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I am a delicate type of person Passionate thinker and Fun loving Person. I used to write Everything that comes to my mind like Fashion Trends,Latest technology Trends and many more things.I passed my in Computer Science and Now a Days i have started my website to provide the Best blogging Platform to the world.

Why Accelerated Mobile Pages of Google are so Important?

AMP means accelerated mobile pages is basically an open source coding standard made primarily for publishers.Amp embedded websites load 4x faster than usual loading speed of a website.






No doubt having a responsive website is good but with proper implementation of an amp, pages enable your web pages loading speed faster both in desktops and in smartphones as well.Even for websites which help the Newbies the ways to earn money are also implementing AMP google for faster execution.



Why AMP is Important for mobile platforms?

Have you ever tried to load your website on mobile?

Do you happy with the loading speed?


I know I am not.Loading a website on a desktop takes a little time as I have a usual internet speed not always fast depending upon the bandwidth of the speed.For what about Mobile not always your internet runs faster depending on the data pack have you subscribed.

So it is better to optimize your smartphone platform for the website so that it provides a better user experience.
It can be done easily by standardizing a mobile version of your site with AMP.
Let’s discuss step by step.

However, is meant for better user experiences.So Google starts giving preferences to websites which having AMP on their web pages.


why AMP is so Important for Publishing sites?


if you are running a content-based blog then it is so important to implement the AMP with your website.Even Most Visited Websites are found that they are starting implement AMP .Also, websites that used to publish content for a newbie that gives a descriptive Guide to ways to earn money are equally important.

However you need not set the amp for your whole website it might affect your conversion rates.You can simply employ it to the content part or blog or news updates section to maximize the user experience.


How can I Implement in my WordPress website?


There are very simple and easy steps are given for the implementation of Amp with your word press based website.


1.Install the amp WordPress plugin.
2.Activate the plugin.
3. You can update your permalinks by going to settings->permalinks and saved the permalinks settings.


For Nonwordpress website just go to
The Implementation of Amp are in the following ways:
1.Amp HTML:
A redesigned standard coding format of HTML included with amp related commands.

2.Amp js:
a new javascript coding format that allows you to load speed of your website increase asynchronously.

3. Amp can:
this will take all your amp optimized content and cache them for faster delivery.


How to find google amp optimized content?


1. Grab your Smartphone or tablet or gadget.
2.Click on your desktop browser.
3.type in demo.
4.Search for news-worthy phrases like “Kim Kardashian nude selfie”,
Donald trump controversial speech” or something like this.


How will Google amp affect the paid marketing campaign strategies?

Google already stated that websites with faster loading speed will implement the better paid per click marketing.It will help the websites which help visitors new ways to earn money.
with amp your ads with get better impressions and click like:

1.faster than usual.
2.your ads become beautiful and eye catching.
3.all ads will be redirected with https. works better together as it has broad market landscapes and having better support for the advertisement.




No doubt Google is mainly Responsible for displaying any kind of results.In order to increase the Better user experience, Google AMPs are very important.However, it hardly has any SEO impact but it definitely helps the user to get best results on their smartphones as well as the faster execution of all time.So it would be recommended that add AMPs web pages today.

Although I have tried to cover the important points regarding AMP hope it will be enough for Newbie.

Thanks for reading my article and do share your reviews.


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Have you Ever tried these 7 Tools for Successful Digital Marketing Campaign.

With Frequent Changes and Techniques Rises every Single in Digital Marketing Strategies and to Implement the SEO best Practices to set your Blog as the Best Blog Platform.Therefore you must have to update yourself for Setting the Successful Digital Marketing Campaign for your website.


At Blog4everyone Today we will Discuss some of the Best Tools Ever which can Make your Digital Marketing Campaign successful.Let’s Discuss each One by one.


1. ClearVoice For Successful Content Marketing.


Content Marketing Is a building Block for any website.It is one of the most Important strategies for any website to get the quality readers and to increase the Traffic.


A Recent study by Curate shows that about 75% of the Digital Marketing Experts are still Investing in order to implement the Best Content Marketing Strategies for their Website.


7 tools for digital marketing campaign


sources by Search engine watch.


The Interface of this website is too good so that you can create your own content or even outsource to Freelancers if needed.It is also  Linked with the Popular CMS like WordPress and other content management systems as well to ensure only that the Publication and distribution would be simple and easy executable.This Platform having some Key Features are as Following:


a. Targeting Audience.

b. Content Distribution and Publication.

c. Content categorization and Content Publication.

d. Collaborations with Content writers.

e. Campaign Management.

f. Progress Tracking.



Content Marketing is the Best and Effective way to engage your Potential Customers or audience.So must try this Tool to make your Content Marketing Successful.




2. Mention For Social Media Monitoring and Analysis.


Social Media is Like an Oxygen to any Blog or website.The Best way to make your social Media engagement successful is to put yourself in the Customer Shoes.


Mention is one of the Best Social Media optimization Tool with the Help Of which You can Keep track of all your Targeted audiences, your targeted Keywords, and you Competitors.



7 tool for digital marketing


Some of the Key Premier Features of this Flatforms are:

a. You can set Filter and priority your tasks on social media.

b. You can assign tasks across a team.

c. Track and Analyze data for Monitoring to get better Results.




3. MailChimp For Successful Email Marketing.



7 tools of successful digital marketing



Email Marketing is the Best way to engage your Potential Customers and even 89% of the digital marketers are preferred to use Email Marketing for the implementation of successful Digital Marketing Campaigning.



Best Tips To make Your Email Marketing Strategy Successful.


Email Marketing is one of the sources of getting Heavy Traffic towards your Blog.Nowadays all the business is surrounded by the Email.So build an Effective email marketing strategy that will give you benefits like:


  • It helps to generate Traffic by user engagement.
  • It helps to grow the Brand awareness.
  • Email Marketing is Easily Shareable.
  • Email Marketing is Cost Effective.

You can use Free Email service Providers Platform to generate heavy leads like Mail Chimp allows you to build your Email Marketing list for Free.You can send 10,000 emails in a single day.This will help you to track the performance of the Email Campaigns and also helps you to make viral your website.


Email Marketing is one of the sources of getting Heavy Traffic towards your Blog.Nowadays all the business is surrounded by the Email.So build an Effective email marketing strategy that will give you benefits like:


  • It helps to generate Traffic by user engagement.
  • It helps to grow the Brand awareness.
  • Email Marketing is Easily Shareable.
  • Email Marketing is Cost Effective.

You can use Free Email service Providers Platform to generate heavy leads like Mail Chimp allows you to build your Email Marketing list for Free.You can send 10,000 emails in a single day.This will help you to track the performance of the Email Campaigns and also helps you to make viral your website.


Benefits of Email Marketing.




4.Marketo for Successful Automation.


Most of the Enterprise Business affiliate marketers are dreamed about this thing about a few Decades ago.A Utopian Technology that makes a Brand streamline to implement the marketing Tasks and workflow in a consistent manner.




7 tool for successful digital marketing


Sources by Search



One of the Biggest Benefits of Marketo is that it helps all Small Business enabling them into optimizing small things like:

  • Leads Nurturing.
  • Audience Segmentation.
  • Life cycling of Marketing.
  • Cross Selling and Upselling.



This Platform is Integrated with Saas platform via its Launchpoint ecosystem.This platform Gives the Marketers a self-practical experience for all small matrices of business elements.


  • It provides the robust mobile tools.
  • Email A/B Testing.
  • Small Lists.
  • Micro Targeting.
  • Small Lists.




5. WordStream For Online Search Advertising.


 Pay per click Marketing and Social Media Marketing together will take away your business to the Next level.However, if you want to utilize Ppc campaign for your multichannel digital marketing campaigning and for SEO Best Practices you must understand the platforms, keywords and paid techniques that will be applicable for Successful digital marketing.



Wordstream is one of the Best Marketing Tool that will Boost your Marketing plans and increase your revenue along with the proper data insights for your business website.


7 tools for successful digital marketing

source by


However, t has Robust Features like:

  • KPIs Identifications.
  • Landing Page optimization.
  • call tracking.
  • Facebook advertisement.
  • Cross-Platform Platform.
  • Tracking of Existing Campaign.




6. Yotpo For Valuable Online Reviews.


Online reviews are most important for any kind of Business operating Online.For any starter, 90% of the Buying decision are taken by Following them.Online Consumers are increasing day by day, therefore, having Online reviews provides a third party validation and social proof for the Products and Services.



Yotopo’s having online reviews and Testimonials.

  • Regional Business Directories.
  • Niche Listing Sites.
  • Product Review Sites.
  • Social Media.
  • Blog Post.
  • Company Websites.


The most impotant function of using this Platform that It uses Mail after Purchase.Suppose your customer would buy something and then it immediately sends an email for the product review.The Yotop algorithm is designed so wisely that according to the products or services it manages itself smartly enough to get the positive reviews for your Business.



It can Improve your Online Presence by Following :

  • Search Engine Rankings improvement.
  • Online web traffic.
  • Brand Trust.
  • Customer Enagement.





7. WorkZone for the Management of Successful Campaign.


Making all Features Described above for increasing online presence is not so much Difficult however Managing thing would be most Important.Without a Proper Resources and Organization activities to make a business worthy would be sometimes become very difficult.



There are lots of Marketing Management tool online but WorkZone is the most useful and easy platform to choose for managing things for your Digital Marketing Campaign.



Its Dashword is full with such robust features like:

  • Assigning and manage multiple tasks.
  • Set individual calender.
  • Manage Risk Factors.
  • Identify Risk Factors and issues.





Customer User Experience in such a Competitive Environment is very important.So you have to set a strong online presence for your successful Digital marketing campaign so that it can last for a long Time.Managing things with effective Digital Marketing Tools is very important.

I hope this would cover the important things for successful Digital Marketing Campaign and to set SEO best Practices.


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Top 10 Proven ways to get Do-Follow BackLinks.

top 10 waysto get backlinks



BackLink is the Foundation Of any website to makes its PageRank better.Every Blogger or a SEO expert wants to improve the Rankings of its website by making Do-follow Backlinks.So If you are Going to start Building BackLinks for your website then you Land on the Right spot.


Just Follow these Simple and Proven top 10 Backlinks techniques.


1. Getting Do-Follow Backlinks By using Forum Posting.


Forum Submission is the Best way to Get Do-Follow Backlinks.But always remember one thing that First tries to read all the Rules and Regulation of Posting Hyperlinks and Signatures.Because I have seen that Most of the Back Link Builders start putting Links on their Posts but this is not the Right strategy of Making Forum Posting.


Here is a List of DoFollow Forum Submission websites:




Pro Tip: Do not Go for 100 Forum Submissions Only Go for 10 forums but first read posts or threads Posted in Community of Forums then after only go for the Signatures and put your Link smartly.



2. Getting Do-Follow backLinks by using Blog Comments.


Blog Commenting is Yet another useful and important way of Building Do-Follow Backlinks.But in this Technique, you have to be Smart enough to Put the Links By Following your Keyword in the Name Followed by your website Link.


How will Blog Commenting Improve Your Rankings Rapidly?


But before putting links try to read the whole Post until and unless to get understand what is exactly in the Post.So I am providing you the Do-Follow Backlinks List that will Help you to Generate Quality BackLinks.


List Of Quality D0-Follow Backlink websites.

URLs Domains                                                       
02. List of High DA Sites for Backlinks from Business Niche


URLs Domain 
03. List of High DA Sites for Backlinks from Blogging Niche

URLs Domain 
04. List of High DA Sites for Backlinks from Education Niche


URLs Domain 
05. List of High DA Sites for Backlinks from Health and Fitness Niche

URLs Domain 
06. List of High DA Sites for Backlinks from Marketing Niche

URLs Domain 
07. List of High DA Sites for Backlinks from Real Estate Niche


URLs Domain
08. List of High DA Sites for Backlinks from Technology Niche


URLs Domain 
09. List of High DA Sites for Backlinks from Women’s & Fashion Niche

URLs Domain



Pro-Tips: Always try to post first 3 comments without Keywords and Links because over 90% website approve according to trust Factor of the person putting the reviews.After that, you can Go for Keywords and Links.



3. Getting Do-Follow Backlinks By using Directory Submissions on High Pr sites.


Pro Tip: Make sure that when you submit your listing you must select the Proper category so that the Listing would get reflect in the right category.Try to use domain related Email so that email would not consider as Fake.


4. Getting Backlinks From the High Pr Social Bookmarking sites.


Social bookmarking is one of the Best and Simple ways to Get Do-Follow Backlink.Social Media is the best way to make your content viral. 


Pro Tip: well there is no yet specification for the Number of social Bookmarking that Must be done in a Single day.But In my opinion you can do 5 social Bookmarks daily of each post.



5. Getting Do-Follow Backlinks from Infographics.


A fact shows that about 95% of People are visually remembering things.So you have caught their optic nerves so that the target audience will get attracted by Infographics.Pictures, Graphs, Charts, Beriefstylish Fonts represents a better view as compared to BriefText.

Top 10 reasons why you have to use Infographics for Search engine Optimization Technique?


List of the website where you can submit and promote your Infographics.

1.Flowing DataSubmit Infographics

2.Mashable InfographicsSubmit News

3.GOOD InfographicsPost Infographics

4.Cool InfographicsSubmit Infographics

5.Daily InfographicSubmit Infographics

6.I love ChartsSubmit Charts

7.Infographics ShowcaseSubmit Infographics

8.Submit InfographicsSubmit Infographics

9.Power of Data VisualizationSubmit Tip

10.Infographics ArchiveSubmit Infographics


Pro tip: Do not Post the same Infographic on the several websites instead of this try to post different infographics on different platforms.



6. Getting Do-Follow BackLink From the Article Submissions.


Article Submission is yet Another Powerful way to Get Do-follow backlink.Most of the Influential Bloggers says that Article Submissions are Lost somewhere but it is not true at all.You can still utilize article Submission as the powerful tool for building Backlink. 


Pro tip: Try To Post The Article with a Unique quality of words 1000+ and therefore not copied.



7. Getting Do-Follow BackLinks using PPT submissions.


PPT submission is also the Best way to get Do-follow BackLinks because presentation having better visual appearance of representing things.


List Of PPT submission websites:

S.No PPT Submission Sites Page Rank
1 8
2 8
3 8
4 7
5 7
6 7
7 6
8 6
9 6
10 6
11 6
12 6
13 6
14 6
15 6
16 5
17 5
18 5
19 5
20 5
21 5
22 5
23 5
24 5
25 5
26 5
27 5
28 5
29 5
30 5
31 5
32 5
33 5
34 5
35 5
36 5
37 4
38 4
39 4
40 4
41 4
42 4
43 4
44 3
45 3
46 3
47 2
48 2
49  3



8.  Getting Do-Follow Backlinks from web 2.0 submissions.


Web 2.0 submission is also a powerful way to get Backlinks.For this You can Post Articles with 1000+ plus words with your Keyword in the web 2.0 submission.


List Of Web 2.0 Submission sites.



9. Getting Do-Follow Backlinks from Press Releases.


Press Releases are the Powerful way to Get Do-follow Backlinks.In this process, you can Post your upcoming latest event and Publish it to the Press Releases across different free websites.


List of Press Release submission websites.

10. Least But Not the Last Guest Posting.


I know after reading this Post you might think that why I have posted this Technique at the Last.In my opinion Guest Posting is Important to post article and getting do-follow links but if a NewBie like me wants to create a Do-follow backlink as  I am not a perfect content writer.well Yes Guest Posting is most Important to get Backlink.


Thanks for Reading My article .Do share your reviews.


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Best Tips To make Your Email Marketing Strategy Successful.

Best email marketing strategy tips


over 67% of Digital Marketers are Preferred Email marketing in order to represent the Content and Business across the Globe.


Best email marketing strategy tips


Email Marketing Strategy is one of the Best and Easy ways to utilize and Expands the Digital Marketing techniques for Promoting a website.Nobody likes to waste his/her time by visiting different websites about the Things they are looking for.


So Email Marketing is the Best way to reach the Target Audience and Promote your website.So Today I will Describe you Some of the Best and Brief Tips to make your Email Marketing Strategy Successful.


1. Build an Aquisition Strategy.


You have to Prioritized with your audience growth.If you are analyzing that from which area most of the Traffic has been coming to your website or they are getting engaged in your Brand.


Then Follow the Next step to enhance that engagement and try to convert them into the sales lead.Suppose your Potential Audience uses Forms on his/her Smartphones of Tablet then try to optimize those pages and then hit all the emails to the Audience.



2. Proper Use of Subject lines.


The Best Email Subject Line of the Ex- President Barack Obama Fundraising scheme.He Found the GReat engagement with subject line of  “Hey” or “wow”.


Best Email Marketing Tips


source: Bufferapp

The Most Important Thing in The Email Marketing is Deciding the Subject Line.A subject Line 60-70 characters are very bad mostly called as “Dead Zone”.


A Research by Adestra tracking the report of 900 million emails report shows that there is no increase in the open rate of emails with Subject Line of 60-70 characters.

Always use “Hey” or “wow” to represent the Subject Line of your Email.In fact, emails with few characters have open rate of 58%.


3. The Best Schedule To send Emails on the Prime Time.


best email marketing tips


Most of the Email Marketers Forget one thing which is Most Important for Email Marketing is the Best Time for Sending Emails.

As Business, working hours are 9.00 to 5.00 pm but the Proper time and suitable for sending emails is 8.00 pm onwards no doubt Business hours are good for daily business activity but when it comes to targeting your Potential Audience so it must be good to send the Emails from the Primetime 8.00 pm onwards.



4. Provide Stuffs For Free.


The audience loves Free stuff even If someone Offers me a Free E-book or something else I would Love to Take it.


best email marketing tips

source: buffer app


5. Email still Taking the Lead instead of Facebook and Twitter.


Social Media may be High reach among the Peoples of the Universe but the content is still the king in the Email Campaigning according to a Study by socialTwist. Over an 18 Months Period, the SocialTwist found 119 referral Campaigns from the leading Brands and Companies.

Of the 300,000 referrals 50.8 percent of the customers come from the Email marketing,26% comes from the twitter and 22% of the Facebook.



6. Sends Emails On the Weekends.


Again it is also Recommended to Send Emails on the Weekends because it will improve not only the opening rate of emails but also the Clickthrough rates.

Saturday’s and Sundays are usually nonworking Days so it helps the most customers to have a free time that will increase the sales and conversion rate of the Emails as well.


Best Email Marketing Tips


7. Personalize Emails as Much as You can.


The Email Subscribers and social subscribers you have to make the Email personalize in every way that will help your subscriber to participate them.

For example, You can create an Email containing Personalized Recommendations based on the Each subscriber’s search behavior on your website.Including Personalised Recommendation will not only increase your conversion Rate by 20-25% but also increase your Click Through rates by 35-40%.


I hope this Article would be covered up things about Email Marketing if not then do share your views.


About The Writer: Suraj Jaiswal.

suraj jaiswal blog4everyone

I  am Passionate Blogger and a Content Developer likes to write things that will provide some effective SEO tips and Tricks.

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Latest Government Jobs In India

Latest ONGC Recruitment 2017-(113 Vacancy are available).


latest govt jobs in india



Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Invites application For Desired Candidates in the recruitment of A-2, A-1, nd W-1 level positions For the Regular Basis opening in Chennai Head Office.

The Online Registration Starts From 9th February 2017 and closes on 15th March 2017.Advt. No: SS/1/KKL&CHN/2017 (Non-Executives) (For Karaikal & Chennai) Karaikal Vacancies:

Karaikal vacancies: 





Post Name


Total Number of Vacancy





A2 Technical Assistant Grade(III) Chemistry       01



Pg in Chemistry


Junior Assistant For Technical






Class x and equivalent Board Exams In science with Trade certificate in Diesel




Junior Assistant in Material management








B.S.C with Physics or Maths with a proficiency of Computer typing speed of 30w.p.m and a Six Months Computer Diploma Application as well.Typing Test will be applicable.


Junior Motor Vehicle Driver(HV)




Class x with valid license id proof and three years experience in Driving of Heavy Vehicle.Test apply


Junior Fireman




High School or Class X equivalent Board Examinations with Fireman’s training of three months’ duration. Valid Driving License for Heavy Vehicles essential.


Chennai Vacancies:


Post Name

Total Vacancies

Minimum Essential Qualification


Assistant Grade-III (Materials Management)


03 years Diploma in Materials Management/ Inventory / Stock Control recognized by the StateBoard of Technical Education / 1 Year PG Diploma in Materials Management.


Junior Assistant (Materials Management)


B.Sc. with Physics or Maths as one of the subjects with proficiency in Typing 30 w.p.m. with Certificate / Diploma of minimum duration of six months in Computer applications in the Office environment. Typing Test apply.

Pay scales, Emoluments & Other Benefits:

Post Level

Basic Pay Scale

Total Approximate Emoluments per Month

A-2 Level

₹ 12,000-27,000/-

₹ 31,500/- p.m. + HRA & Other Benefits as per Rules

A-1 Level

₹ 11,000-24,000/-

₹ 29,000/- p.m. + HRA & Other Benefits as per Rules

W-1 level

₹ 10,000 – 18,000/-

₹ .26,000/- p.m. + HRA & other benefits as per Rules


Apply Online


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Some of the Best SEO Tips for a website that you ever Heard.

best seo tips


Everyone is very Excited while starting a Blog or website.The basic Principle and thinking behind Every Mind are to promote a Blog and get lots of Popularity in No time.

But have you ever Thought this would only happen when you apply Proper and Best SEO Tips that will Increase your Rankings?


Before Further Proceedings Figured out some of the things about your website.

1.what is the Main one thing about your website?

2. Purpose of the website.

3. How indulged you in your website?


If you figured out these important things then it’s Time to Implement Best SEO Tips that will raise your ranking and traffic.



1. Make the Blog about One Thing.


Mostly Bloggers do Mistake while making the Blog they choose multiple things and starts writings but it is a Bad criterion.


Do First Proper Research Of Keywords for your Blog and write niche content.Once the Blog gets Hits you can simultaneously add other things as well.Do research to Promote a website for Free that will increase traffic.



2. Keywords are Most important.


Make use of Keywords whenever this would be Possible only this can make your website the Best Blog Platform.Always use in site Title, simple tagline, keywords, Page title and Page Content.


If you are running a Word Press blog simply go and Install All in one SEO Pack. 



3. Cross-Linking of the Internal links in the website.


Always remember that one thing is someone only stays on your blog if your blog is informative.So keep Doing Internal Links where they are necessary so to spread the valuable information among the visitors coming on your website.


4. Make Proper Permalink structure.


I have seen that many websites having numbers in their URL like


It is a Bad Format make it clear and clean because clean URL gets easily Crawled and Indexed by search engines.



5. Make sure that Loading Speed of the website is Fast.


Always test your Loading Speed of Website this matters a lot because slow speed will decrease your organic rankings and also slows down your website.


Remove and compress things that are hardly any use of it may be Music Player, Heavy images, JS, Minify CSS JS, compress external CSS.



 6.Patience is Power-Do not makes changes every time.


Patience is Power means some Bloggers start writing content and making backlinks with a speed of Bullet train.But have some patience everything would come to you but it will take Time.


Keep Patience because when you Do frequent Changes like Theme conversion, URL structure change, Domain name changes it leaves a bad impact on the search engines.



7. Do not use Too much affiliate marketings.


It is always recommended that always use only One Affiliate marketing Platform like Google Adsense because when you start using Too much affiliate Programs on your website your website might get considered as Spam sometimes.

Because Crawler thought that your site is only about money and nothing else so make sure of that.


8. A blog is about for the People, By the People, and To the People.


You have to Keep one Thing in mind always that You are not Your Audience.So always try to write only that things that are accepted by the People.

It is the only audience that can make your blog hit.


I hope this will covered some of the things about SEO for Beginners.


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How to Get More Likes on Facebook Page?

how to get more like on facebook page


Social Media is one of the Biggest Platform which leads the Success of any Businessman or a Business.You can make a facebook Page to promote your Business or a blog.

Now the question comes that How to get More likes on Facebook Page?

So do not worry at all we will Discuss how SEO Best Practices will be implemented for Facebook and what are the strategies to implement the same?

If you Go for a paid Facebook Marketing it will take the huge amount of yours.So make this more Professional by applying some of the  Method to get Likes on Facebook Pages.


1. Adding a Facebook Widget to Your Blog.


how to get more fb likes


The best way to get more Likes on the facebook page is to just simply add a Facebook widget on your website by using Facebook Developers page.You can set your widget according to your Design and it is recommended to show the Faces of your Fans.


If you are using a WordPress Blog then it is more simple just you can add WP Facebook plugin and by adding the widget to the sidebar you can Display that Facebook widget.



2. Add a Facebook Page Promoter LightBox.


If you want to tell all your readers about the Facebook Page you can set a Preconfigured Popup plugin named Facebook Page Promoter Lightbox. 

This is also a very Good way to increase the Number of Followers without Going further towards your Blog.


3. By inviting Friends.


You can invite your Friends from the Invite Now section of your Facebook Page.But do in a smart way like Messenger of Facebook you can select all your friends and make a group thus by leaving a message to like your page.

You can make more Admins to increase the number of Followers.Suppose you make 5 Admins for your page and each admin having 400 friends so it will reach 20,000 friends.



4. Share Pictures, Videos, and Latest News updates.


Share Latest News updates Daily the most important thing is the proper timing of posting the status so that the time when you make the post it will reach the maximum number of Peoples.


Try to Post more on Saturday and Sunday because Most People are free at this time so that they can read the Post and gets engaged.

 Share fascinating pictures and attractive videos because a survey shows that 80% of the people gets attracted towards the Visual Display.



5.  Create Events and Facebook Fan Contest.


You can create an Event for any Facebook Fan Following contest like by offering if someone likes the Page you will offer a free software, strategy one year hosting or something else.

Try to make more impressions and engagements by using this strategy.


6. Use your Facebook Page URL in your E-mail structure and Forums.


In order to get better results and to achieve more positive results for likes, you can add your facebook page URL in your e-mails and Forums so that it will reach new audiences more often.


7. Create attractive Cover Photo.


First, make your cover photo more impressive or eye-catching because it leaves a better impact and sets visual preferences for your audiences.

If you are running a Blog then find the Niche cover theme images that are suitable for your  Blog.



8. Share your page on your wall and on other social Networks as well.


You often posts your images, videos, and other stuff so why not Post your facebook page on your wall?

Apart from that, you can also share your page on other Platforms like Google,Twitter, LinkedIn.


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After spending $1000 at last I have Found the Hidden PPC Secrets?

Have you not get Bored with so many common marketing tips and tricks that are hardly any use of.Instead of PPC, I have used so many times SEO but after spending approx $1000 I have at last found some of the Hidden pay Per Click Advertising secrets.


Just Grab a Cup of Coffee and let’s check these out one by one.


1.How Iceberg Effect Leads To Success in PPC?


1.How Iceberg Effect Leads To Success in PPC?



An Old saying is that “ALL THAT GLITTERS ARE NOT GOLD”.

 This actually means something else that what really People sees is a bit Different From the Actual thing that it seems to appear.


Making a Combination Of Keywords and ads are responsible for proper conversion and it is an easy task to accomplish.

However, this is not actually that occurs in reality Like the Iceberg Effect as People only see the Keywords but the actual thing is missing about the search terms.


You are spending a lot for your chosen keywords by using Google Adwords, Bing and yahoo ads.

So the question comes into mind How would take the advantage of Iceberg’s effect?


So creating a SINGLE KEYWORD AD GROUP from the search terms and place the automatic search preference and then applied your PPC techniques.


2. Time to take a  Kickstart with Google AdWords.


IF  you have ever had a success with PPC campaigning then it’s a good time to take a Kickstart with Google Adwords campaigning and by making Proper Ads to show in Google.


In order to Expand your PPC, you can also utilize your Ads display program on Facebook, twitter, Display network.

You can take Proper your CTA i,e call to action and replicate your ads network on everywhere if you want.


You have to utilize your PPC channel in such a way that it will increase your conversion a bit more.In other word’s you have to Follow the ICE CUBE and LAVA scale principle.The more and stronger the Intent ,the more threating your CTA would be.


icecube and lavascale



3. Micro Conversions In PPC.


As you are Running your PPC campaign across the Different Network and Channels so to get results.But still you would not able to do so.

So you might get upset.


There is a Chance that the execution might gets off.So it’s time to find out the Problem in your PPC Execution.Before you expecting the Macro-conversion you need to put effort on Micro-conversions.


Most of the Micro-conversions are linear in Nature so it would be very easy to locate and to find the resolution of the problems.


micro coversions in ppc




4. Make Optimization for sales not for Conversion.


As you have started doing things by Following the above strategies and you have improved your Quality-rates, click thru rates and Cost per Action.


It’s Time to take a step Forward ahead in PPC.Now you got to know the Keyword Discrepancy and Search terms.

Now it’s time to Focus on Common around CPA goal.


Once your pair of data leads o successful sales you have to track two more things:

a. URL parameter.

b.Hidden Fields.


a. URL Parameter.

The URL parameter can be track manually or through UTM Parameter.


b.Hidden Fields.

The hidden fields are the data in the Sign-up gen forms that helps to capture the conversion records by a visitor when it enters to a landing page.


I hope these Paid Seo Best Practices will give you some quality and innovative ideas in Ppc advertising.


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Have you Ever Heard these SEO tips and Tricks to Promote a Website?

seo tips and tricks


We all Do SEO perfectly in our own Point of View but still not enough to have heavy traffic on my website.Then where is the Problem?

A proper SEO can be Done only with Proper Approach.Today I will Discuss some of the Best Ever SEO Tips and Tricks which helps you to Promote your website.


1. Keyword Research Is Most Important.


The keyword is the Foundation of any article.So First Pick a Keyword by using a simple Tool known as Google Keyword Planner which helps you research a keyword related to your Topic and the number of searches on that Particular Keyword.

Suppose I am willing to write an Article about SEO Tips and Tricks then I will simply put this keyword on the Keyword Planner and I have found that there is 1000 searches pm.So this is the Best Way to make your content Viral.


2. Take a look at your Competition.


Now Suppose that I have a term SEO Tips and Tricks now it’s time to research the competition.

For this just go to the browser open Private browsing in GOOgle chrome, Mozilla, safari etc.It is good to use Private Browsing because it won’t show your previous past History to search engines.

Find the Term and their searches they are ranking among the top of Google results and find out can you do something better.


3. Write the Quality and Best Content.


Now you choose a Keyword it’s time to Create the Content.It might be the Most difficult part of Seo.But if you have proper approach and ideas that you are going to create the content about.

No Matter the content you are Going to create for an E-commerce, sales, or any Sports Goodies.It must be unique and Different from the Rest of others.

SupposeIHave Just created a Content about 

Why Content Marketing Strategy Is important for Successful Blogging?


It is Properly well versed and I have embeded new ideas in that.


4. Put keywords in the Page Title.


If you are putting so much effort then it should be no brainer that you are Forget to put Keyword in the Title.So your page heading or Title Must contain the Keyword.

Suppose I have a keyword SEO Tips and Tricks then my title must contain keyword like

“Have you Ever Heard these SEO tips and Tricks to Promote a Website?”


5. Put The keyword in the Header.


You can organize the Article by putting keywords in the Header or subheader of the Article it will also put a better impact and make the article Discoverable on the Search engines.

This will help Google to Find out what is exactly your Blog-post about? To match the Exact keyword phrase this will also helps to people when they are looking for a particular key phrase.


6. Putting The Keyword in Alt tag of Images.


If you are having Images in the articles then you can optimize them to get better results and it is probably most important.

a. Change image Name

You can change the Image name like 4356.jpg you can change it into “Seo tips and tricks.jpg” .

b. Alt tag

You can also put the Keyword in the Alt tag of the Image.It will make the Images discoverable by your keyword.


7. Put Keyword in the Url.


You can also increase your search preference by putting a Keyword in the Url.This will help the search engines to search the desired result more easily when you have put keywords in the URL.

Like I have to use a keyword earlier “SEO as the Career option”.

The URL is:


8. Get External backlink.


The most Important Part is External Link.External Links are the Links other than your website.Google will give preferences only those websites which having quality, quantity and the sites they are linking too.

I hope this would be helpful and you can share your views regarding this.


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Why It is Good to Choose SEO as a Career Option?

seo as a career option

When a Guy gets Graduated then everyone Looks for Career to have a Start therefor Choosing a Career like you are Going to look forward to a Future Path that will lead and take you to the Success.

Today I will Discuss with you Guys why choosing SEO as a Career Option?


1. Demand Increases for High-End SEO services.


A few years Back webmaster manages a website and do a little SEO and that was all but Now the trends have been changed as the websites start making money.So small scale company or large firm or an individual look for a Seo specialist to do the things in a more Professional way.So the Demand increases day by day for better SEO services and ultimately the Job Increases.


2. Many Influential Bloggers made their Successful career in SEO.


Many Influential Bloggers made their successful Career in SEO fields like Neil Patel, Harsh Aggarwal, Jeff fromTheseowhiz, Jill Wahlen from High Rankings, Rand Fishkin from SEO Moz and many others.

They have totally changed the word of Seo by Providing quality and best of Potential to the Common Man and help them to increase their revenue bu Million of Dollars.They redefined the things and the whole world knows what they are capable of.


3. SEO helps you to Earn Money in a very less Time.


Seo is one of the Proven Marketing Field where you can earn Thousands of Dollars in a Single Month.Money in Seo field comparatively other fields like Developers, Designers are far better.

You can work as a Seo expert or a Sole owner.Just Learn small Concepts of Seo observe your creative Mind and start earning.I must say if you are the sole owner then you can earn more.

Most of the Freelancers offering SEO services are earning $50 per hour in SEO.


4. Only web-Designing is not Enough to make a Site Seo friendly.


Most of the people thought that when they hire a Company for building a website they might think that when they are designing a website it would make them SEOso friendly.

But it is not enough to gain a heavy traffic on the website because designing and development is something else.However, when you do separate SEO for that Particular Blog or website it will then proved to be more successful.So if you are Designer and Seo analyst then you are worthy for any organization or as the sole practitioner.


5. Affiliate Marketing Makes You More SuccessFul.


Affiliate Marketing Platform Like Google Adsense, Infolinks, Clickbank will help you to Earn $100 per single day.So there are enormous ways to earn Money if you are good enough in the Enough Field.

High Earning Affiliate Platforms that will Boost Your Earnings.

If you are a blogger and getting some decent kind of traffic then you might be thinking of using an affiliate Platform that provides the Best ways to make Money online.

Today I will Discuss some of the High Earning Affiliate Platform that will Maximize your Earning as much as you can.There are several affiliate programs that are available on the internet today but you must know first which affiliate platform are the Best to utilize.


6. Non-technical Person can also Become Perfect in SEO Field.


A person having the knowledge of Designing and development would not find it difficult to learn SEO terms.However, a person from the Non-technical field can also Learn the SEO terms very well.

Seo terms like.

a. On page SEO

b.Off Page SEO.

c.Link Building.

d.SMO i,e Social Media Optimization.

e.Local SEO

f.SEM means Search Engine Marketing.


well I think this would be enough to Justify SEO as Career However, you can have any Question Or you want to begin your SEO career or start a Blog.Just write me an E-mail


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