keep updated yourself with Instagram Trends.

Instagram is one of the Biggest platforms for image sharing which keeps updating their application for better use.o you need to keep update yourself regarding this platform.


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