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Why do Girls like to wear Black color?

I have Figured out so many observation and assumptions that why do Girls wear Black Color? So, I have Figured out some points that why girls like a more Black color?



1. Women’s who wear Black Color are more Hard-working and Led a colorful life.


black color by blog4everyone



As girls like this color due to the Reason that Black color put a note of Seriousness that they are so intense and picky in terms of colorful dresses.


2. A sign of Confidence.


why do girls wear black color


A survey shows that People who wear Black Color are more Confident as compared to the others.They led a simple and Confident life and whatever the task they are going to be performed it would go through in one go.


3.  According to the bible, as spoken by Massimo Vignelli:


To begin with, black has class. It’s the best color. This is no other color that is better than black. There are many other colors that are appropriate and happy but those colors belong on flowers. Black is a color that is man-made. It is really a projection of the brain. It is a mind color. It is intangible. It is practical. It works 24 hours a day. In the morning or the afternoon, you can dress in tweed, but in the evening, you look like a professor who has escaped from a college. Everything else has connotations that are different, but black is good for everything. My house is covered in black.


4.  Girls or Guys never Get Bored with this color.


As wearing black color, however, no matters it is made of different shades and styles.Still gives a cool and stylish impressions.So the Guys will never get bored by wearing this color.


5.  White color would not be the Preferable color as compared to Black color.


Suppose you have to go to a Party and you are thinking about a white color dress it would not look so Good but if you are wearing a black color dress it will still leave an elegant and cool sense of dressing.


6. Another mantra, care of Yohji Yamamoto:


Black is modest and arrogant at the same time. Black is lazy and easy – but mysterious. But above all black says this: “I don’t bother you – don’t bother me”.


7. Girls who like Black Color are straightforward.


Mostly Girls wearing the bLack color are straight forward.If you are asking for an opinion you will get that.Girls wearing black color are open minded and more practical.


8.  Sweating is Hardly Appear with this Color.


In summer Time the most disgusting Found with girls are sweating and even with the Guys too.So black color dress will sweat out your sweating and got covered yourself.


9. You can wear this color with any outfit.


Black Color is more comfortable and looks elegant either you are wearing casuals or wants to be a can combine this color with Jeans or casuals as well.It will add more style to your dressing.


10.  Black color makes a Girl hotter.


The black color is warmer than any clothes.So keeps you warm enough in hot season as well.


11. Black color helps you to be a Slob.


Black color does not get stain or crack.So it the most important feature of this color.


12. You want to Look more intimidating.


Mostly simple Girls also look more Pretty in Black color.


13. People thought you are chic.


Mostly People pretends and thinks girls wearing black color is a Chic.


14. Black Color Never goes out of style.


Black is so graceful that it will be endless with its different shades and styles that are coming in Present, past or future.


15. It helps you to look Slim.


Girls wearing Black dress seems to be more slim and fitter and therefore they can go with this color.


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Some best Tips of New Year’s Resolution that makes Your year 2017 wonderful

new year resolution


In the Year 2016 as it comes to an end.A new year is going to comes in our Life,however when it comes to New year Resolution everyone having the same question that what we should take our New year Resolution and why? so the answer of this question is very simple.So Today i am going to discuss with You Guys some of the best Tips of New year’s Resolution that Makes your upcoming year Wonderful.



1. Making a Habit of Meditation.

According to scientific studies meditation is one of the most important thing in life that will help you to reduce your stress,anxiety and increase your Brain Power.Just to do the simple tricks You can give yourself a 2 Minutes time to do that.This will refresh your mind and gives a fresh feel to your Body.


mediation in life



2. Loose your Excess weight.


weight loose
Time to start that diet


well you can also take this resolution as now a days our youth having a common problem to remain as fit and for that they can simply take the resolution that they are going to loose their weight by five pounds.In this case you can follow these steps:

  • Do not eat Fast Foods in excess.
  • Increase salad in your Breakfast.
  • Take energy drinks.
  • Start Jogging atleast for 30 minutes everyday.
  • start Bicycling.
  • Avoid use of having Drugs Habits.


3. Making a Hobby habit.

A hobby is very important for you in your life because it helps you to Grow your Brain Power.A hoppy may be simple or stressful it is upto you how will you guys will pick up that hoppy like i will tell you some simple hobby that will help you to reduce your mental stress and enhances your Brain Power.

hobby habit

  • Making a Hobby of Reading Books.
  • Grow something in your Garden like Fruits,Flowers or vegetable.
  • Start making some unique dishes in your kitchen not daily but once in a week.
  • Take a dairy and start writing something for yourself like if you like to observe peoples you can capture their daily experiences with you you can pen down that.
  • Play with your internal karate kid it means give yourself time so that you can play some games with your friends ,family members like cricket,baseball,chess or any other game.
  • Try to learn a New Language bilingual or trilingual language try to speak with other language’s people.


4. Write a Business Plan.

Start writing some tips or tricks that comes to your mind for growing your Business Plan.When you Plan all the details and ideas of the business that you are going to start it will definetly going to help you in implementing that business.

business plan


5. Grow more Trees.


plant a tree today

Start making a resolution this coming year that you are going to plant atleast 100 trees plants each one in every week .This will increase the Greenery in our world but also helps to reduce the Global Warming issues a bit. So start thinking to plant a tree.


6. Little things matters alot.

Start going to enjoy the little things more in the upcoming year.A life is very vast so having a great achieving winning a worldcup or become a Millionare wont give you internal happiness.Start enjoy little things likewise:

enjoy little things


  • start going to walking barefooted on the grass.
  • Go to a Pet shop enjoy all the things by cute puppies.
  • In the evening look at the stars and try to be Feel that everyone has to go to God one day.



7. Travel.



Plan a trip this upcoming year this will help you to know all the culture related to that particular nation their livelihood their religion and lots more.


8. Say no to drug.


say no to drugs

If you are a Drug Addict then try to avoid all the drugs related activities from your life,if you are unable to avoid then start oing to a church where you can get to know how will worship helps to reduce and to throw away the Drugs from your life as well.


9. Help Poor People.


help poor people

You can make a resolution that at every month you are going to help poor people like:

  • By giving clothes to them.
  • By providing Books to their children.

I hope these are the ideas of new year’s resolution will def gonna make a Change in your life.Thanks for reading and keep share this Article.


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Some Fascinating Ideas that will Make your Christmas Day Special and Fantastic

When it comes to December Month “everyone know what’s so special in this Month” this will bring the Most rejoicing festival of Christian’s called Christmas Day. Let’s Make this Christmas something extraordinary instead of Decorating a tree with Flowers ,Balloons,choclates blah blaah…

1. Bring some Lightening in the form of Colorful Lanterns.

Let’s bring some lantern that filled with candles this will enhance the dim lighting spark on your house.


In Association with

lanterns filled candles blog4everyone


2. Make a Christmas Banner

You can make a Christmas Banner where you can hang crazy things or where you can put some attractive toys or something else.


christmas banner blog4everyone


3. Help Your Kid’s to make some Crafty Designs


Provide a helping hand to your children’s to prepare some handy craft items that will make you feel happy together.


crafty design blog4everyone



4. Fill your Empty Glass jar’s with Christmas Goodies

Fill all the empty Bottles or jar’s with all the christmas goodies.




5.   Decorate your Fridge so that it look’s like a Snowman


Decorate your fridge such that it’s appearance looks like a Snowman.

snowman fridge decoration



6.  Make a dazzling Cocoa Bar

Try to make a Portion of the house a great cocoa delicious bar it will bring alot of happiness to your design.




7. Design self Made Christmas Cards


christmas cards



In Association with

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Epic Pic of Shah Rukh Khan and Family will Hit the Internet

srk blog4everyone


In the Picture Frame having shah rukh khan wife Gauri and children Aryan , Suhana and AbRam .It is very first Time time when the king of bollywood provided this Frame of his Family and this Picture would already go Viral on Social Media.



family pic of srk blog4everyone


SRK is a Balanced actor by the means’s he used to make his schedule so that he plays the important role of Being a Father,Husband .He never comprises his profession under any circumstances of his Family Relationship.Often he speaks about his Family that his Children Aryan and Suhana are grown up faster so that he hardly need to worried about that.

SRK uploaded this Epic pic through Instagram for his Fans and he proudly wishes all the Love for his Family.SRK is already a Hot Famous Personalities of BOllywood.

while The buzz raees already flow like a viral atom Bomb on all the social Networking sites and this epic will add a family flavour to that.

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Some Cool Fashion Trends that to steal From Kylie Jenner and Kendall

Now a Days everyone wants to look as Beautiful as like Kylie Jenner and Kendall as they are stealing the millions of Heart.Now here some of the cool Fashion trends that will make you look as beautiful and Pretty like Kyle and kendall.


1. A bold Belt amps up you in any Look.

A bold lossely belt around the your waist around the carves look great and looks as pretty and sexier like Kendall and kylie jenner.


kyle jenner and kendal 


2. Cutouts of Cutting Outfits looks more Attractive.

It is more trendy to showoff your skin .But the show off is not much so that it makes you feel uncomfortable while rest of the body being covered up.



3. Throw on Leather pants.


It’s just kelie and jenner they are so versatile that they go on leather pants and leggings and any top on the Body which makes them look as Great they are.



image credit:Splash news

4. Dramatic Silhouettes adds Extra Proportion to your Look.


simple style of dressing sometimes make you feel dumb.Make some use of dramatic silhouettes it will add more drama and gorgeous appearance like Kendall and Kylie has been mastered.



4.Cool sneakers will add more Sporty look

Cool trendy sneakers will make your outfit more classy as they does.


5. Oversized T shirts will look expectionally Good


sometimes when you dressed with long size tshirts that you just dressed which helps to prevent accidental fleshy of your skin will look you more sexier and catchy.



6. Denim Outfits

 Every fashion lovers likes to wear Blue denim Jeans that adds extra stunning look on your body.




7. Wearing Single color Dress

By wearing single color dress makes you a Instant chick that can be a heart throb.




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Tips to Remain Fit and slim

1.Healthy Lifestyle :


Allmost every smartphone having an application of Pedometer for the measurement of healthy exercises or activities that you should perform in your daily activities.Doctor’s recommend that you should perform approx 10,000 daily healthy activities,that will keep your blood pressure in control maintain low cholestrol and keeps your mind and body soothed and refresh.


2. Walking Habits:


If you have your Pet like Dog so can go a long walk or you can go with your child as well,try to walk faster as much as you can.This will help you to burn more calories inside your body increases your heart rate and saves your precious time as well.


3. Bicycling Habits:


Take a bicycle and go for atleast half   n hour instead of going for a ride in the car, it will not only gives strength to your legs but also gives you immense pleasure and you feel energetic and refresh all over the day.


4. Sitting Habits:


Try not to sit more than one hour at a time try to take a break from this people use to sit on the chair for long hours might get suffers from the chronic pain.Allmost 33 percent of the calories has burned due to standing ,this will improve your body postures and you feel relaxed.


5. Massage Habits:


Try to tapping your Fingers your palm and also try to make a little massage on your shoulders as well.while talking to the phone watching TV try to move your body parts by standing and pacing this will also burn your calories.

6. Deep Breathing Habits:


I know now a days people hardly get time to take a long deep breathe in their daily routine life because they are so busy in their daily life activities.But try to make a long deep breathing habit so that take 1 0r 2 seconds inhaling and then exhale.


7.Weekend activities:


Try to make a schedule of the weekend activities with your Family,friends or best buddy.This will will relaxed and stress free from all the hurdle or stress that you suffering from the last few days you feel happy by doing this.


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Famous Celebs with their Amazing Fashion Trends and Lifestyle store

Vin Diesel and Indian Actress Deepika looks Fab in Indian Outfits:

well in the Promotional way Indian celeb Deepika and Hollywood actor vin diesel look astonishing in Indian outfits.The Return of the Xender cage ,however few days back they share a video in which deepika is teaching Hindi to Vin diesel and Now they came together with This type of Fashion Trends for the Promo of XXX.


deepika fashion trends



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Easy steps to Improve your lifestyle

  1.     Happiness:

lifestyle store


Happiness brings Smile and now a days people hardly get happiness.Enjoy all the little things that you do in your routine life like:

a. If you are Married then get some time to play with your children and if your single then chat with your Best buddy.

b. Eating your dinner outside.

c. Collect all the Photographs of childhood and make a gallery it will refresh your childhood memories.

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