Have you Ever Heard these SEO tips and Tricks to Promote a Website?

seo tips and tricks


We all Do SEO perfectly in our own Point of View but still not enough to have heavy traffic on my website.Then where is the Problem?

A proper SEO can be Done only with Proper Approach.Today I will Discuss some of the Best Ever SEO Tips and Tricks which helps you to Promote your website.


1. Keyword Research Is Most Important.


The keyword is the Foundation of any article.So First Pick a Keyword by using a simple Tool known as Google Keyword Planner which helps you research a keyword related to your Topic and the number of searches on that Particular Keyword.

Suppose I am willing to write an Article about SEO Tips and Tricks then I will simply put this keyword on the Keyword Planner and I have found that there is 1000 searches pm.So this is the Best Way to make your content Viral.


2. Take a look at your Competition.


Now Suppose that I have a term SEO Tips and Tricks now it’s time to research the competition.

For this just go to the browser open Private browsing in GOOgle chrome, Mozilla, safari etc.It is good to use Private Browsing because it won’t show your previous past History to search engines.

Find the Term and their searches they are ranking among the top of Google results and find out can you do something better.


3. Write the Quality and Best Content.


Now you choose a Keyword it’s time to Create the Content.It might be the Most difficult part of Seo.But if you have proper approach and ideas that you are going to create the content about.

No Matter the content you are Going to create for an E-commerce, sales, or any Sports Goodies.It must be unique and Different from the Rest of others.

SupposeIHave Just created a Content about 

Why Content Marketing Strategy Is important for Successful Blogging?


It is Properly well versed and I have embeded new ideas in that.


4. Put keywords in the Page Title.


If you are putting so much effort then it should be no brainer that you are Forget to put Keyword in the Title.So your page heading or Title Must contain the Keyword.

Suppose I have a keyword SEO Tips and Tricks then my title must contain keyword like

“Have you Ever Heard these SEO tips and Tricks to Promote a Website?”


5. Put The keyword in the Header.


You can organize the Article by putting keywords in the Header or subheader of the Article it will also put a better impact and make the article Discoverable on the Search engines.

This will help Google to Find out what is exactly your Blog-post about? To match the Exact keyword phrase this will also helps to people when they are looking for a particular key phrase.


6. Putting The Keyword in Alt tag of Images.


If you are having Images in the articles then you can optimize them to get better results and it is probably most important.

a. Change image Name

You can change the Image name like 4356.jpg you can change it into “Seo tips and tricks.jpg” .

b. Alt tag

You can also put the Keyword in the Alt tag of the Image.It will make the Images discoverable by your keyword.


7. Put Keyword in the Url.


You can also increase your search preference by putting a Keyword in the Url.This will help the search engines to search the desired result more easily when you have put keywords in the URL.

Like I have to use a keyword earlier “SEO as the Career option”.

The URL is:http://www.blog4everyone.in/why-it-is-good-to-choose-seo-as-a-career-option/


8. Get External backlink.


The most Important Part is External Link.External Links are the Links other than your website.Google will give preferences only those websites which having quality, quantity and the sites they are linking too.

I hope this would be helpful and you can share your views regarding this.


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