Commununist Fiedel Castro is NO more

Cuba’s one of the Most Revolutionary Communist is no more with us .He died at the age of 90 .

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Donald Trump condemned on his death saying he is a “Brutal dictator” who murdered and oppressed his own people in an apparent bid to undo yesterday as cuba’s relation to obama.

while cube having a totalitarian island ,it is my hope that today marked a move  away from the horror endured for a too long and toward a future  in which the wonderful cubian people live they richly deserve this as said by the “donald trump”.


fiedel castro death



He also said that the “Death and pain caused by fiedel castro cannot be erased” who will always eager to help the cubian people for their liberity and freedom.


while on the other hand Mr. Obama own’s his statement in a different tone on the condolence of castro’s death by saying “Castro is a Latin Dictator” who is a socialist and had a great impact across the globe and on cubian people.

He also said that he offers a friendship hand towards the cubian people.The democratic President also Praises for his own efforts that the Difference between the two countries heals by visiting and discussing the matters between them.


Some of the Nation’s salute towards his revolutionary enthusiastic spirit like the Left wing of France,Canada and Venezeula.


China’s President also shows words in his statement by saying that ”  The chinese people have lost true and Good comrade” May Castro live Forever.


Russia president Vladimir putin said that he is a reliable and true friend of russia.while the Mikhail Gorbachev ,the former soviet front leader has praised for his efforts when he stand up against the us pressure.


Jacob Zuma the south africa president has praised for all the efforts that he puts for the socialism and for inspiring other nation Freedom fighters like Nelson Mandela.



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