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Two Successful Legends and Their Unsuccessful LOve Mystery.

amitabh and rekha


Amitabh and Rekha are the most Fascinating Personality of Our Bollywood Industry.These two peoples are having their Affairs but they refuse to accept their relationship in Public.They are most discuss Bollywood celeb and there is no unfortunate love story till date as they are having.


How the Love affairs between them would get started? Blog4everyone will discuss each Chapter of their Life and the Hidden Secret between them by showing some fascinating images from the Bollywood Gallery.


This is One of the Most controversial and Nonsuccessful love story of the two Successful legends.


From the Movie Do Anjaane, their Affair Get started.


When the Legendary actor was shooting for the Film Do Anjaane in 1976 both of them start dating each other as their love came into existence.During The Initial Days of their relationship, they used to meet in a Bungalow which was Rekha’s friend.


do anjaane rekha and amitabh



Big B Loss His Temper During The Shoot Of Ganga ki Saugandh.

 Their Love Relationship came into existence while He was doing the shoot for movie Ganga ki Saugandh in 1978. During the shoot, A co-actor of Rekha starts irritating her too much.In this situation, Big B lost his temper on the Person who is misbehaving with Rekha.


rekha and amitabh


The Gossip has been started with their affairs.As they revealed secretly that Rekha and Amitabh had married Secretly.The attention caught by Rekha when she took a bold step by putting a Sindoor and Mangalsutra in a wedding party of his Friend Mr. Rishi Kapoor.


It was reported that after the Incident Jaya has invited Rekha for the Dinner and Clearly tells her that, Husband.She will never lHusband.She also meant that by doing that Promise.


rekha and big b affair


Rekha In an Interview for Filmfare Magazine in 1984.She Publicly tells the Media about the Denial of relationship by Amitabh Bachchan by saying that:


Why should he had not Done it?Because he is very Protected Man.He does save his Image in front of Public.He does this For the Sake of his Family his wife and for his children.

Why should the Public Know about the Love for Him or his love for me?If he had reacted that ways in front of me, I would have been very disappointed.


Despite the Fact that Big B refuse to accept his relationship in Public but Rekha Boldly told the whole world that How much is having affection for her?These two couples have last done movie Silsila together.


In an interview with BBC, the director Mr. Yash Chopra said that the two couples were very close to each other.


They are ver close enough that they can marry as well because these days both are working together.So the thing is that his reel life comes in Real life as Jaya was his wife and Rekha was his Girlfriend.


After the movie Silsila bitterness comes to their life.Because Rekha wants to Marry Amitabh Bachchan and Big B would not ready to settle down by having the Tag of another woman in his life.


So their love story comes to end on screen and well enough Offscreen as well.


unfortunate love story between rekha and big b



Why Did Rekha wears Sindoor?


big b and rekha together


It is well-known Fact that why Did Rekha wears Sindoor?  Is it for Big B well yes enough because Rekha’s life has so many rumors and truth.However, her tragic love story not going to be forgotten for so many long years.


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Deepika Padukone Hits the Floor with Her Ravishing Look in Red Color


Deepika Padukone is one of the Indian Bollywood Celeb who redefines the Fashion trends in her own way.She is having her Fantastic start towards the New year 2017 while she hits the Floor by spreading a Sunshine in the Golden Globe Awards in a Beautiful Yellow canary Yellow Gown.

deepika in london



However, this time she rocks once again by wearing a Red color Dress which makes her extra Gorgeous and super cool.


deepika in red
Actress Deepika Padukone poses for photographers upon arrival at the premiere of the film ‘xXx Return of Xander Cage’ in London, Tuesday, Jan. 10, 2017. (Photo by Vianney Le Caer/Invision/AP)


Deepika is Currently in London to promote her new upcoming Hollywood named XXX: the return of Xander cage.She was seen in her Fabulous blue Christopher Kane outfit with her wavy Hair.Daniel Bauer has Done her makeup style and hair.

The Amazing diva looks more Beautiful in her Beautiful and eye catching Red color outfit.She caught the attention on the carpet by her stunning looks.Her gown is perfectly balanced by her height in a wavy way.

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How Om Puri’s First Film EAST is EAST brings him to Limelight?

One of the Famous Director Mr.Ayub Khan in London who tells how Om Puri got the Leading Role of Father in the Movie East is East, as playing the Lead role of George Khan the Unbending Father in 1999.


om puri with his wife
EAST IS EAST, Linda Bassett, Om Puri, 1999, (c) Miramax


Mr.Ayub Khan tells the media that he met him in London when they planned to work together in a movie named” Burning Season in 1993″.


East is East is a movie that comes to Ayub’s mind as the Past experience of his Life as he grows up in the Salford near the Manchester in 1970.His Family having Eight brothers and one sister.

His Father is an Immigrant from the Pakistan and married an Englishwoman wants to Grow his Children’s as a “Good Muslims”. 

This Role was basically reflecting the Om Puri sheer talent that he plays in the movie for the millions of People living across the Globe.




He was the only third Indian Actor apart From the Roshan Seth and Late Saeed Jaffery who got the acceptance by the Nation of UK.

The play East is East is the most popular Hit in 1996 at that times.This play was the superhit play from the Past 50 years in the UK.

It was seen by Producer Leslee Udwin who immediately wants to cast this Actor.It was Ayub khan who told her that he knew someone who would play this for the Film.

The role was complex for the Person work is very much comfortable in comedy but to play a Role of Father who is isolated from his children.


According to Leslee observed that very few Actor having such a great Talent like Om Puri.However, she comes into a Huge Controversial in 2015, when she made India’s Daughter.It was a movie actually based on the 2012 Fatal rape victim of an intern in New Delhi.


Ayub tells that He was honored to work with Om puri as he was the Finder of such a Great movie actor for the movie East is East and West is west.He said that it was a great loss to the world.


He also acted on the Famous Book writer’s Richard C Morais, The story of a man who opens a curry house in a village in France opposite to a Michelin star restaurant.Due to this certain conflicts rises and the subsequent harmonious resolution occurs.

He also added more by saying that he was worked with him for all most 25 Years.It was a great experience to work with such a Great talent of India.


He was also acted in the movie with Sharmila based on the Sangeeta’s Dutta’s life in 2009.

Sangeeta’s was shocked to listen to the news of Passing away of Om puri’s she told that it was really shocking to the Indian cinema as om puri passed away so early.


Om Puri Funeral
Om Puri Funeral


Sharmila said ‘we have lost a great actor and nice Person of Bollywood industry.


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Aamir Khan’s Dangal Not Going to be released in Pakistan

However the ongoing tension between Indo-Pak Aamir Khan’s Dangal not Going to be released in Pakistan,by the distributers.


aamir khan dangal




Dangal is a True story Film Based on the wrestler Mahavir singh Phogat and his two daughter Geeta and babita phogat about the journey of their life will not going to be released in Pakistan.



As per the Media Reports indo-Pak tension due to the cross border terrorism and uri attacks the cinema owners will not going to display Dangal in their screens.However according to Media approximately indian owners in Pakistan already facing the loss of 150 million and 150 people have lost their jobs due to the non screening of indian latest films.


aamir khan dangal




There were reports that Aamir khan’s Biograpghy will also going to release in Pakistan.But the spokesperson of the distributor of the film has issued a statement by clearly saying that Aamir Khan’s Dangal will not going to be released in Pakistan.



Dangal is a true story based on the ace wrestler Mahavir singh phogat and his two daughters Geeta and Babita.Aamir is playing the role of Mahavir singh Phogat while other also featuring Sakshi Tanwar,Fatima sana shaikh,Sanya malhotra among others.It is directed Ny Nitesh tiwari and the movie going to be released on December 23rd.


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