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How To Become a Superstar among your Fans by increasing your Social shares?

Generation of Present Trend are like a Rockets they need everything faster and as soon as Possible.So the use of social media increased enormously among them.


For them Having a Social Media Account is like a Pill that can give them relief from a Fever.


So why social Media shares are Most important for a website?


Even the Most Visited websites like put emphasize on the use of Social Media sharing and their Importance.



So the First Question Comes into Mind From where would I have start to increase my Social Appearance and Fan Following among the Potential visitors?



most visited websites



Benefits of social Media Marketing.


When it comes to Social Sharing One platform which is the Most worthy, FB useful and Important one.


The Facebook which having the ability to increase your social following in no time.

In B2B platformFBis the Most Importance and vital source of Marketing.


most visited websites



No matter How about your audiences belongs to younger, older but you receive more social media shares just because mostly people like to stay on social media.SO automatically you will get popularity for your stuff.


most visited websites


A fact shows that if your article gets 100+ shares then you would come across with top 10% quality Bloggers.


Garret Moon of Co-schedule came up with some importance figures of social media shares that he found that in 1 Million articles only 10% of unique articles will get social shares with 100+ shares.



most visited websites



So Now Let’s Figured out How to get 100+ shares on social media Platform.


If you are having a Desecent traffic about 500 would be enough.


Try to publish three articles in a week.


It would be good enough to grab some of your potential readers.


Take the Help of Free Google analytics Tools.

  1. Go to Google analytics.
  2. Click behaviour.
  3. Click site content.
  4. Click content drilldown.



most visited websites




  • Choose a Relevant Topic.


Have You ever seen that in a Disco club the DJ plays a offbeat sad song in the Dance club.Not at all Just like this you must choose relevant topic by observing what your Potential readers are used too.


If you want that more people will share your article or topic then always choose relevant topics.As for as my profession Concern I know very well that I am Not a Good writer not bad as well.So I love to write things related to SEO and SEM for Most visited websites.


  • Try To create amazing and appealing Titles.


Always try to create super appealing content’s Title.Because Title is the very first thing all readers see before sharing your article on the social media platforms.


So what types of article titles you must choose.


most visited websites




  • Write long 1000+ words article.


Try to write 1000+ words article because a fact shows that articles with 1500+ words recieves more hits and shares on most of social media platforms.


most visited websites






Social Media shares are most important for the sucess of any website or business.Social Media platforms are also good enough to promote your business so create posts effectively with quality stuff on your Mind.

I hope you would Like this article and do share your reviews regarding the same.

However you can also Hire for Quality Content service on Upwork.



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SEO best practices that can increase your online e-store revenue by 300+

Implementing SEO Best practices is quite simple and easy for regular websites as well as for personal blogs.However when it comes to an E-commerce platform like Magento you have to utilize your SEO skill in a more tricky way.

Let’s Discuss them one by one.


1. By making User-Friendly URLs in Magento store.



User-Friendly Url is important for better indexing.

Enabling this option is easy.

  1. Go to your admin panel then navigate to the system->configuration.
  2. Next, go to the left section by clicking the web.
  3. A section appears namely Search engine optimization.

4.Choose the option User Server Rewrites option and click on Yes.

  1. Save the configuration details.




magento and seo best practices




2. Not adding store code to the URLs.



when the URLs in the Magento store are lean it will give you a chance to rapidly index in the databases of the web server in no time.For this, you can just navigate to the



system->configuration->web->search engine optimization.



seo best practices for magento



“Choose the URL section menu” and set “Add stores code to URL options to no” so that stores code will not get added to the URLs.



3. By changing the Default Robots to “index, follow” so that Search engine index all your web pages easily.



Just navigate to the System->configuration->Design ->Html heads




seo best practices and magento




However, the “Default Title” and “Description” appear over there you can to change them according to your website requirement so that it will increase your online presence.





seo best practices and magento





  1. Make sure that your e-store is having a proper “robots.txt” file



You must configure your site with the proper robots.txt file so that the search engine can directly visit your website pages and you can specify that which pages you would not wants to be indexed by search engine.



  1. Avoid URL duplicate redirection.



To do this simply Navigate to the System->Configuraton->Catalog->Search engine optimization.

select “Categories path to product URL” as “no” as described below:



seo best practices and magento



  1. You can also set the “Canonical Link Meta tag” field to “yes” just to avoid the duplicate data for same products showing in the multiple categories.




seo best practices and magento





7. You can also optimize your images for better visibility.



seo best practices and magento




You can give your Products as Meaningful Names like “Anmol made by SAF.jpg”

so that when someone types this phrase you will get your products noticed.




  1. Use “URL key”.

You can use URL key option to make it SEO friendly.



seo best practices and magento




9.For Better Navigation you can create “Sitemap ” automatically.




Just navigate to the following sections system->configuration->Google sitemap.



seo best practices and magento




Select “Generation setting box” and Enable sitemap option and change your frequency according to your products updations.



  1. Analysis and Monitoring Setup in Magento.

you can connect your “Google webmaster verification tag” with your e-store by using Following way

System->Configuration->Design->Html heads.



seo best practices and magento



You can track your website by setting “Google analytics ” by using the following path:

system->Configuration->Google API.



seo best practices and magento




These Mentioned SEO tips for Magento are the “SEO Best Practices ” that will enhance your online presence and increase your revenue for your products and services.


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6 simple steps to get more Profitable YouTube advertising.

Have You ever thought that How many videos seen on YouTube every day? I hope you would not able to guess it is about 5 Billion videos in a Single day.

Even 300 Hours of videos will upload by every individual in a single minute.


6 simple steps to get more Profitable Youtube advertising.


In fact the Success of most of the businesses like Amazon, Ebay totally occupied by Youtube video advertising.

If your Business or blog still not using Video Advertisement then you must apply from now onwards.However after Google Youtube is the Second largest search engine.Many Blogs including Best Blog Platforms are always their strategies for digital Marketing by using YouTube videos in their posts.

Therefore to advertise your Brand and to Increase your Online Presence YouTube is the Best way to increase your online reputation and to increase the customer engagement.


1. First Choose your Ad Format wisely.


There is a large number of  Ad Format available on YouTube platform including Sponsered ads.So the questions come into mind what Kind of format you choose.Therefore the answer is ver simple just go here Youtube help page here.


6 simple steps to get more Profitable Youtube advertising.



Suppose you are looking for “Best Blog Platform” with a customer engagement video ad than would be better you must run your ad in True view Stream or in the Discovery ad.

Apart from them if you are looking for the more targeted audience and highly customer engagement video then it must be wise to use sponsored ad.


In my point of view, you first try to make experiments with different types of ads format and then compare their differences to find out the best ad format for your website or business.



2.  Use of Instream-Segment and  Discovery Ads.


In Google Adwords campaigning Networks when you make the separation between Search and Display networks.

Just like similar to them you would understand the Differences between Instream and Discovery Ads displaying ads Format.

Basically Instream video format play before, during or after the other videos.However, Discovery ads appear next to related YouTube videos as a separate part of youtube search results.



6 simple steps to get more Profitable Youtube advertising.



via word stream: Example of Discovery Ad.

Because of the different types of the budget level according to the individual you can utilize according to your convenience.



3. Start taking Benefits of YouTube  Targeting Options.


Just like advertising on the Facebook, Twitter, google and Linkedin you have to pay a very close attention towards your target regions.So why you waste your valuable money on the unqualified and undeserving eyes who are hardly like your ads any more.


6 simple steps to get more Profitable Youtube advertising.


Via SEMRush


Therefore you can start taking benefits of your video ads by targeting your customer to the specific locations.

Suppose if you are having a business for selling best cup cakes in Australia then it will be good to start Targeting your customer from the region specific.



4. Video Remarketing.


The setting of a Remarketing is also a killer strategy to get your video ads viral because you already hold the security of the products you have published on your website by analyzing the audiences who had already shown interest in your products or services.

If you are still unfamiliar with Remarketing then its time to implement the way to follow your website audiences with ads related to them on the other places like Facebook, Twitter or AdWords display network.


5. Start advertisement More appealing Content.


Start uploading or making video advertisement which is more appealing because there is a large number of Humorous video content available on the youtube platform.

So start creating more appealing video content, it might b the compelling human based native story or something Mystery type.

Like Top 10 videos of 2017.


6.  Try to add Interactive Elements to Increase your Call to action.


If you are a Business owner or a personal or professional Digital Marketing Expert.You can take benefit by adding the interactive element to your advertisements that enable your customers to download or even signups or Lands on your homepage.

Therefore adding Interactive elements on your ads increases your call to action.


6 simple steps to get more Profitable Youtube advertising.




Youtube Marketing is one of the Easiest and Best way to advertisement or promote your Business.Most of the searches happens only on this Search Engine,so start taking benefits of You Tube Marketing it will increase your online presence as well as your ROI.


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Best Tips To make Your Email Marketing Strategy Successful.

Best email marketing strategy tips


over 67% of Digital Marketers are Preferred Email marketing in order to represent the Content and Business across the Globe.


Best email marketing strategy tips


Email Marketing Strategy is one of the Best and Easy ways to utilize and Expands the Digital Marketing techniques for Promoting a website.Nobody likes to waste his/her time by visiting different websites about the Things they are looking for.


So Email Marketing is the Best way to reach the Target Audience and Promote your website.So Today I will Describe you Some of the Best and Brief Tips to make your Email Marketing Strategy Successful.


1. Build an Aquisition Strategy.


You have to Prioritized with your audience growth.If you are analyzing that from which area most of the Traffic has been coming to your website or they are getting engaged in your Brand.


Then Follow the Next step to enhance that engagement and try to convert them into the sales lead.Suppose your Potential Audience uses Forms on his/her Smartphones of Tablet then try to optimize those pages and then hit all the emails to the Audience.



2. Proper Use of Subject lines.


The Best Email Subject Line of the Ex- President Barack Obama Fundraising scheme.He Found the GReat engagement with subject line of  “Hey” or “wow”.


Best Email Marketing Tips


source: Bufferapp

The Most Important Thing in The Email Marketing is Deciding the Subject Line.A subject Line 60-70 characters are very bad mostly called as “Dead Zone”.


A Research by Adestra tracking the report of 900 million emails report shows that there is no increase in the open rate of emails with Subject Line of 60-70 characters.

Always use “Hey” or “wow” to represent the Subject Line of your Email.In fact, emails with few characters have open rate of 58%.


3. The Best Schedule To send Emails on the Prime Time.


best email marketing tips


Most of the Email Marketers Forget one thing which is Most Important for Email Marketing is the Best Time for Sending Emails.

As Business, working hours are 9.00 to 5.00 pm but the Proper time and suitable for sending emails is 8.00 pm onwards no doubt Business hours are good for daily business activity but when it comes to targeting your Potential Audience so it must be good to send the Emails from the Primetime 8.00 pm onwards.



4. Provide Stuffs For Free.


The audience loves Free stuff even If someone Offers me a Free E-book or something else I would Love to Take it.


best email marketing tips

source: buffer app


5. Email still Taking the Lead instead of Facebook and Twitter.


Social Media may be High reach among the Peoples of the Universe but the content is still the king in the Email Campaigning according to a Study by socialTwist. Over an 18 Months Period, the SocialTwist found 119 referral Campaigns from the leading Brands and Companies.

Of the 300,000 referrals 50.8 percent of the customers come from the Email marketing,26% comes from the twitter and 22% of the Facebook.



6. Sends Emails On the Weekends.


Again it is also Recommended to Send Emails on the Weekends because it will improve not only the opening rate of emails but also the Clickthrough rates.

Saturday’s and Sundays are usually nonworking Days so it helps the most customers to have a free time that will increase the sales and conversion rate of the Emails as well.


Best Email Marketing Tips


7. Personalize Emails as Much as You can.


The Email Subscribers and social subscribers you have to make the Email personalize in every way that will help your subscriber to participate them.

For example, You can create an Email containing Personalized Recommendations based on the Each subscriber’s search behavior on your website.Including Personalised Recommendation will not only increase your conversion Rate by 20-25% but also increase your Click Through rates by 35-40%.


I hope this Article would be covered up things about Email Marketing if not then do share your views.


About The Writer: Suraj Jaiswal.

suraj jaiswal blog4everyone

I  am Passionate Blogger and a Content Developer likes to write things that will provide some effective SEO tips and Tricks.

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How to Get More Likes on Facebook Page?

how to get more like on facebook page


Social Media is one of the Biggest Platform which leads the Success of any Businessman or a Business.You can make a facebook Page to promote your Business or a blog.

Now the question comes that How to get More likes on Facebook Page?

So do not worry at all we will Discuss how SEO Best Practices will be implemented for Facebook and what are the strategies to implement the same?

If you Go for a paid Facebook Marketing it will take the huge amount of yours.So make this more Professional by applying some of the  Method to get Likes on Facebook Pages.


1. Adding a Facebook Widget to Your Blog.


how to get more fb likes


The best way to get more Likes on the facebook page is to just simply add a Facebook widget on your website by using Facebook Developers page.You can set your widget according to your Design and it is recommended to show the Faces of your Fans.


If you are using a WordPress Blog then it is more simple just you can add WP Facebook plugin and by adding the widget to the sidebar you can Display that Facebook widget.



2. Add a Facebook Page Promoter LightBox.


If you want to tell all your readers about the Facebook Page you can set a Preconfigured Popup plugin named Facebook Page Promoter Lightbox. 

This is also a very Good way to increase the Number of Followers without Going further towards your Blog.


3. By inviting Friends.


You can invite your Friends from the Invite Now section of your Facebook Page.But do in a smart way like Messenger of Facebook you can select all your friends and make a group thus by leaving a message to like your page.

You can make more Admins to increase the number of Followers.Suppose you make 5 Admins for your page and each admin having 400 friends so it will reach 20,000 friends.



4. Share Pictures, Videos, and Latest News updates.


Share Latest News updates Daily the most important thing is the proper timing of posting the status so that the time when you make the post it will reach the maximum number of Peoples.


Try to Post more on Saturday and Sunday because Most People are free at this time so that they can read the Post and gets engaged.

 Share fascinating pictures and attractive videos because a survey shows that 80% of the people gets attracted towards the Visual Display.



5.  Create Events and Facebook Fan Contest.


You can create an Event for any Facebook Fan Following contest like by offering if someone likes the Page you will offer a free software, strategy one year hosting or something else.

Try to make more impressions and engagements by using this strategy.


6. Use your Facebook Page URL in your E-mail structure and Forums.


In order to get better results and to achieve more positive results for likes, you can add your facebook page URL in your e-mails and Forums so that it will reach new audiences more often.


7. Create attractive Cover Photo.


First, make your cover photo more impressive or eye-catching because it leaves a better impact and sets visual preferences for your audiences.

If you are running a Blog then find the Niche cover theme images that are suitable for your  Blog.



8. Share your page on your wall and on other social Networks as well.


You often posts your images, videos, and other stuff so why not Post your facebook page on your wall?

Apart from that, you can also share your page on other Platforms like Google,Twitter, LinkedIn.


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Top 10 Sem strategies that will Boost your E-commerce Environment.

E-commerce sales are the Need of an Hour for Online Merchants.There are 3 million websites across the world so it is very Important to Update your Search engine Marketing Strategies to be Updated so that it your Branch the Right People at right Time and your sales Increases.So it is also important that  Your strategies should be Updated in terms of their Natural and Paid Search.


top 10 sem stragies


Blog4everyone will Describe the Top 10 Paid SEO Tips of SEM strategies that will Boost your E-commerce Environment.


1.Get Indexed Your website on TOP Search Engines.


Make sure that all the Pages of your website index properly on the Top Search engines like GOOGLE, YAHOO, nd MSN.Do you know?

46% of searches are monthly calculated by the Google itself.So always index your webpages on these search engine for this you can take the help of google webmaster’s tools where you can use the Fetch as Google option.However some of the Dynamic pages not get crawled and indexed by Google.So to overcome this Problem you can resolve this issue by taking the help of influential bloggers of SEO.


2. Make Proper Combinations of Long Tail Keywords for Paid Search.


Develop a Robust list of Keywords for Paid Search.Make proper Combinations of Long Tail Keywords for Paid Search because it matters a lot in PPC.Suppose in Paid search you opt a keyword “woolen clothes” it would not attract more buyers but If you choose a keyword like “Best woolen Clothes for winter” it would make better appearance.

Create a better Keywords combination for the Paid search by using your existing category and sub-category navigation and purchase them as Keywords.

Suppose if you are Running a large and Diverse Department store then you have to purchase keywords like apparels, houseware, cosmetics etc…

Purchases key phrases of the listed keywords above like woolen, clothes, apparels etc.

Do not forget to mention some synonyms because mostly peoples look for alternate names of the same items or keywords.You also consider to buying your brand name and brand keywords.The price per click will be slightly low so that you will be top of the search engine.


3. Keep your Content’s copy for Organic Search.


You can Improve your organic search by proper optimizing your Keywords in your content for better performance.As every search engine has a different way of indexing the contents of web pages.You can make proper usage of your Keywords, metadata, alt image descriptions so that it can be properly indexed by search engines.

Proactively manages your content for paid search by using keywords like “1000 items for sale” or “lowest prices available” or something like that.


4. Re-directs your Buyers to the Right Landing Page.


When any Buyers select a website from the search engine listing to reach the Landing Page which is as possible closest to the right page that they are Looking for.Suppose if they want “Denim blue jeans ” they would not directly go to your website and purchase that item.

They will First Find the same item on other sites as well.So make sure that your category and sub-category keywords would re-directs your buyers at the Right Landing page so that they are convinced enough to buy those products.


5. Make Proper and Consistent Use of Organic and Paid search optimization together.


Natural search engine optimization is the Great way to increase your traffic towards your website.However,  takes a long time to get Ranked on the search engine and it will stay for long.But it takes a longer time to be processed.

However Paid search is most effective way to enlist your brand and it yields faster results.Track all the list of your Paid keyword research so that you can track the performance of the keywords and website.


6. Benchmark Yourself.


Always Figured out your Keyword’s Ranking on the SERP.Try to optimize your Paid search so that you can proper Monitor your Keyword’s Ranking.Try to keep yourself on the First spot or on the second Place on the Search engines.

You can also monitor’s your competitor’s keywords ranking with sem rush the most usable online free tool.


7. Do Proper KYC. 


Do regular KYC means Know your customers and find out how they search.Find the Most searchable keywords and phrases in your website so that you can find out which web pages generate the most conversion rates for you.


8.Utilize your strength in Paid Per Click marketing.


If your specialization is offering high-end sports accessories then utilize your skills to deliver a better impact through proper selection of keywords and their collaboration towards your landing page.


9. Try to learn From the effective Bloggers and their Tips of PPC.


Paid Per Click is a deep ocean so you need to be updated yourself in this field.You can make use of the website like offer free e-books of Ppc that can help you to increase your sales and ROI.


10. Tracking and Testing.


You can keep proper track of your keywords used in the PPC.There are lots of Marketing analytics tool that can help you to track the performance of your keywords.

Test your Keywords, conversion rates, A/B testing and the written copy of the site so that you can further use for the organic search optimization.

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Top 10 coolest SMO Tips and Tricks that will increase your Rankings like a Roller Coaster.

Are you tired of Posting a number of Text and Videos on Social Media’s Platform like FaceBook and Twitter?


smo coolest tips and tricks


But unable to get a single like and comments on your Posts then your wait is over.Today Blog4everyone will Discuss The Top 10 Coolest SMO Tips and Tricks that will Increase your website Rankings like a Roller Coaster.Because at this Platform we will Provide the Latest and Free SEO Tips that will help you.

How to Engage your Targeted audience on Facebook?


1. Post Subject Related Videos:


The most Important thing that I thing for Facebook Marketing is that you should Post a Videos.Because Visual things leave a better Impression on the Person Looking for things.Social media analytics company Socialbakers Looked at more than 670,000 posts by 4445 brand pages and found that the video posts has better impressions about 8.77% than the text and links about 5.71% and photos about 3.77%.

  Post-It Direct:

Try to make the Post directly instead of Linking the third party websites like Youtube.

Post a Featured Video:

Try to Post a Featured Video as Facebook allows you to Post a featured video on your post.

Video Playlists:

Group all your videos content together and create a Playlist as well.


2.Share quote Related Images:


Try to share quote related Images.These Images that has some text written on it will attract lots of visitors.The quote may be some inspirational or Love making scenes because nowadays our youth are used to like that.

Quote Relates images helps you to build your relationships with the followers and also helps in facebook sharing.Facebook sharing will help you to make your Brand or Page viral.


3. Boost Your Posts:


Try to Boost Your Post.If you are Posting an Ad and it gives you better number of impressions then Facebook allows making Paid advertisement in which You can Boost Your Post and get Thousands of Likes.


4. Select and Engage Your CTA Button:


You can Choose a call to action Button that is present on the Page.This will help you to engage your visitors on the Landing Page of your website.

Currently, Facebook allows us to make use of seven buttons available for CTA:









5. Set Your Posting Frequency:


Try to make a limit of Posting on your Facebook Page because too much posting will also decrease your following.I have even seen that some of the Brand pages use to post 30-40 posts per day.This will decrease your Followers on the Page.

Try to Post only 2-3 Post regularly that will be enough to engage the targeted audience.


6. Try to post on Trending Topics:

Try to Post some creative and Trending topics that will help others to see what they want to see.Because Facebook is Changing day by day.Now you can show your LIVE VIDEOS has well.

So, try to Post some trending topic related posts only.



1.Find the Right Search Results:

Newbie of Twitter hardly knows how to Find the Right People on the Twitter.They start searching by their name.This is not How twitter works?

Twitter refines your searches by the Keywords that grouped together.So always finds the people by their hashtags and keywords on the profile.


2.Create and Share the Curated Lists:


Lists are the best Feature of Twitter to Filter the Information.Lists are Basically a way of Grouping of different Peoples having the same Profession.

Suppose if you are a blogger you can curate a list named Blogger Adda and put all the names in them.This will help you to engage the visitors and try to interact with them Properly.

3.Ensure Videos and Images in the Post:


Try to Post a story with images because an Observation shows that there are 2 million posts with photo can be retweets and 38% of them with videos.So try to post your tweets with a Branding image.


4. Likes and Reply in Twitter Posts:


This is the Most thing that you have to keep in Mind that whenever someone tweets a good thing.You must reply on this and likes as well.Because doing so it will help you to interact with the visitors and you will get the benefit of that.

5. Follow back and Keep Track of your tweets:


The Best Mantra to increase the Number of Followers on Twitter is that you must apply the Followback strategy because follow back leaves a good impression on your Followers.

Apart from this, you can also keep track of your Tweets because this will help you to find which tweet of yours are performing better.


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How Instagram Helps me to Get 300 Page views per Day and Increase my Traffic?

instagram blog4everyone


Well, social Medial is a Powerful tool nowadays but I used to Promote my Brand and Blog only on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, and Google.

But when I came to know that Instagram helps to derive sales and helps your brand to be promoted all across the Globe.

The day when I have started I had expected to get at least 100 pageviews per day but Instagram proves me wrong.

Despite delivering me 100 page views Now I am getting 300 pageviews per day.


get instagram followers



So one question stick to the Mind How we will optimize and set our Instagram account so that it will help us to drive traffic?

Blog4everyone will discuss some interesting and Hidden strategies about the SEM and SMO which help your brand to be promoted and helps you to get more visitors on your blog.


1.Setting a well-optimized Brand Instagram Account.


If you are all set your business account on Instagram Note down all your blog’s or brand key points so that you can implement it on the Instagram account.


While your business account will get separated from your personal one because you want to achieve great sales from the account not by showing your personnel experiences or selfies so take proper care of this.


2.Include a Clickable link in your profile.


While setting up of your account you will find Just above the Bio in the description section you can put the link to your website.So that when ever someone clicks to know more about you it will directlytakes you to your business website.


linkable instagram



3.Create and Posts Some Viral and Fascinating Images related to your Brand so that People will Follow.


When it comes to the Promotion of a Brand It is the quite complicated task to attract the visitors towards your brand.But try to post such images that will appeal your visitors, every day so that they can click and redirects towards your website.


Make use of the editing Tools that are available on the Instagram control panel while You are posting your Pic.



instagram profile link


Share The Images that People wants to see because 70% youth across the globe has lot more attention towards the new brands that comes into the every day.So you have to represents the things in much more better way so that they will get attracted and purchase your brand or product.



4.Offer Promotions and Exclusive Offers to your Followers.


Pump your followers with your promotion offers and exclusive offers.Because a stat shows that 41% of the Instagram followers only get caught by the giveaways and offers that you represent on your make sure that you will Post some images that will show some offers going to over or how much discount you are getting until the offers end are something like that.



 5.Enable the Goe-tagging and promote the Upcoming events.


Yet another useful tool of Instagram where you can add your location as well.Facts show that only 5% of the people show their location however if you enable the Geo-tag on your pics it will get the attention approximately 79% of Instagrams.

The feature of Geo-tagging is located on the upper section of Instagram when your picture appears just above that section an option appears for geo tag where you can put the address of the physical location.This will put a better impact on the followers.


Another aspect of creating an event strategy

Because it will help to engage your followers towards your event.Like you can create an event taking place in the New york for fashion.So you can put some images regarding that.



6.Make use Hashtags as Brand Specific.


This is yet another feature of Instagram in which you can create your product specific hashtags if you are a blogger then you can create Hashtags like #blog4everyone at the end of your story.

So that if someone searches by this tag they will get to know about your profile your product.

 You can Use General Hashtags and trend hashtags as well like a #weekend party,#ccd new york or something like that.After creating such hashtags you can also Monitor them that which hashtags are more appealing then you can create related to that particular topic and submit your new story.


7.Post IMages and videos as well.


Not only Images you can also post videos as well because visual appearance grabs the attention of people more.Ask your followers about your videos and images.

Do like their images and Comments on them.


8.Do not Forget to Post on weekends(Saturday and Sunday).


An observation shows that about 90% of the instagramers are online on  Saturday and Sundays.However, you have to be consistent with your posting but try to more engageyouself with your followers on weekends.It will help you to derive a heavy traffic on your business.


8.Determine your Frequency of Posting.


You have to proper note down the frequency of posting images however you can post 3-4 times a day and you can keep the track of that because this will help you to increase your ROI.


9.Improvement On your Posting:

Proper track your results and do the needful enhancements in the images and videos by using third party tracking analytics.


 10.Keep updated yourself with Instagram Trends.

Instagram is one of the Biggest platforms for image sharing which keeps updating their application for better use.o you need to keep update yourself regarding this platform.


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Why LinkedIn is the Best Platform for Implementing Digital Marketing Strategies?

We Often Talk about Facebook and Twitter Ads that they are the amazing source of viral marketing and to increase the sales Funnels for Direct Business.


But there is one channel also which is the Best Platform for Implementing Digital Marketing strategies.

 The question comes to mind How?

I will answer this.


 With More Than 450 million registered users across the Globe are associated with the LinkedIn platform.Because LinkedIn is the Platform where most reputed companies come to find the suitable Job seeker who is the best among all entrepreneurs.


1#. Build and Optimized Profile.


First Login to the Linkedin website and by Following all the Tips that you will get to know while you are making sign up for your account.


If you are Running a Blog or Business you can create a Profile with your Blog name.Suppose I am running a Blog4everyone.So I have created the profile with this name only.


linkedin profile


A fact shows that The number of Male and Females users are all most equal as in 2014 the registered male users was 56% and Females are about 44% female.

 So Linkedin is one of the Best and yet useful ways of increasing your Brand Promotion.



 2#. Publishing an Article embedded Anchor Link in Text.


You can write a well-curated article with anchor text and you can put links that will redirect the blog or your website.

You can give some amazing Title, images and proper description to your article.

This will give you do-follow backlink and also helps you to increase your organic traffic.



linkedin blog article




3#. Keep an Eye on the Followers.


Because everyone at this age of time wants attention.So you can keep track of the Followers with the Messages or by wishing your followers as by saying “Happy bday” congrats on getting a new job.So you will get each and everything updated with Notifications.

The benefit of this would help you to engage your targeted customers.


followers of linkedin



4.# Collections of Endorsements.


Skill endorsements is a great way to recognizing your connections to a larger extent.It is a powerful way to interact with your connections.Endorsements help to gather a Positive goodwill of your profile and also gives strength to your profile.


endorsement pic of linkedin




5# Promotion of your Linkedin Profile.


You can promote your Linkedin Profile on another platform as well like facebook, twitter, google in your emails as well.


It will help you to get more engagements with other users.



 #6.Claiming a Clean Vanity URL.


You can go for a Clean Vanity Url because having a clean URL with your name of your blog’s name will help other peoples to find you more easily in a real world.



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