How did change in Google Algorithms will take the breath away of bloggers?

google algorithm



Not all Bloggers are aware of the Google Algorithm.Today I will discuss the Google Algorithms updates and changes that are often done by Google at Regular Time intervals.

Google Algorithm helps to do the best Seo Practices and even the Best Blog  Platforms always use the ethical SEO strategies to implements the On page and off page SEO techniques.

Today I will describe you the Changes and updates in Google algorithm that will take away the breath of many Influential Bloggers.

1. Google HummingBird.


Google Hummingbird


Google Hummingbird is the name of the New Search Platform that has been generated by Google since September 2013.Hummingbird means “Being Precise and fast” and is basically designed to make the search fast on the given set of Keywords.

Hummingbird is designed specifically to pay more attention towards the meaning of a query in a sentence rather than single words in the sentence.It focusses on finding the meaning of whole structure of the sentence and find its Particular Meaning.


2. Google Mobile-Friendly Update.


google mobile friendly update


On Aprill 21,2015 Google has released its significant new mobile friendly Ranking Algorithm.It is mainly Designed to give Boost to mobile Friendly pages of the website.

The day when this update has come there are the lot more alternative of this algorithm that is mobile Poca lyse, mopocalypse or mobocalypse.

One of the Best way by Google test the web pages of your website by using the Mobile-Friendly Test tool.


3.Google Panda Update.


google panda update

Google Panda Update is mainly released in February 2011 to penalized the web sites with Poor Quality content.This is the most Dangerous algorithm ever released by Google as web sites hit previouly wont show in the SERP of Google.It penalizes the web sites with Low quality Content and thin content.


4. Google Penguin Update.


google penguin update


Google Launched the Penguin Update in Aprill 2012 mainly Designed to caught the web sites with Spammy Links.Some web sites takes use of the Paid Linking Strategy so this algorithm helps to find those web sites which has paid links.These websites mainly uses the Paid Linking strategy to increase their Ranking on Google.


5. Google Pigeon Update.


google pigeon update


Google Pigeon Update has Launched on July 24,2014 .This Algorithm is mainly designed to provide the More accurate ,powerful and relevant local search results that are tied closely with traditionall serach engine query.


6. Google Payday Update.


google payday update


Google payday update was newly launched algorithm on June 11, 2013.This Algorithm is mainly designed to remove and hit the highly spammy websites queries like pornographic, payday loan and other spammy related queries.


7. Google Pirate Update.


Google Pirate update


Google Pirate Update was released in August 2012 maily designed to prevent sites with many copy Impringement reports, as Filed through Google DMCA System.The filter is periodically updated as it found the websites listed in above and removes from the Google search engine rankings.


8. Google EMD Update.



emd google update



Google Exact Match Domain is released By google on September 2012 was maily designed to punish those websites who have keywords in their Domain Name.


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