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How to make $1000 with every post that you publish on a Blog?

How to make $1000 with every post that you publish on a Blog?


Every Blogger mainly creates a Blog to make heavy customer engagement, to make the Best Blog Platform and at the end Money making.


Sometimes it becomes more worst for other bloggers to earn $10,000 dollars per articles but you can at least earn $1000 per article.


Well, this is not a Tough task to be accomplished but it is more tricky.


The Trick is to get More Traffic=>Money Making.


This Process only helps you to make your Best Blog Platform and helps you to earn Money that You could hardly ever thought.


1.Affiliate Marketing.


When it comes to making Money Making you could simply think of the affiliate marketing platforms like Clickbank, Chitika and much more.


So the second thought comes into the mind that number of clicks, conversion rates then after so many bullshit you can generate little bucks of dollars.


So why don’t you try to post Long form of articles like 1000+ words?


Sounds a little more hard working but yet it is another powerful way of making more money from your article.


Writing a neatly cleaned and original Dense Content having catchy Title and Meta description will grab the attention of your readers.



2.Writing e-books of 5000+ words on interesting Topics.


Have you ever thought that If you are a Good writer then turn this art into your professional business?


Many e-books writers are earning thousands of Dollars in a Month.


Science Fiction stories, Love, and dating related e-books can make a heavy customer engagement on your Blog.


Readers like to read some catchy stories and informative articles or e-books even if there are 1000 of e-books are freeware.


But Still, If you are having the ability to think out of the Box then it’s your Turn To make heavy customer engagement and make lots of money by selling your E-books.


3.By Providing Online Course.


If you are one of the Influential Blogger or having a certain type of e specialization like Content writing and get paid stuff like that.


You can simply invite your readers to write valuable content for other bloggers as Guest Post and offer them some penny.


The Best way to give away a Free, Basic and Professional memberships to your readers and potential readers.


So the Online Course would include things like:

  1. Podcasting.
  2. Webinars.
  3. Seminars.
  4. Videos


It depends upon you How would you suggest the Pricing Plan of your Membership section.


So the Question comes into the mind How to create the Online Earning course for your academy?


Let’s make it simple with Teachable. a very nice and cool platform where you can simply create your online academy for the expertise that you have.


If you still worry about the Potential readers or traffic then no worry at all because if you are getting 50+ readers then it is more than enough because there is still chances to generate quality readers and earn money.



Earning money is not as easy as most of the bloggers thinks but still it possible but not impossible.So If you still thinks that the above-mentioned points are not enough then do share your views regarding the same.

For Quality Content writing Hiring Us on Up work.


Thanks for reading my articles and keep sharing the valuable feedbacks.


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After spending $1000 at last I have Found the Hidden PPC Secrets?

Have you not get Bored with so many common marketing tips and tricks that are hardly any use of.Instead of PPC, I have used so many times SEO but after spending approx $1000 I have at last found some of the Hidden pay Per Click Advertising secrets.


Just Grab a Cup of Coffee and let’s check these out one by one.


1.How Iceberg Effect Leads To Success in PPC?


1.How Iceberg Effect Leads To Success in PPC?



An Old saying is that “ALL THAT GLITTERS ARE NOT GOLD”.

 This actually means something else that what really People sees is a bit Different From the Actual thing that it seems to appear.


Making a Combination Of Keywords and ads are responsible for proper conversion and it is an easy task to accomplish.

However, this is not actually that occurs in reality Like the Iceberg Effect as People only see the Keywords but the actual thing is missing about the search terms.


You are spending a lot for your chosen keywords by using Google Adwords, Bing and yahoo ads.

So the question comes into mind How would take the advantage of Iceberg’s effect?


So creating a SINGLE KEYWORD AD GROUP from the search terms and place the automatic search preference and then applied your PPC techniques.


2. Time to take a  Kickstart with Google AdWords.


IF  you have ever had a success with PPC campaigning then it’s a good time to take a Kickstart with Google Adwords campaigning and by making Proper Ads to show in Google.


In order to Expand your PPC, you can also utilize your Ads display program on Facebook, twitter, Display network.

You can take Proper your CTA i,e call to action and replicate your ads network on everywhere if you want.


You have to utilize your PPC channel in such a way that it will increase your conversion a bit more.In other word’s you have to Follow the ICE CUBE and LAVA scale principle.The more and stronger the Intent ,the more threating your CTA would be.


icecube and lavascale



3. Micro Conversions In PPC.


As you are Running your PPC campaign across the Different Network and Channels so to get results.But still you would not able to do so.

So you might get upset.


There is a Chance that the execution might gets off.So it’s time to find out the Problem in your PPC Execution.Before you expecting the Macro-conversion you need to put effort on Micro-conversions.


Most of the Micro-conversions are linear in Nature so it would be very easy to locate and to find the resolution of the problems.


micro coversions in ppc




4. Make Optimization for sales not for Conversion.


As you have started doing things by Following the above strategies and you have improved your Quality-rates, click thru rates and Cost per Action.


It’s Time to take a step Forward ahead in PPC.Now you got to know the Keyword Discrepancy and Search terms.

Now it’s time to Focus on Common around CPA goal.


Once your pair of data leads o successful sales you have to track two more things:

a. URL parameter.

b.Hidden Fields.


a. URL Parameter.

The URL parameter can be track manually or through UTM Parameter.


b.Hidden Fields.

The hidden fields are the data in the Sign-up gen forms that helps to capture the conversion records by a visitor when it enters to a landing page.


I hope these Paid Seo Best Practices will give you some quality and innovative ideas in Ppc advertising.


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High Earning Affiliate Platforms that will Boost Your Earnings.

affiliate platforms



If you are a blogger and getting some decent kind of traffic then you might be thinking of using an affiliate Platform that provide the Best ways to make Money online.

Today I will Discuss some of the High Earning Affiliate Platform that will Maximize your Earning as much as you can.There are several affiliate programs that are available on the internet today but you must know first which affiliate platform are the Best to utilize.

1. Infolinks.




Infolinks offers affiliate programs to Blogger in which they can earn huge amount on a commission basis.Infolinks is a Global advertising Platform for both publishers and advertisers.

Online advertisers can create a campaign by using this platform and target their engaged audience.Advertisement with the help of Infolinks means that you are delivering messages to Engaged customers.

Online users and website owners can utilize info links in their blogs or website in the form of  Infold, Intag, Intext, nd InScreen.

It Takes only one minute to integrate your website with info links.

Infolinks Supports a Marketplace of 100,000 websites operates in 128 countries.It’s headquarter is located in Palo Alto California and R &D department in Tel Aviv Israel.

Commission Structure of Infolinks.

The Commission structure by info links for referring new Publishers are as Follows:

 ->If you Refer a small Publisher with average 10,000-page impressions you will get $25.

 -> If you Refer a Medium Publisher with 100,000-page impressions you will get $100.

 -> If you Refer a Publisher with more than 100,00-page impressions you will get $1000.

The condition is that you will get only one time earning when someone signs up through your referral link.


2. Maximize  Earning with Google Adsense.




Yet Another and universal Platform of Advertisement Program.Google Adsense is the most usable Ad platform that every Blogger utilizing these days.

With Google Adsense, you can turn your Passion into Huge Profit.

Adsense is the simplest, free and easy way of earning money from your website by placing ads.

Why 2 Million People has Chosen Google Adsense?

Across the Globe, about 2 million people has already utilized this platform to monetize their website and maxmize their earning with Google adsense.

a. Right Ads for your Audience.

Google adsense reneiewd your content befor placing ads on your website.The developers ensures that the best ads which is relevant to your website will only displayed on the mobiles or on the desktop.


b. Complete Customization in your Control.

You can Place you ads where ever you want and also Block some specific ads when you want.


c. Only ads published that Provide you High Earning.

It will take you to the Biggest ads platform where online advertisers are bidding for an ad space so you will get the benefit of that.


Payment structure are bit different from the Ad platform as Google will give you the Earning only when you reach your Threshold Earning.


3. Boost your earnings with Chitika.


chitika ad platform


Chitika is one of the most Popular Display Advertising Network in the world.However it is not as much as Popular like Google Adsense but still, you can’t ignore in terms of revenue making.

Chitika provides you various types of ads display but its most popular feature is text in ads display.Integration of Chitika to a website is quite Easy you can easily add through your “ad setup”.

The Minimum Threshold is $10 however it also offers you referral program.


Pros of Using Chitika.


1. Easy to Use.

There is no Learning Curve in Chitika Ads platform.From start to finish it is one of the Easiest way of Learning and Placing ads.


2.Simple  Interface.

It is user-friendly anyone can use it like a simple editor as the ad panel is so easy that anyone can use it accordingly.


3. Excellent Customer Support and Low Minium Payment Threshold.

The best Thing about Chitika is that they provide a better customer service support.You can Contact to any of the Representative through live chat, email or support.

The second best Thing is that you can the minimum threshold amount is only $10 that helps you to quickly earn Money.



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Top 10 Trusted Plugins and Marketing Tools for WordPress.

top 10 wp plugins


Are you Struggling In Affiliate Marketing and try lots of alternatives to earn dollars but have not still get the better ROI?

Do not worry at all at Blog4everyone we will Discuss some Paid SEO Tips and some of the Top 10 Trusted Plugins of WordPress and Marketing Tools that will help you to maximize your earning.


1. Thirsty Affiliates.




Thirsty affiliates are one of the Best affiliate Marketing plugins for WordPress users.With the help of this Plugin, you can easily insert Links in your contents, post, pages and link cloaks in your content as well.

The best Feature of this Plugin is that you can group all the category together and track the performance of your links.


2. Adsanity.


adsanity marketin plugin


Addsanity  is one of the Best Ad management Plugins for word Press users.By using this plugin you can insert Banners, Ads, images and Videos together in your pages and post.

It allows you to manage your ads and Campaign within your WordPress dash word.The best Feature of this plugin is that you can also schedule your banner ads display for a particular time.


3.Constant Contact.


constant contact


There are 3 Million websites across the world if the person coming today would not going to come to your website again.A fact shows that about 75% of visitors would not repeat coming to the same website.

Constant Contact is the Best WordPress Plugin that will turn your visitors into proper subscribers.


4. OptinMonster.




OptinMonster is the best Lead Generation Marketing tool that will convert your subscriber into customers.You can add lightbox popups near the signup forms, slider bar in the signup forms.

You can also perform A/B testing to keep the track of the subscribers of the email list.


5. Google Analytics.


google analytics


Google Analytics is one the Most usable and trusted analytics tool for free.Every blogger makes use of this analytics tool because with the help of this tool you can Track, Monitor, split testing, conversion rates etc can do with this.


6. Amazon Product Plugin.


amazon product plugin


Amazon Product in a Post Plugin is free of all the amazon affiliates.This plugin is free to install as amazon is the world’s largest online shopping website.You can integrate in your website as plugin without manipulating your source codes.All you need to generate the amazon API key.


7. WP RSS aggregator.




WP RSS aggregator is the original and best free plugins that help you to easily importing, merging, and displaying RSS feeds on your WordPress website.

It is the most comprehensive and elegant RSS feeds solution for your WordPress site.


8. Google Webmaster Tools.




Google Webmaster Tools allows you to add your website to the search engine.It helps you to Fetch all your website’s content and make a sitemap and then you can submit it to this Tool.You can proper keep the records of the website Metrics.



Semrush is the best and most trustable analytical and marketing tool for all the bloggers.It helps you to find out your competitor’s backlinks, their keywords performance, ranking factors and much more.


10. REL Nofollow Checkbox.


When you Put some external Links in your Post you are passing the Link Juice to them.So you can use This Plugin which adds a rel no follow attribute that helps the only redirection of the links not passes the link juice to them.


Do share your views.

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Which is the Best way to Earn Money Google Adsense or Google Adwords?

adsense vs adwords



Google Adwords is a Process of advertising criteria on Search engine results page that are associated partners of Google while Google Adsense is a process by which you can earn Money in which Google shows ads on your website or Blog.

Today Blog4everyone will Describe Some Paid Seo Tips that will help you to find out the Differences between them.

Both of the advertisements Platform are developed by Google. AdSense and Google AdWords Both are different aspects of Earning Platform.So as Blogger you must know the differences between them.


#1. what is Google Adwords and what are its Benefits?

Google AdWords is an Ad platform of Google developed and owned by them.With the help of Google Adwords, you can utilize this as an advertiser and they will help your ads to be published on the Google Search engine results page(the associated partners of Google.)

The Main benefit of using Google Adwords is that you can only Pay when someone clicks on your advertisement and you would not have to worry about the Number of impressions of your keywords for your advertisement.


Benefits of using Google Adwords:


1. Measurable.

Most People says that in Digital Marketing I have spent a Lot of money and half of my Money is wasted.But In the case of Google Adwords, there are a bit different criteria.You can keep the track of your ROI(Return on Investment).Each of Click Through Rate(C.T.R), Cost per acquisition (C.P.A) and the Number of an Impressions.


2. Cost Effective.

The most important benefit of Google Adwords is Cost effective.As you can only pay the amount when someone clicks on your advertisement.You can set a Budget of $5 to $5000 dollars per day.There are several optimization techniques are associated with the Adwords account that will always help you in no time.


3. Most Relevant Results.

The most vital Role of Google Search engine is to Display the most relevant result on the Search engine page results.Google’s main task is to show the Most accurate results for the user’s search query.Because whenever someone searches for a query an Ad Auction takes place there.Suppose If you are are Bidding for a Keywords “Paid Seo Tips” for $10 and the same keyword occupied by your competitor showing the same for $20 then the ranking position of your competitor’s keyword will above then yours.


4. Location Targeting and Mobile Targeting.

Google AdWords allows you to choose the specific geographic locations.So that you can select particular locations where your ads can display, you can select the Particular countries as well.

With the Immense use of Mobile devices by users, you can also locate your mobile targeting ads.As the ads create by the Google AdWords are Responsive and mobile user Specific.

#2. By Using Adwords Is my Keyword appear on the Top Place of SERP?

As I have Discussed Earlier there is no Guarantee that your ads will appear on the Top of SERP because whenever you search for a query Google first Display the Organic results while on the other Hands your ads reflect on the Right side of the page.




However, there are several factors that matter in the Ranking of your keyword like the Quality score of your Ads, Bid of the keyword, Quality of the Landing page.


3#. What is Google Adsense?

Google Adsense is a Platform where you can act as a Publisher and Google will display all the ads on your website and you will get reward whenever someone clicks on your Ads.

E:g: adsenseSuppose an advertiser use Google AdWords to Display his ads for $2 dollar and he is displaying the “Best Nike shoes”.And you are a publisher using AdSense Platform of Google and your website is about Sports Trends then the advertiser will reach your website and then if someone clicks on your site you will get paid $1.36 which is 68% of the Bid amount and Google will keep $0.64.


Benefits of Using Google Adsense.


1. Your Space Is in Demand.

There are Millions of advertisers across the Globe and they are constantly bidding for the ad space.It means More relevant ads, More space will be occupied by the advertisers.


2. You Can Optimize the Look and Feel of Ad.

By using control Panel of Google Adsense you can optimize your ads look and feel according to your desired place on the Blog.You can place the ads on the Header Section, body or in the Footer section as well.

3.  Compare and Learn with Adsense Experiments.

You can set different ads campaign with A/B testing in which you can place two different ads in different sections and compare which is performing better without changing the code of your website.


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Top 10 Paid Seo Tips that will Increase Your Traffic.

paid seo tips

Free Seo Tips are good for building the Online reputation.When you follow all the strategies of using organic Seo, No doubt it will Give you immense visitors and Traffic for your website or  Blog.It will take so much time to reach that Peak.

But In the case of Paid Seo Tips or strategy are a bit different it will give you a huge amount of traffic plus makes you viral in a very small time.It will help you to increase your Click Through Rate(CTR) and Conversion Rate as well.

So, i will discuss some Important Paid Seo Tips that will gives you enormous traffic and increase your Search results.Nowadays there are Millions of websites that wants to appear on the Top.Free SEO strategies are Good but if you want to grow your business and wants to reach that Peak makes use of Paid Seo Tips.

1#. Banner Advertising.


banner advertising


The Banner Advertising is one of the Most vital roles of Paid Marketing on the Internet today.In order to promote your Banner Make an attractive Banner Design and submit it to the High traffic websites on the web that will advertise your Banner and helps you to earn a huge amount of traffic on your website.


Some of the Websites that Makes Banner  Advertising are:








2#.Google AdWords Marketing and Paid Per Click.

Google AdWords or Microsoft AdCenter or other relevant sources of paid Marketing that will help you to increase your traffic and at a very low cost.With the help of AdWords platform, you can set your daily Budget and campaign for the PPC for your chosen Keywords.They will start ranking from the day when you make the PPC campaign.So it is also a very good source of earning lots of penny and the huge amount of visitors on your website.


3#. Social Media Advertisement.

The Facebook, Linkedin, The StumbleUpon are all the sources of Paid social Media Platform.They will give immense traffic for your Blog or websites.This is because they submit your advertise to the most relevant categories and Platform from where you will get all the desired results for your website.Even Twitter paid ads, Pinterest also has been a great source of advertisement.


4#.Advertisement with Email Marketing.

Make use of Email advertisement this will also play a great role in promoting your website.Email Marketing helps you to reach the Targeted audiences many companies and firms makes use of Email Marketing strategies to boost the rankings of their websites.Make sure use the email marketing strategy in a proper and Ethical way.Because the use of stolen emails or person will sometimes damage your online reputation as well.

5#. Paid Directory Submissions.

However, when you make the free directories submissions for your websites it will take a very long time to add in the relevant categories.So there are lots of websites who helps you to add your Directories instantly but they-they charge a small amount of money for this.But do not try to make the heavy lead with paid submissions otherwise, your website comes to the Spam section.

6#. Affiliate Marketing Techniques.

Affiliate Programs will help you to go viral and they will help you to rank higher on the Search engines.There are lots of affiliate marketing available on the internet world.E:g-Wordstream,Neil and much more.They have the ability to provide you one million website visitor in a Single Month.Depending upon the Budget you are planning to help them.It depends upon on you will you the offer whether it is for 6 months or one year.Their packages are not very costly so anyone can afford to take help from them.

7#. Paid Seo Tools.

You can also Buy some Fantastic Seo Tools like: Semrush

->You can see your Competitors Ranking Positions.

->Domain specific Keyword Rankings.

->Crawl Audit tool.

->Compare Various Seo Metrics.

->Compare of Domains by Keywords and much more.


8#. Paid Reviews on you Blog.

You can also take the Help from online digital marketing expert for the Paid reviews as well.Paid reviews will help if you are launched your new products or services so that the people will explore.

Paid reviews are a better way to promote your new products for your websites or blogs.


9#. Paid Video promotion.

when you visually represent something it will more explore by the people on the internet today.Try to take the help from the youtube video promotion.If you are having your youtube channel then you can easily promote your videos and make it viral with the help of paid youtube marketing plans.

10#. Paid Content promotion.

Article submission is allmost Dead but if you wants to increase your traffic for the website so you can submit your article to the Paid article submission websites.This will help you to get more explored by the People.This will also increase your traffic and online appearance on the internet.


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