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Incredible blogging Tips that helps the Newbie to Earn Money


If you are New blogging or already you are having Blog but You do not able to make Money of it.In that case i have some amazing blogging Tips that will help to earn The revenue for your blog.Blog 4 everyone provides you the Best Blog Platform so that one can find quality stuff and make use of it.


  1. Before blogging Most Bloggers often makes Mistakes that they first try to create the content first try to Monetize your blog that from where you gone get the Traffic for your Blog.

Ways to Monetize your Blog:

=> Visit just to have a query for your site which will let you know form where you are getting traffic.

=> Perform site analysis by using any of the site analysis tool available on the internet.

=> write Guest Blogging

Do you know Blogger like Jon Morrow before they started their Blog they were Guest Bloggers.They have created a Buzz on any of non existing blog and they launched their own with a bang.

=> Use of Long Tail Keywords make use of 3 words phrase keywords because these types of keywords having low competition and heavy traffic.Keywords like Best Blog Platform,Apartments in Los Angles.


2. write the Content that is different from the others.

You are not a Famous celeb like Tom Cruise, Justin Bieber or Donald Trump to let people remember you.

There are thousands of blogs offering the same service that you are offering by your Blog then why people will follow.

Observe any profitable Bloggers like Darren Rowse or pat Flynn or Seth Godin they have earned millions of dollar by standing out from the others:

=> If everyone in the blogging world uses short post do long and depth posts that will engage your audience.

=> If everyone makes Blog Post do videopost or podcasting.

=> If everyone is using Adsense in their Blog do use Email Marketing or vigilinks.


3. write Depth Articles

Did you know articles with 2000+ words already ranks well in the Google.

Gone are the days when you  when you write only  500 plus words to make your article attractive but now a days only by creating the depth articles and relevant one will automatically get the rank on the Google.Because google wants valuable and depth information so they can give their peoples.


4. Write post for Others.

one of the common Mistakes done by the newbies they only create posts for their own blog they they use to tell”we are not getting traffic”. From where you get traffic untill and unless you will not write some valuable posts for  others .Build some quality links from the niche websites with high Domain authority.


5. Build Social Influence.

Try to connect with all your Buddies ,Facebook friends ,relatives by building a proper email list .Follow-up the email so that you reconnect with your friends appreciate the work of other bloggers as well.

6. SEO mainly abbreviated as Search engine Optimization it is basically a Huge Ocean. Seo will heps you to improve the ranking of your website on the Google,Yahoo and Bing.

Most of the new bloggers will eventually makes mistakes regarding Seo techniques by higly building backlinks .This will get them Penalized and their ranking will get down.

Always use “white hat seo” it mainly includes:

=> Quality content and Depth articles.

=> Quality Backlinks from the Reputed websites with low pagerank and High Domain authority.

=> use of Long Tail Keywords like: Apartments in Los Angles.

=>Guest Blogging or Guest Posting.Go to website write some valuable content about your blog.

=>Make use of Google webmaster tools or Google Analytics so that you can Monetize your Blog.


7. Invest your Money with Time

People use to say you have invest money so that you can earn money they are totally right.Invest your  money with each and every interval of Blogging so that you can get the reward in future.


8.Keep it simple and Clear.

By simple and clear i mean that make your blog post easy ,simple and clear so that a new visitor coming to your Blog will Get to know what you are trying to tell the world.


9.Follow the Reputed websites so that you will get to know what stuffs they are providing the world.

websites like:






10. “Greed is Curse”  by this phrase i simply mean don’t try to launch the new blog untill your First blog will gets its Automation.

I have already seen that many of my Bloggers Friend started their new blogs when they get some momentum on their first blog.

Don’t rush towards two things at a same time you will hardly get anything from it.Many profitable Bloggers like Darren rowse ,pat flynn to Neil patel they do not launched the other blog untill their their first blog grow on automation.


11. Building a sales Funnel:

You might have seen that some of the website like , social trigger or passive income makes millions of dollars of money in every year.This is because they have one thing in Common: sales Funnel by sales funnel i simply mean that they convert their regular visitors in buyers and subscriber.

so proper use of Affiliate marketing helps you to earn the revenue and helps to engage your visitors into your regular client.


12. Find and Fix your website issues

Always figure out what are the problem or the issues has been going on your website.An online tool SemRush provide a fully audit of your website where you can find the quality of your pagerank,backlinks and many more.

I hope the stuffs that i have written you might get helpful.


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