Experience The Real world with Bridge VR Headset for Iphone

If you are Holding your I phone mobiles then here is a Reason for having a smile on your Face as Bridge has developed a VR headset which helps the users to observe the real world a closer and with Positional Tracking.


bridge vr headset

Pictures Credits to Occipital

Bridge VR headset


Bridge VR headset is all most similar to the Headsets available on the Market Today.You can simply attach with your iPhone  6 or 7 fixed it on the head and simulate the 3D environment.

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It has one of the most Important features of having Positional Tracking while other headsets lack.The Bridge VR headset has been developed by the occipital company.It is embedded with a structural sensor which is fixed in the front of it which helps to observe the real world with a closer look and gives the feel of “inside out surrounding look”. It can sense and create depth maps of the objects if it is all most 11 feet away.It does not utilize your battery power as it has its own rechargeable battery which is having a power of four hours.


Bridge VR headsets not having the power of making positional tracking of the objects and surrounding but also having the capability to Produce realistic sounds.It has the ability to generate realistic images according to the environment and by observing the physical behavior it can simulate the surrounding as well.It, therefore, helps the users to interact the environment and its objects.


bridge VR headsets


sources occipital

The price of the Bridge VR Headset For iPhone.

The best part of this Gadget is it is not very expensive as compared to the other AR and VR headsets for mobiles phones.Its price ranges from $400 to $499 dollars which are nearly the same as that of Samsung VR headset.

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