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I am a delicate type of person Passionate thinker and Fun loving Person. I used to write Everything that comes to my mind like Fashion Trends,Latest technology Trends and many more things.I passed my in Computer Science and Now a Days i have started my website to provide the Best blogging Platform to the world.

Why LinkedIn is the Best Platform for Implementing Digital Marketing Strategies?

We Often Talk about Facebook and Twitter Ads that they are the amazing source of viral marketing and to increase the sales Funnels for Direct Business.


But there is one channel also which is the Best Platform for Implementing Digital Marketing strategies.

 The question comes to mind How?

I will answer this.


 With More Than 450 million registered users across the Globe are associated with the LinkedIn platform.Because LinkedIn is the Platform where most reputed companies come to find the suitable Job seeker who is the best among all entrepreneurs.


1#. Build and Optimized Profile.


First Login to the Linkedin website and by Following all the Tips that you will get to know while you are making sign up for your account.


If you are Running a Blog or Business you can create a Profile with your Blog name.Suppose I am running a Blog4everyone.So I have created the profile with this name only.


linkedin profile


A fact shows that The number of Male and Females users are all most equal as in 2014 the registered male users was 56% and Females are about 44% female.

 So Linkedin is one of the Best and yet useful ways of increasing your Brand Promotion.



 2#. Publishing an Article embedded Anchor Link in Text.


You can write a well-curated article with anchor text and you can put links that will redirect the blog or your website.

You can give some amazing Title, images and proper description to your article.

This will give you do-follow backlink and also helps you to increase your organic traffic.



linkedin blog article




3#. Keep an Eye on the Followers.


Because everyone at this age of time wants attention.So you can keep track of the Followers with the Messages or by wishing your followers as by saying “Happy bday” congrats on getting a new job.So you will get each and everything updated with Notifications.

The benefit of this would help you to engage your targeted customers.


followers of linkedin



4.# Collections of Endorsements.


Skill endorsements is a great way to recognizing your connections to a larger extent.It is a powerful way to interact with your connections.Endorsements help to gather a Positive goodwill of your profile and also gives strength to your profile.


endorsement pic of linkedin




5# Promotion of your Linkedin Profile.


You can promote your Linkedin Profile on another platform as well like facebook, twitter, google in your emails as well.


It will help you to get more engagements with other users.



 #6.Claiming a Clean Vanity URL.


You can go for a Clean Vanity Url because having a clean URL with your name of your blog’s name will help other peoples to find you more easily in a real world.



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Two Successful Legends and Their Unsuccessful LOve Mystery.

amitabh and rekha


Amitabh and Rekha are the most Fascinating Personality of Our Bollywood Industry.These two peoples are having their Affairs but they refuse to accept their relationship in Public.They are most discuss Bollywood celeb and there is no unfortunate love story till date as they are having.


How the Love affairs between them would get started? Blog4everyone will discuss each Chapter of their Life and the Hidden Secret between them by showing some fascinating images from the Bollywood Gallery.


This is One of the Most controversial and Nonsuccessful love story of the two Successful legends.


From the Movie Do Anjaane, their Affair Get started.


When the Legendary actor was shooting for the Film Do Anjaane in 1976 both of them start dating each other as their love came into existence.During The Initial Days of their relationship, they used to meet in a Bungalow which was Rekha’s friend.


do anjaane rekha and amitabh



Big B Loss His Temper During The Shoot Of Ganga ki Saugandh.

 Their Love Relationship came into existence while He was doing the shoot for movie Ganga ki Saugandh in 1978. During the shoot, A co-actor of Rekha starts irritating her too much.In this situation, Big B lost his temper on the Person who is misbehaving with Rekha.


rekha and amitabh


The Gossip has been started with their affairs.As they revealed secretly that Rekha and Amitabh had married Secretly.The attention caught by Rekha when she took a bold step by putting a Sindoor and Mangalsutra in a wedding party of his Friend Mr. Rishi Kapoor.


It was reported that after the Incident Jaya has invited Rekha for the Dinner and Clearly tells her that, Husband.She will never lHusband.She also meant that by doing that Promise.


rekha and big b affair


Rekha In an Interview for Filmfare Magazine in 1984.She Publicly tells the Media about the Denial of relationship by Amitabh Bachchan by saying that:


Why should he had not Done it?Because he is very Protected Man.He does save his Image in front of Public.He does this For the Sake of his Family his wife and for his children.

Why should the Public Know about the Love for Him or his love for me?If he had reacted that ways in front of me, I would have been very disappointed.


Despite the Fact that Big B refuse to accept his relationship in Public but Rekha Boldly told the whole world that How much is having affection for her?These two couples have last done movie Silsila together.


In an interview with BBC, the director Mr. Yash Chopra said that the two couples were very close to each other.


They are ver close enough that they can marry as well because these days both are working together.So the thing is that his reel life comes in Real life as Jaya was his wife and Rekha was his Girlfriend.


After the movie Silsila bitterness comes to their life.Because Rekha wants to Marry Amitabh Bachchan and Big B would not ready to settle down by having the Tag of another woman in his life.


So their love story comes to end on screen and well enough Offscreen as well.


unfortunate love story between rekha and big b



Why Did Rekha wears Sindoor?


big b and rekha together


It is well-known Fact that why Did Rekha wears Sindoor?  Is it for Big B well yes enough because Rekha’s life has so many rumors and truth.However, her tragic love story not going to be forgotten for so many long years.


Thanks for reading the Article.Do share your views.

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Which is the Best way to Earn Money Google Adsense or Google Adwords?

adsense vs adwords



Google Adwords is a Process of advertising criteria on Search engine results page that are associated partners of Google while Google Adsense is a process by which you can earn Money in which Google shows ads on your website or Blog.

Today Blog4everyone will Describe Some Paid Seo Tips that will help you to find out the Differences between them.

Both of the advertisements Platform are developed by Google. AdSense and Google AdWords Both are different aspects of Earning Platform.So as Blogger you must know the differences between them.


#1. what is Google Adwords and what are its Benefits?

Google AdWords is an Ad platform of Google developed and owned by them.With the help of Google Adwords, you can utilize this as an advertiser and they will help your ads to be published on the Google Search engine results page(the associated partners of Google.)

The Main benefit of using Google Adwords is that you can only Pay when someone clicks on your advertisement and you would not have to worry about the Number of impressions of your keywords for your advertisement.


Benefits of using Google Adwords:


1. Measurable.

Most People says that in Digital Marketing I have spent a Lot of money and half of my Money is wasted.But In the case of Google Adwords, there are a bit different criteria.You can keep the track of your ROI(Return on Investment).Each of Click Through Rate(C.T.R), Cost per acquisition (C.P.A) and the Number of an Impressions.


2. Cost Effective.

The most important benefit of Google Adwords is Cost effective.As you can only pay the amount when someone clicks on your advertisement.You can set a Budget of $5 to $5000 dollars per day.There are several optimization techniques are associated with the Adwords account that will always help you in no time.


3. Most Relevant Results.

The most vital Role of Google Search engine is to Display the most relevant result on the Search engine page results.Google’s main task is to show the Most accurate results for the user’s search query.Because whenever someone searches for a query an Ad Auction takes place there.Suppose If you are are Bidding for a Keywords “Paid Seo Tips” for $10 and the same keyword occupied by your competitor showing the same for $20 then the ranking position of your competitor’s keyword will above then yours.


4. Location Targeting and Mobile Targeting.

Google AdWords allows you to choose the specific geographic locations.So that you can select particular locations where your ads can display, you can select the Particular countries as well.

With the Immense use of Mobile devices by users, you can also locate your mobile targeting ads.As the ads create by the Google AdWords are Responsive and mobile user Specific.

#2. By Using Adwords Is my Keyword appear on the Top Place of SERP?

As I have Discussed Earlier there is no Guarantee that your ads will appear on the Top of SERP because whenever you search for a query Google first Display the Organic results while on the other Hands your ads reflect on the Right side of the page.




However, there are several factors that matter in the Ranking of your keyword like the Quality score of your Ads, Bid of the keyword, Quality of the Landing page.


3#. What is Google Adsense?

Google Adsense is a Platform where you can act as a Publisher and Google will display all the ads on your website and you will get reward whenever someone clicks on your Ads.

E:g: adsenseSuppose an advertiser use Google AdWords to Display his ads for $2 dollar and he is displaying the “Best Nike shoes”.And you are a publisher using AdSense Platform of Google and your website is about Sports Trends then the advertiser will reach your website and then if someone clicks on your site you will get paid $1.36 which is 68% of the Bid amount and Google will keep $0.64.


Benefits of Using Google Adsense.


1. Your Space Is in Demand.

There are Millions of advertisers across the Globe and they are constantly bidding for the ad space.It means More relevant ads, More space will be occupied by the advertisers.


2. You Can Optimize the Look and Feel of Ad.

By using control Panel of Google Adsense you can optimize your ads look and feel according to your desired place on the Blog.You can place the ads on the Header Section, body or in the Footer section as well.

3.  Compare and Learn with Adsense Experiments.

You can set different ads campaign with A/B testing in which you can place two different ads in different sections and compare which is performing better without changing the code of your website.


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Why Do Indians always Vote and Support to Politicians having Criminal Records?


indian ParlinmentEvery Third Politician in Parliament is accused of Criminal Charges.


why Do Indian  Political Parties always gives Ticket of election only to those candidates who are having some serious criminal charges against them?


A well Known Indian Political Scientist Milan Vaishnav has been studying Crime and Democracy linkups for so many years.His upcoming books are also related to the Democracy and disturbing feature of Politicians.In the Latest Trending of our website, Blog4everyone will describe all the Hidden Secrets about the Corrupt Politicians.


The Good News is Going around that General election has carried out across the Nations.There are 500 Million voters were stood up in the queue at more than 900,000 stations across India to Give their ballots to different Politicians standing from their corresponding Regions.People will decide the Fortune of 8250 candidates standing from the 464 different parties.


The Bad News is that about 34% of the Candidates about 543 were accused of criminal charges against them into which only 24% were accused of criminal records in the Last edition of elections in 2014.


Facts of Corrupt Politicians.



There are more than 20% of MP’s are having serious charges against them like assault, attempt to murder, theft and much more.


So the Question Comes Is this will be Appreciable?


1.What are the Serious charges against these Politicians?

2.why do Indian Politicians have Criminal Records?

3. Democracy and Barrel of Gun?


The Criminal Records have come from their ancestors when the First election was taken Place in 1952.


464 parties were active criminal charges in 2014 despite 55 were previously from the first election which was held in 1952.This margin victory has been raised by 9.7% in 2009, slightly increases by 15% to 24% in 2014 elections.However, it will enormously increase by today approximately equal to 32%.


The two Major Parties in India BJP and Congress mainly these two parties hold the constitution of India.

Why do these  Parties elect the Candidates with such Crime cases?


Dr. Vaishnav says,” The key factor for selecting these candidates is that Parties need self-investor which means they have hard money enough to spend and provide funds to their parties on their own self Basis.


There are three million political positions so all their parties need candidates who can give rent to them, manages their expenses and provide all selfish support to them.


These Guys Follow only one Basic Principle “Apna Kaam Banta, Bhaad MeinJaye Janta”.



“Good Policy to save the Money”.

Because Most of the criminal charges accused candidates are self-investors.So campaigning an election for a Party seems to be costly in most parts of the world.So the self-investors candidate provides the parties enough Funds so that all the things could handle easily.


A candidate’s wealth is a good proxy for his or her electoral vitality,” says Dr. Vaishnav, who is the senior fellow at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.


During His Research Dr. Vaishnav has Found that all candidates who stood up in the last three General elections.Candidates having criminal records having 18% more chances as compared to the candidates with clean records have only 6% win.


He did a Similar calculation for the elections held in 2003 to 2009 that candidates who have pending cases against them have more advantage to win their corresponding elections for their parties.


Politics offers a Lucrative career a study has been proved that all the sitting legislators have increased their wealth by 222%.


The average are-contesting candidates have their wealth about was $264,000 (£216,110) in 2004 and $618,000 in 2013, an increase of 134%.

Biggest Criminal Records.



Dr. Vaishnav proves the wrong assumptions created by the People in their mind that they used to vote these criminal records candidates because they are illiterate, ignorant, or simply, ill-informed.That’s totally wrong.


Candidates having criminal records do not have to mask their popularity.They automatically get noticed.A newspaper a few days back published that in the Northern region of Uttar Pradesh a candidate of the Ruling Party has declared that he is having the Biggest Criminal Records of all time found by that Newspaper in Latest Trending section.

These criminal Records candidates will become a Huge threat to the Nations as they become a lead role in religion separation and breaks the Democracy in Near by Future.


One thing is clear that Crime and democracy will go hand in hand as long as political parties need Funds for their Financial campaigning.


Our Prime Minister Modi Ji has stated that People have rights to know from where the BJP party got its Funds.So the thing is that 14% of the BJp leaders has accused of criminal charges and also 10% of Leaders from the Congress party as well.


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Some Best Free Seo Tips that will Boost Your Rankings In 2017.

With the Enormous changes that come to the Digital Marketing world.It makes us from time to time to keep on changing with the Seo implementation.So, Blog4everyone is going to represent Some of the Best 100 Free SEO Tips that will Boost your Rankings in the present year 2017.

1. Use of Quality and Not Copied Content.


quality and not copied content

As the traditional sayings that “Content is King” is that really True?

Yes, it is True.Only write Pure, makes generic and not Copied Content because if you write pure and quality content Content you will automatically get figured out By search engines.So, do not worry about the Ranking by copying and pasting the other blog’s content don’t help you to get on the Top but it makes your blog into the Spam Consideration.


2. Keep It Simple Short and Sweet (K.I.S.S)Headlines.


Keep It simple short and sweet


By K.I.S.S really means that Keep the headlines Simple, short and sweet.Suppose IfIam looking for the “Best  Hotel near Phuket” so i am expecting this sort of title for the particular content.However, if the same content will be written like If you are Looking for the Best Best Hotel near Phuket-Best Hotels in Phuket.It would not work.


3. Post the Quality Content which Larger Number of words.


pure and quality lenthy content


Have you ever Find that If you are Search for something on the Google you will get to know that the Longer Post will appear the First position.It means that whatever content you are going to write it would have at least 2000+ words.

4. Web Page Readability Score.


webpage readability score


Web page Readability score Determines the Difficulties that took place in your article while Reading.Therefore it is also called as Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level which describes the score for your difficult words included in the article.

This score must be between 70-80% for your article.You can also check your article score at Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level.


5.  Proper Use of Keywords and Images with Alt tags.

Whenever you write some kind of content For website or Blog make proper use of Keywords on your paragraph known as Keyword density.

Also when you insert any kind of Images on your article do not forget to add alt tags describing the keywords in them.This will be a key feature for the Ranking in search engines.


6. Page Title must be Greater than 45 characters.


Try to make the Title of your Page, ParagaraphaParagraphin the beginning it must be of 75 characters because it also plays a vital role in SEO.

7. The Proper and Accurate combination of Title, Keywords and Meta Description.


proper use of meta description


Make a proper arrangement of Keywords and Meta Descriptions because the suitable arrangement of the proper title, keywords and meta description will easily find by the web crawler on the search engines.


8. The speed of a Website.


webpage loading speed


By Speed, I simply mean that the Loading speed of the Page must be Faster because Major Search engines like Google, yahoo, bing only consider those websites which are having high loading speed.

You can check your website loading speed with:



9. Time to time Updation of a Blog.


If you are a reader of some blog and that is your Favourite then you exactly knows when the next blog post will appear.similarly, you have to be properly scheduled in terms of putting content on your website.This will make a consistent effect in terms of traffic coming daily basis on your blog.

10.  Reviews or Comments on Your Blogs.


Ask visitor what they want you to write on your Blog.Put review or comments section on each of your posts.This will help you to gather all the related issues with your blog or the things that you can make it better by enhancing your writing skills.So this will be the great source to interact and build your target audience.

11. Create Controversial Topics.

Try to create some controversial topics or content and have debate on this.Sometimes if you are writing some content which approaches towards negativity this will also help you to get more popular.But remember do not harm any one’s ethical values otherwise too much controversy sometimes effects your online reputation as well.


12. Updates Yourself with Popular SEO experts.

Seo expert like I used to regular follow their updates from them because they are the Gods of Digital Marketing era.


13. Outbound theme links.

This is mostly seen that suppose you are writing about affiliate marketing and you have put the link to some food factory manufacturing.So this is a bad approach try to link with the appropriate theme links for the content you are writing.


14. Proper Checking of broken Links.

Broken links put a Major issue sometimes while crawling by the search engines bots.If your websites having some broken Link then do a regular check and Fix them otherwise they will hit your ranking.

15. Enable Breadcrumb to your website.

Google always uses the search string to find a Particular website URL.So it is better so that you can enable the Breadcrumb on your website.

I hope all these Points will be Helpful if not then do share your reviews.

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Top 10 Paid Seo Tips that will Increase Your Traffic.

paid seo tips

Free Seo Tips are good for building the Online reputation.When you follow all the strategies of using organic Seo, No doubt it will Give you immense visitors and Traffic for your website or  Blog.It will take so much time to reach that Peak.

But In the case of Paid Seo Tips or strategy are a bit different it will give you a huge amount of traffic plus makes you viral in a very small time.It will help you to increase your Click Through Rate(CTR) and Conversion Rate as well.

So, i will discuss some Important Paid Seo Tips that will gives you enormous traffic and increase your Search results.Nowadays there are Millions of websites that wants to appear on the Top.Free SEO strategies are Good but if you want to grow your business and wants to reach that Peak makes use of Paid Seo Tips.

1#. Banner Advertising.


banner advertising


The Banner Advertising is one of the Most vital roles of Paid Marketing on the Internet today.In order to promote your Banner Make an attractive Banner Design and submit it to the High traffic websites on the web that will advertise your Banner and helps you to earn a huge amount of traffic on your website.


Some of the Websites that Makes Banner  Advertising are:








2#.Google AdWords Marketing and Paid Per Click.

Google AdWords or Microsoft AdCenter or other relevant sources of paid Marketing that will help you to increase your traffic and at a very low cost.With the help of AdWords platform, you can set your daily Budget and campaign for the PPC for your chosen Keywords.They will start ranking from the day when you make the PPC campaign.So it is also a very good source of earning lots of penny and the huge amount of visitors on your website.


3#. Social Media Advertisement.

The Facebook, Linkedin, The StumbleUpon are all the sources of Paid social Media Platform.They will give immense traffic for your Blog or websites.This is because they submit your advertise to the most relevant categories and Platform from where you will get all the desired results for your website.Even Twitter paid ads, Pinterest also has been a great source of advertisement.


4#.Advertisement with Email Marketing.

Make use of Email advertisement this will also play a great role in promoting your website.Email Marketing helps you to reach the Targeted audiences many companies and firms makes use of Email Marketing strategies to boost the rankings of their websites.Make sure use the email marketing strategy in a proper and Ethical way.Because the use of stolen emails or person will sometimes damage your online reputation as well.

5#. Paid Directory Submissions.

However, when you make the free directories submissions for your websites it will take a very long time to add in the relevant categories.So there are lots of websites who helps you to add your Directories instantly but they-they charge a small amount of money for this.But do not try to make the heavy lead with paid submissions otherwise, your website comes to the Spam section.

6#. Affiliate Marketing Techniques.

Affiliate Programs will help you to go viral and they will help you to rank higher on the Search engines.There are lots of affiliate marketing available on the internet world.E:g-Wordstream,Neil and much more.They have the ability to provide you one million website visitor in a Single Month.Depending upon the Budget you are planning to help them.It depends upon on you will you the offer whether it is for 6 months or one year.Their packages are not very costly so anyone can afford to take help from them.

7#. Paid Seo Tools.

You can also Buy some Fantastic Seo Tools like: Semrush

->You can see your Competitors Ranking Positions.

->Domain specific Keyword Rankings.

->Crawl Audit tool.

->Compare Various Seo Metrics.

->Compare of Domains by Keywords and much more.


8#. Paid Reviews on you Blog.

You can also take the Help from online digital marketing expert for the Paid reviews as well.Paid reviews will help if you are launched your new products or services so that the people will explore.

Paid reviews are a better way to promote your new products for your websites or blogs.


9#. Paid Video promotion.

when you visually represent something it will more explore by the people on the internet today.Try to take the help from the youtube video promotion.If you are having your youtube channel then you can easily promote your videos and make it viral with the help of paid youtube marketing plans.

10#. Paid Content promotion.

Article submission is allmost Dead but if you wants to increase your traffic for the website so you can submit your article to the Paid article submission websites.This will help you to get more explored by the People.This will also increase your traffic and online appearance on the internet.


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Why do Girls like to wear Black color?

I have Figured out so many observation and assumptions that why do Girls wear Black Color? So, I have Figured out some points that why girls like a more Black color?



1. Women’s who wear Black Color are more Hard-working and Led a colorful life.


black color by blog4everyone



As girls like this color due to the Reason that Black color put a note of Seriousness that they are so intense and picky in terms of colorful dresses.


2. A sign of Confidence.


why do girls wear black color


A survey shows that People who wear Black Color are more Confident as compared to the others.They led a simple and Confident life and whatever the task they are going to be performed it would go through in one go.


3.  According to the bible, as spoken by Massimo Vignelli:


To begin with, black has class. It’s the best color. This is no other color that is better than black. There are many other colors that are appropriate and happy but those colors belong on flowers. Black is a color that is man-made. It is really a projection of the brain. It is a mind color. It is intangible. It is practical. It works 24 hours a day. In the morning or the afternoon, you can dress in tweed, but in the evening, you look like a professor who has escaped from a college. Everything else has connotations that are different, but black is good for everything. My house is covered in black.


4.  Girls or Guys never Get Bored with this color.


As wearing black color, however, no matters it is made of different shades and styles.Still gives a cool and stylish impressions.So the Guys will never get bored by wearing this color.


5.  White color would not be the Preferable color as compared to Black color.


Suppose you have to go to a Party and you are thinking about a white color dress it would not look so Good but if you are wearing a black color dress it will still leave an elegant and cool sense of dressing.


6. Another mantra, care of Yohji Yamamoto:


Black is modest and arrogant at the same time. Black is lazy and easy – but mysterious. But above all black says this: “I don’t bother you – don’t bother me”.


7. Girls who like Black Color are straightforward.


Mostly Girls wearing the bLack color are straight forward.If you are asking for an opinion you will get that.Girls wearing black color are open minded and more practical.


8.  Sweating is Hardly Appear with this Color.


In summer Time the most disgusting Found with girls are sweating and even with the Guys too.So black color dress will sweat out your sweating and got covered yourself.


9. You can wear this color with any outfit.


Black Color is more comfortable and looks elegant either you are wearing casuals or wants to be a can combine this color with Jeans or casuals as well.It will add more style to your dressing.


10.  Black color makes a Girl hotter.


The black color is warmer than any clothes.So keeps you warm enough in hot season as well.


11. Black color helps you to be a Slob.


Black color does not get stain or crack.So it the most important feature of this color.


12. You want to Look more intimidating.


Mostly simple Girls also look more Pretty in Black color.


13. People thought you are chic.


Mostly People pretends and thinks girls wearing black color is a Chic.


14. Black Color Never goes out of style.


Black is so graceful that it will be endless with its different shades and styles that are coming in Present, past or future.


15. It helps you to look Slim.


Girls wearing Black dress seems to be more slim and fitter and therefore they can go with this color.


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Sunny Leone Hot Photoshoot in Dabboo Ratnani’s Calendar.

sunny leone hot photoshoot


Blog4everyone is Going to Publishing the Most Hot Actress of Bollywood in Hot Photoshoot for Dabboo Ratnani’s Calendar.She always remains in the Top Hits of Bollywood News about her hot and controversial Image.


Sunny Leone has once again dominated with her Hot and Stunning Looks as her Photos for Man Force photo shoot becomes viral on social Media platforms these days.

She Performed her Photoshoot For Dabboo Ratnani calendar 2016 as Hot and stunning Bikini Girl of the Year.



sunny leone hot photoshoot





sunny leone hot photoshoot




sunny leone hot photoshoot




sunny leone hot photoshoot



Sunny Leone is the Brand Ambassador of Man Force Condoms.She looks more stunning and Sexy then and before.She has previously done a Photo shoot with the Industry most Talented Dabboo Ratnani. She is now looking More amazing with her Heart throbbing Looks that she has done in the Beach.

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How will affiliate Marketing will help you to earn $10,000 pm?

affiliate marketing


If you are a writer who is eager to write some amazing articles or content then it would be Great?

Because if your content caught the attention of your Targeted user.Then you are able to write your E – books and sells it on the Affiliates ebooks selling websites.

I will discuss with you guys How you can earn lots of Money by selling ebooks?

If you are a writer who is eager to write some amazing articles or content then it would be Great?

Because if your content caught the attention of your Targeted user.Then you are able to write your e -books and sells it on the Affiliates ebooks selling websites.


What are the Technical Requirements for Affiliate Marketing?


  1. A Running Blog: A blog is required to which you can write regularly.If you are not having a blog then go for a New one.You can build your blog using any Platform like,
  2. A little knowledge of Html/Css: For a better writer you must be a good represented so it would be great if you have a little knowledge of Html/CSS.
  3. Targeted Audience: If you are Running a Blog then you must having some little traffic like 100 visitors per day.


Writing and Selling Ebooks.

Sounds really amazing Earn $1000 dollars pm.

affiliate marketing



Points to remember to create Ebooks.


  • Choose The proper Title and Eye catching.


 Select the Proper Title for your story, article or the Content that you are Going to write.Suppose if you are running a Blog related to “Technology” then create a title like “Is Robotics is going to take over the Humans civilization?” or something else.


  • Write the Topics you Love.

When you make your mind to write e -books then only write those stuff that you like the most.Do not go away with your friend suggestion.If you know something and you are good in it then why would your skill going to be wasted?


  • What are the Topics you have to choose?


You might think that what you Know is already known to everyone?

Yes, it is right but there are millions of ways to which the same thing can be represented in a better way.Then why would you choose the Unique way to represent the content.


  • Design the Cover Page for better Appearance.

    There are lots of free tools available online from which you can generate the articles or ebook cover page in the more attractive way.Most bloggers provide the Seo Tips about the Best Blog Platform and their unique Graphics styles that will catch the Reader’s attention.

E:g-Inkscape is the Free Tool available online.


  • Perfect Description is Must.


You must write a Perfect Description for your ebook that why should people buy your ebook?Describe your ebook’s word count, author biography, Genre etc.

Mention some of the Common problems faced by the peoples and their solutions. The description is very important for the ebook as people used to see things if they are some interesting facts to read it out.


  • Offer some samples of Ebooks for Free.


Do not try to go become rich in the single step by selling ebooks.

Before selling your ebooks first, try to sell some sample e -books for the newbies for free.As soon as you grab the attention of your readers then you can sell the e -books according to your rates.


 Publicity your e-books

You can make a banner of your ebook and publicize it on some famous news article websites and magazine.

You can ask any blogger to have some review on the ebooks you have public.I know it is a bit time consuming and sounds annoying.But once you get the reputed authorship of your writing.You will def get the rewards for what you have written.


  • Which websites Helps you to sell Ebooks?


Now the question comes which are the best sites that will submit your ebooks and helps you to earn money.Amazon kindly store is the best website where you can submit your ebooks and sell.

However, there are lots of websites but I am going to show you Most important and helpful websites that will help you to earn money and can submit your ebooks.


Web sites that submits your ebooks for free.


I wish the information provided to you Guys would be helpful.If I miss something you can figure out and suggestion are appreciated.

Thanks for reading do share the reviews.


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What are the Strategies that helps you to get 1000+ visitors per Day?

Seo is a Deep Ocean everyone in this Field wants to Learn, Earn and get all the Rewards he/she working For.A Blog without Traffic sounds really Bad.There are Approximate #3 Million websites Across the world.So survival in such a Tough and challenging Seo world is very Difficult but not impossible.

Let me Get straight to the Point today I am Going to discuss some of the strategies that will bring 1000+ visitors per day.


1.  Best and Thorough “Content Writing”.

It is seen by many Bloggers says that “Content is King”.Yes, they are Right content is King.Do you Know websites with 2000+ words will get the top 10 SERP result?Now the Questions Comes how would get the Content Niche for the website and Thorough Long Blog Post.

The Answer is very simple  “suppose your Blog or website is about Sports”.There is a Tool named “Buzzsumo“.This tool will help you to get the Most relevant content for your Blog or website.


content writing tool


This Tool will help you to get the Most Unique and relevant Topic for your niche Blog.

Tips To write Better and Highly eye Catching contents are:

  • Relevant Topics about 2000+ words.
  • Proper Meta Tags and Keywords.
  • Use Images and embed Videos where it requires.
  • Linked to Other Blogs for better information.


2. Make Use Of Google Keyword Planner For Long Tail Keywords.

Do you know about 78 to 85% are the Keywords having Longtail will reflect in the search engine more often as compared to the short tail Keywords.

Suppose I am Looking for Best Blog Platform.I know will select only that website which gonna fulfill my needs.


google keyword planner

So there are many Benefits of using Long Tail Keywords:

  • Significant Search Volume
  • Higher CTR
  • Lower CPA
  • Higher Conversion Rate.

5 Benefits of using Long Tail Keywords.


3. Guest Posting or Guest Blogging.

How often do you hear this word Guest Blogging?Do you know the Great Heros of the Digital Marketing world often advises you to do Guest Blogging?


How to Request for Guest Blogging?

Hello [Name of the Blog or Founder or Editor],

I am a regular visitor of your Blog_________________[name of the Blog].I like the way you write the Posts on all the Blogging Topin including a post________________[name of the popular post that caught your attention].

Since you already Publish the different Posts from Different authors in your niche.It would be great if i will also make contribution towards your website.

I am working as a _________________[the position you have as a Blogger or writer].I also contributed some unique and amazing posts to different blogs_______________[sample of your Blog writing].As i am a passionate content writer understand the value of quality content.So please allow me to be a part ofyour wonderful blog.

Thanks XXX


List of websites That allow you to write For them.


4.  Social Media Sharing On Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin.

The Very first thing that you should is to post the blog post on your social Media accounts.You will get as many Likes, account comments and user engagements from the user that are always online on the social media accounts.

How to Choose Best Social Media Platform?


5. Forum Posting is Backbone for websites.

Forum posting is the Most important thing that will increase your Rankings on the Search Engines.When you Register for any website do not put your Signatures instantly have some patience when your posts on the Forum will reach a Point then you can put your keywords in your signatures.

For Forum submission there is a Tool that helps you to get backlinks from the niche websites.This tool name is “Dropmylink”.


drop my link

List of Do-follow websites that helps you to make Forum submissions.


6. Blog Commenting.

Blog commenting is very important to get High-quality niche backlink for your Blog or website.Mostly Bloggers do one Mistake they start putting Link in their name as keywords in the Begining.

Try to learn all the Important aspects of Blog Commenting as First read the topic to which you are going to put the comment after having some positive feedbacks and responses then you can put the Keywords.Otherwise, you would mark as a Spam generator.

How will Blog Commenting Improve Your Rankings Rapidly?


7.Email Marketing.

Email Marketing is one of the sources of getting Heavy Traffic towards your Blog.Nowadays all the business is surrounded by the Email.So build an Effective email marketing strategy that will give you benefits like:

  • It helps to generate Traffic by user engagement.
  • It helps to grow the Brand awareness.
  • Email Marketing is Easily Shareable.
  • Email Marketing is Cost Effective.

You can use Free Email service Providers Platform to generate heavy leads like Mail Chimp allows you to build your Email Marketing list for Free.You can send 10,000 emails in a single day.This will help you to track the performance of the Email Campaigns and also helps you to make viral your website.

Benefits of Email Marketing.


8. Backlinking.

The most important strategy of Seo is Back Link Building and the link that you are going to create must be Do-follow.Always try to create a backlink with high Page Rank and domain authority.

So I am going to tell you, Guys, that the Link Building is very easy if you do it smartly.Ok so here is a Tool name “Backlink checker Tool by Rank signal “.


backlink checker tool


Rank Signal is very powerful Tool which helps you to find the Backlink of your competitors this will not only saves your lot of Time but also helps you to make the backlinking process so easier.


9. Youtube Marketing.

Every People on this Planet wants to see a Visual Display of the things that anyone can Represent.Visual representation has always gathered the attention of the viewers.

Small business can expand their reach to global by using youtube Marketing as it is cost effective way to go viral.

  • It helps to Capture the Attention oF People.
  • It helps to generate High Volume of Traffic
  • Viral Marketing.
  • Worldwide accessibility
  • Social Media Integration Becomes Easy.

Well, Thank you so much, Guys, for reading my article.I hope you Guys will get all the things clear that i have written.Any valuable Feedback would be appreciable.Kindly share your views.

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