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I am a delicate type of person Passionate thinker and Fun loving Person. I used to write Everything that comes to my mind like Fashion Trends,Latest technology Trends and many more things.I passed my in Computer Science and Now a Days i have started my website to provide the Best blogging Platform to the world.

Important Points that will Bring your blog on TOP spot of SERP.

Have You Ever Thought that 35% of the Search Results are only caught on the Top Spot of SERP?However, the Rest of the 90-95% of the traffic gets shifted towards 2nd page or you can say that it gets the drop-off.


blog writing tips


Numbers don’t matter the most important thing is Quality content that will bring heavy customer engagement on your blog.Keyword focussed content with well SEO optimized only bring your blog on the TOP SERP of SEO and makes your blog as the Best Blog Platform.


Today we will discuss some of the Best Strategies or points that will help you to bring your blog on the TOP SERP of Google.


1.Search Highly effective Keywords.


Google Handles about 4000+ search queries in every single Second.Sounds so Freaky and amazing.The reason is that People used to get Search things directly instead of typing a unique and complex URL.So, here you have to change your strategy to optimize your potential Keywords and highly effective one.


In order to identify those Hot target Keywords just navigate towards your competitor’s social profiles and find their tags and what’s trending new.


Google Trends is yet another Effective way to get highly effective keywords.Over the Past Few years, most of the organic searches for a particular website gets decreased due to the variations of the Google algorithms and keywords alternatives.


So here you can update yourself about the present era and setup your potential keywords for the same that will helps you to make your website as the “Most visited website”.


If you still losing your patience heads towards highly helpful and effective tools like, Keyword planner, try to read all updated SEO articles on and


All these websites and Tools will help you to get updated about all the latest trends and technologies about SEO that will helps you to make your blog as “Best Blog Platform”.



2. Try to Integrate every Single Keyword on your Posts.


The Best thing is that when you have Aim to reach your desired benchmark.I have seen that Most of the Influential Blogger tend to forget to put their potential keywords in their Posts or even stuffs like:


b.Meta descriptions.

c.Image description.

d.Headings tags.

e. In URL if possible(not as Exact Domain Matching.).


I have seen Mostly Bloggers tend to write 1000+ Long Form of blog posts but forget to Mention Keywords particularly because at the end everyone wants heavy traffic engagement and wants to earn money or the ways to make Money.


How to make $1000 with every post that you publish on a Blog?


3. Always spread the Knowledge by Linking to Influential Blogs or bloggers.


Do not be afraid to get Link with your blog partners or influential Bloggers to spread all the desired information for your readers.

It is not Just Only for the BackLink Building but to show the Biggest search engine like Google and Yahoo that you have put so much effort and hard work to bring the best stuff for your website and for your readers.


4. Write Longer Posts.

Try to write Long Form of Blog Posts that will help to bring your post on the Top spot of Google.Have you ever thought that the average scan time of Human Being is 8 seconds?So do you write at least such type of article that will catch your readers attention for at least 8 seconds?

If not then go and write contents about 800+ words at least so that your readers get some quality Portion of your website.


How to Create powerful Content Even if you are a bad ass in writing?


5. Mention all Possible Internal Links.

Do not forget to expand your depth articles with effective internal linking.Avoid using a spammy anchor text optimization by putting everywhere your desired keywords.

When you start expanding internal Links with your pages on the website or outward source.




The Long Form of Blog Posts are not always Better but it brings sometimes useful potential and heavy customer engagement.I am not saying you to write 2000+ words articles but try to write at least 800+ words with quality and Dense content that will grab the attention of your readers to some extent.

Thanks for reading my article.Do share your Views and also you can Hire us on Up work for quality content writing services.




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How to make $1000 with every post that you publish on a Blog?

How to make $1000 with every post that you publish on a Blog?


Every Blogger mainly creates a Blog to make heavy customer engagement, to make the Best Blog Platform and at the end Money making.


Sometimes it becomes more worst for other bloggers to earn $10,000 dollars per articles but you can at least earn $1000 per article.


Well, this is not a Tough task to be accomplished but it is more tricky.


The Trick is to get More Traffic=>Money Making.


This Process only helps you to make your Best Blog Platform and helps you to earn Money that You could hardly ever thought.


1.Affiliate Marketing.


When it comes to making Money Making you could simply think of the affiliate marketing platforms like Clickbank, Chitika and much more.


So the second thought comes into the mind that number of clicks, conversion rates then after so many bullshit you can generate little bucks of dollars.


So why don’t you try to post Long form of articles like 1000+ words?


Sounds a little more hard working but yet it is another powerful way of making more money from your article.


Writing a neatly cleaned and original Dense Content having catchy Title and Meta description will grab the attention of your readers.



2.Writing e-books of 5000+ words on interesting Topics.


Have you ever thought that If you are a Good writer then turn this art into your professional business?


Many e-books writers are earning thousands of Dollars in a Month.


Science Fiction stories, Love, and dating related e-books can make a heavy customer engagement on your Blog.


Readers like to read some catchy stories and informative articles or e-books even if there are 1000 of e-books are freeware.


But Still, If you are having the ability to think out of the Box then it’s your Turn To make heavy customer engagement and make lots of money by selling your E-books.


3.By Providing Online Course.


If you are one of the Influential Blogger or having a certain type of e specialization like Content writing and get paid stuff like that.


You can simply invite your readers to write valuable content for other bloggers as Guest Post and offer them some penny.


The Best way to give away a Free, Basic and Professional memberships to your readers and potential readers.


So the Online Course would include things like:

  1. Podcasting.
  2. Webinars.
  3. Seminars.
  4. Videos


It depends upon you How would you suggest the Pricing Plan of your Membership section.


So the Question comes into the mind How to create the Online Earning course for your academy?


Let’s make it simple with Teachable. a very nice and cool platform where you can simply create your online academy for the expertise that you have.


If you still worry about the Potential readers or traffic then no worry at all because if you are getting 50+ readers then it is more than enough because there is still chances to generate quality readers and earn money.



Earning money is not as easy as most of the bloggers thinks but still it possible but not impossible.So If you still thinks that the above-mentioned points are not enough then do share your views regarding the same.

For Quality Content writing Hiring Us on Up work.


Thanks for reading my articles and keep sharing the valuable feedbacks.


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How To Become a Superstar among your Fans by increasing your Social shares?

Generation of Present Trend are like a Rockets they need everything faster and as soon as Possible.So the use of social media increased enormously among them.


For them Having a Social Media Account is like a Pill that can give them relief from a Fever.


So why social Media shares are Most important for a website?


Even the Most Visited websites like put emphasize on the use of Social Media sharing and their Importance.



So the First Question Comes into Mind From where would I have start to increase my Social Appearance and Fan Following among the Potential visitors?



most visited websites



Benefits of social Media Marketing.


When it comes to Social Sharing One platform which is the Most worthy, FB useful and Important one.


The Facebook which having the ability to increase your social following in no time.

In B2B platformFBis the Most Importance and vital source of Marketing.


most visited websites



No matter How about your audiences belongs to younger, older but you receive more social media shares just because mostly people like to stay on social media.SO automatically you will get popularity for your stuff.


most visited websites


A fact shows that if your article gets 100+ shares then you would come across with top 10% quality Bloggers.


Garret Moon of Co-schedule came up with some importance figures of social media shares that he found that in 1 Million articles only 10% of unique articles will get social shares with 100+ shares.



most visited websites



So Now Let’s Figured out How to get 100+ shares on social media Platform.


If you are having a Desecent traffic about 500 would be enough.


Try to publish three articles in a week.


It would be good enough to grab some of your potential readers.


Take the Help of Free Google analytics Tools.

  1. Go to Google analytics.
  2. Click behaviour.
  3. Click site content.
  4. Click content drilldown.



most visited websites




  • Choose a Relevant Topic.


Have You ever seen that in a Disco club the DJ plays a offbeat sad song in the Dance club.Not at all Just like this you must choose relevant topic by observing what your Potential readers are used too.


If you want that more people will share your article or topic then always choose relevant topics.As for as my profession Concern I know very well that I am Not a Good writer not bad as well.So I love to write things related to SEO and SEM for Most visited websites.


  • Try To create amazing and appealing Titles.


Always try to create super appealing content’s Title.Because Title is the very first thing all readers see before sharing your article on the social media platforms.


So what types of article titles you must choose.


most visited websites




  • Write long 1000+ words article.


Try to write 1000+ words article because a fact shows that articles with 1500+ words recieves more hits and shares on most of social media platforms.


most visited websites






Social Media shares are most important for the sucess of any website or business.Social Media platforms are also good enough to promote your business so create posts effectively with quality stuff on your Mind.

I hope you would Like this article and do share your reviews regarding the same.

However you can also Hire for Quality Content service on Upwork.



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Some Risky SEO strategies that are valuable for your website.






Well if you are reading my blog Regularly then you must found that I used to write too much on SEO Best Practices just too aware all the best and useful SEO strategies that help my readers to learn and grow themselves especially if they are Newbie in the field of blogging.


Everyone Focus all the ethical Guidelines of SEO to implement their Digital Marketing Campaign.Sometimes People also do Blindly Backlink Building for their website.


However, In such a competitive environment, you must utilize some Negative SEO Best Practices that will Risky but still valuable for your website.



Let’s  Discuss these Risky SEO strategies that are valuable for your website.


1.Try to write 1000 words on your Landing Page.



Now the Present trend is all about the design of your landing page without text and heavy images hardly anyone wants to put heavy text on their homepage.



risky seo tactics




It’s not too dangerous if you 1000 plus words texts however not really everyone wants to read such bunch of text on the Homepage but a true fact is that Search engine loves the quality and Dense Content.


So take a chance with your website by putting a more text on your landing page.



2.Try to use a Few Negative SEO tips.


Why using Negative SEO?


Negative SEO mainly downs your rival reputation instead of increasing your own website ranking.


I am not saying that using black hat SEO techniques are useful but some of the strategies of negative SEO will provide better results.


For this take a closer look at your rival’s web pages if they are using some sort of Negative SEO or not.

You might get surprised with some of the things that they are utilizing under SEO campaigning.


For Some Negative SEO implementation, you can use Google rich snippets violation and Google product abuse.



google snippets




3.Buy an Expired Domain.


Why buying an Expired Domain is Useful?


If you are going to purchase an expired domain whose age is approximately two years and above by means of 301 redirects or back links.Google will follow these actions that you adopted.


However, you can make the benefits by means of redirecting traffic to your active domains or by building backlinks to your own website.


Steps to do this process.


Navigate to


risky seo tactics



Create a free account there.


seo risky tactics


Fill all required details and sign up.

Once you fill all the details ,you’re logged in account includes all the exact details of all the expired domains.



5.Make Small Changes that will help your SEO to Give Big Surprise.


In day to day life, you have to maintain your blog or website with all the Latest SEO best Practices.


But if you make small changes regularly on weekly basis on your website you will get noticed and this will improve your search engine rankings.



Most of the common changes for a website is to just simply change the navigation structure.Once you get things done.

The search engine will index the fresh items in the navigation structure.


6.Creating Doorway Pages.


It is will known fact that Google penalizes the Doorway pages.So why would anyone take this risk to improve their website rankings?


I will tell you the tricky way to create a valuable doorway page without get being penalized.


So here is the example go to

At first, the article looks like a harmless but it is actually a Doorway page.



The most vital thing about this article is it’s importance because it helps your reader to get aware about the value of Doorway pages.


So it basically the ethical SEO way to promote unethical SEO technique.





So it would be clear that everyone in this competitive world fighting for the First spot on SERP or the heavy link juice for their website.


There are several ways by which SEO are helpful for you but in order to get the most instant results, you have to keep both white hat SEO tactics and Black hat as well.


But use only where it would be required so that you will get all your desired results for your SEO campaigning.



I hope I would cover some beneficial SEO tips for your website.

Please do share your views and reviews.

For Better Content writing Services Hire Me on Up work.




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How to Create powerful Content Even if you are a bad ass in writing?



If you are a regular visitor of my blog you must find that I used to write allot why?


Just because of this I love writing.So if you are lacking somewhere in creating powerful content then you have landed on the right spot.


At blog4everyone is the “Best Blog Platform” that helps their reader to Grow learn and think Logically.So if you are struggling to create a powerful content then Grab a Mug of Coffee because From now you will never face this problem again.


Writing a Quality stuff with having a number of facts, examples, research are seems sometimes very difficult.

All though it is true enough but if you are having focused about your work in blog writing or content writing then it is the most simple and easiest task you ever think of.



How to Create powerful Content Even if you are a bad ass in writing?



As have seen above most of the Digital Marketers put efforts to creating long form of blogs articles.


So you need to understand why a long form of an article not because of this it must be lengthy enough about 1000+ words but it should be properly researched and Dense enough to represent the things and facts in more professional way.



Have you seen that one of the Famous entrepreneur and the owner of “Best blog Platform” like sprout social the one and only Neil Patel always emphasis on creating quality content?


Are you really a Bad ass in content writing?


I know it seems a little awkward and annoying as I have chosen this phrase I am not pointing at you.I just explaining the things that make you a Good writer.Even when I started my blogging I am also the worst writer.


But with the Time I grow myself by writing and understanding the quality content and its importance.

Most of the bloggers are of these following types. who thinks that they are the best article writers but they are not.


2.The second one who thinks they are bad enough to write quality content but in reality they are good.


3.Third, the Middle one who thinks they are not good enough to create quality content but also they have the ability to create unique content.



How to Create powerful Content Even if you are a bad ass in writing?



 A fact shows that most of the Companies about 68% have outsourced just for the content development.


You have to think first that what type of content you need to really produce for your audience?


Let me make it more simple by breaking it into three simple categories.


1.Use info to find your Demographics.

2.Use Google Analytics to Find the Most pages visits.

3.Use Buzz sumo to Find the article popularity.


1.Just navigate to URL bar and type and enter your URL.


How to Create powerful Content Even if you are a bad ass in writing?


2.Type your blog URL

3.Click on Find to know your exact demographics.


4.Scroll a little down to find the pages on different countries.


How to Create powerful Content Even if you are a bad ass in writing?


Here you can see most of the visitors coming from but won’t be able to see the full report without a paid membership.

 This is the most important part where you can really find the number of potential readers coming from.


5.Now, look at the “Engagement” area.


How to Create powerful Content Even if you are a bad ass in writing?


So the number of page views shows that how many visitors stay for your content.


6.Find out your top ranking Keywords.


How to Create powerful Content Even if you are a bad ass in writing?



So the keywords with a high number of percentage show that you have written more and more things about the same to grab a heavy number of readers.Like in the above showing that “Best Blog Platform” having a moderate % of visits.


7.Make sure who are your toughest competitors.


best blog platform


You have a make attention towards your competitors who are creating similar content like yours or different from your website.


8.Take a look at your Audience Engagement.


This section of Alexa helps you to Find the Readers demographics like age, gender and the profession they belong to.


However, you to get more useful information and advanced one then go to the Google Analytics section.


1.Sign in with your Google accounts on analytics.

2.Go to Behavior>site content>all pages


How to Create powerful Content Even if you are a bad ass in writing?



Look at your top ranking spot pages.

You have to figure out certain things like

A.Page views.

B.Bounce Rate.

C.No of average sessions.

D.Exit% rate.


Now to Gather the Social analytics including the shares of your content on the social media via Buzz sumo.


1.Navigate to

2.Type your website name


How to Create powerful Content Even if you are a bad ass in writing?



3.Click go.



Therefore by looking at the number of blog articles which having the highest number of shares describe the quality words you have mentioned in your blog writing.


Hire me on Upwork for Better and SEO friendly content writing.







Well at the end if you created a blog you can only survive by creating quality content.And it is not tough as common bloggers think just grab some other highest searching and best blog platform to grab all the writing tips and tricks.Hence your task seems too easy to be accomplished.


Thanks for reading my article your reviews are important for me.

So do share your views and share this article.


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Top 6 Proven ways to Make Money with SEO.

Surely You are Running a Blog but maybe somewhere you are still not getting enough Reward for your Blogging.


seo money making



The question comes into Mind where is the Problem that you can’t get even a Single 1$ in a Month?


The answer is very simple and logical One change today all your Logical Techniques and starts implementing your SEO strategies that will provide a numerous and unlimited

“ways to Earn Money”.



1.Affiliate Marketing .

With affiliate Marketing You are a having a Chance to earn more and more Just by becoming a Publisher of these Platforms like Adsense, Chitika and many more.

High Earning Affiliate Platforms that will Boost Your Earnings.
Many People today getting a Huge amount of money just by making themselves as affiliates of Ad sense, Chitika, and much more.


Affiliate Marketing is one of the Easiest and simple ways to earn Money and it would keep on increasing if you have quality SEO done on your website.


I am Not Sure that what Kind of SEO campaigning you are running but still, Affiliate Platform provides an ease for earning Money with your blog in no time.



2. Post Quality Content on every Second day.



Yeah…Posting quality and Original contents are the Main Guru Mantra to get online success and heavy customer Engagement.

I know most of the bloggers are usually gave up because of content publishing but have you even thought that just because of content writing many Freelancers are Earning 100$ in a week.


Even I used to get $50 just for content writing services to my clients on up work.So If your content is powerful enough then you will automatically get a number of “ways to earn money”.



3. Start Capturing your Keywords Today.


Keywords are the Building Blocks of any website.There are Lots of Tools that helps you to make find your targeted keywords that are ranking on the different and top positions on the SERP.


There are Lots of Tools available on the Internet like SEMRUSH, Google analytics, Site explorer and much more Just go and put your website URL on this website and you will get the exact report about all your Keywords.



4. By Improving the Performance of your website.



Most of the People from the Business world are ready to spend 2000$ every single month but when it comes to checking their website’s performance.They hardly care about it anymore this is the area where they are making the huge mistake.



Make use SEO optimizer a free tool available on the internet to look out for where is your website is actually lacking.

Make sure certain improvement performance like:


The speed of a website.
Keyword positioning on serp.
website design.
Bounce rate and conversion rates.
Average Page visits.
organic search traffic.
Branded and Non Branded traffic.
However, you can also make use of Google analytics and Find all these performance related issues and Fix them accordingly.


5. By creating your Offer.


If you are running your own SEO company and provides SEO services to your clients then think a more logical and practical by making an attractive offer for your clients.


You can create offer like free website analysis and provide PDF to your potential clients apart from that if you are providing a content writing services like me then try to make an offer like by providing a 1000+ words article a 500+ words article would be free of cost for the first time.


6. By capturing Email Address.



If you are able to convert your 15% potential clients but still you are losing your 85% clients it means there is something required that will bring the remaining customers as well.


So for this, you have grabbed all those email addresses from the client who lands on your website and searches things.


Best Tips To make Your Email Marketing Strategy Successful.
If you still confusing how to make conversion leads with effective email marketing then do read the above article in described Link.


Ultimately Email Marketing provides you more ways to make money.


About 90% of the Influential Digital Marketing expert makes use of Effective Email Marketing Campaigning.Just because of this they will continuously get in touch with their potential Clients.




Everyone wants to make money and even SEO is the Best ways of earning money in very less approximately in few months.SEO not only improves your website performance but increases your online reputation for a very long time.

So, don’t give up easily by saying that you are unable to make money anymore from your blog or website.Your hard work def gives you the reward but make sure you start adopting all these techniques to make your SEO campaign effective.

Thank you all for reading my Blog and this article.Do share your views on this.

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SEO best practices that can increase your online e-store revenue by 300+

Implementing SEO Best practices is quite simple and easy for regular websites as well as for personal blogs.However when it comes to an E-commerce platform like Magento you have to utilize your SEO skill in a more tricky way.

Let’s Discuss them one by one.


1. By making User-Friendly URLs in Magento store.



User-Friendly Url is important for better indexing.

Enabling this option is easy.

  1. Go to your admin panel then navigate to the system->configuration.
  2. Next, go to the left section by clicking the web.
  3. A section appears namely Search engine optimization.

4.Choose the option User Server Rewrites option and click on Yes.

  1. Save the configuration details.




magento and seo best practices




2. Not adding store code to the URLs.



when the URLs in the Magento store are lean it will give you a chance to rapidly index in the databases of the web server in no time.For this, you can just navigate to the



system->configuration->web->search engine optimization.



seo best practices for magento



“Choose the URL section menu” and set “Add stores code to URL options to no” so that stores code will not get added to the URLs.



3. By changing the Default Robots to “index, follow” so that Search engine index all your web pages easily.



Just navigate to the System->configuration->Design ->Html heads




seo best practices and magento




However, the “Default Title” and “Description” appear over there you can to change them according to your website requirement so that it will increase your online presence.





seo best practices and magento





  1. Make sure that your e-store is having a proper “robots.txt” file



You must configure your site with the proper robots.txt file so that the search engine can directly visit your website pages and you can specify that which pages you would not wants to be indexed by search engine.



  1. Avoid URL duplicate redirection.



To do this simply Navigate to the System->Configuraton->Catalog->Search engine optimization.

select “Categories path to product URL” as “no” as described below:



seo best practices and magento



  1. You can also set the “Canonical Link Meta tag” field to “yes” just to avoid the duplicate data for same products showing in the multiple categories.




seo best practices and magento





7. You can also optimize your images for better visibility.



seo best practices and magento




You can give your Products as Meaningful Names like “Anmol made by SAF.jpg”

so that when someone types this phrase you will get your products noticed.




  1. Use “URL key”.

You can use URL key option to make it SEO friendly.



seo best practices and magento




9.For Better Navigation you can create “Sitemap ” automatically.




Just navigate to the following sections system->configuration->Google sitemap.



seo best practices and magento




Select “Generation setting box” and Enable sitemap option and change your frequency according to your products updations.



  1. Analysis and Monitoring Setup in Magento.

you can connect your “Google webmaster verification tag” with your e-store by using Following way

System->Configuration->Design->Html heads.



seo best practices and magento



You can track your website by setting “Google analytics ” by using the following path:

system->Configuration->Google API.



seo best practices and magento




These Mentioned SEO tips for Magento are the “SEO Best Practices ” that will enhance your online presence and increase your revenue for your products and services.


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How to Improve Alexa Rank in 3 Months?

whenever a Newbie or Professional starts working on its new website the  first thing that comes into the mind that How to  improve its Alexa Rank as  soon as possible to make its website as the “Best blog Platform”.




Suppose If you are trying Immense SEO including writing Quality Content,   Forum Submissions, and Blog Commenting still not able to enough to improve  the website alexa Rank.


Today we will Discuss some of the Proven Tactics that will Boost your traffic and Improve your Alexa Rank  just within 3 Months.


What is Alexa Rank?


Alexa determines how Popular your website by comparing all the similar and relevant websites across the Globe.


How Alexa Ranks a website?


Alexa gathers all the information regarding a website and then Ranks Accordingly.


However, Alexa basically works by calculating the Unique number of visitors and the no of page views on your blog or website.


To improve your Rankings on Alexa and to make your blog as one of the recommended “Best Blog Platform”.


Steps to improve Alexa Ranks:


  1. Install the Alexa Rank Extension with your Browser.


When you Install the Alexa Toolbar Extension you will have accurate details of your Daily Alexa Rank statics.


a.Go to Google just type Alexa Extension with the name of your browser like Alexa rank toolbar for chrome.

b.Download it simply.

c.It will automatically reflect on your browser and you will able to find all the details of your Rankings on Alexa.



2.Write always Unique and Generous Content.


If your concern with any of the SEO expert or analysts they will tell you very simple thing that “Content is King” and you should write quality and generous content.


When you make frequent updates on your website with quality posts and length of 1000 plus words you will automatically get indexed by the search engine like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.


Alexa does regular checkups of your website’s hits and sends it to the Alexa servers.When you write quality content you will get customer engagement and it will boost your rankings as well.


Google always looks for quality and Dense content that are meaningful for the visitors.



3.Make a writing habit for your Blog Daily.


“Slow and steady wins the Runs” by this proverb I want to tell all the

Bloggers that try to write posts daily on your blogs if not possible for you to write daily then keep trying to post 4 article in a week.



In my opinion, the content writers who make a frequent posting on their website with the quality bunch of words they will get their reward not today but for tomorrow.


Therefore try to make writing quality posts on your blog regularly.



4.Try to post Regularly on social Networks.



Try to Post your Content on the Major Social Media Platforms like Facebook, Google, Twitter, Digg, Linkedin, and Stumbleupon.


These social media Networks will give you the immense boost for your Blog and makes your blog or website viral in no time.


  1. Alexa Rank in 2017.


I used to get Lots of Emails Regarding that Is Alexa Rank will be Important in 2017 my answer to them is simple and straightforward that do not try too much SEO techniques to rank higher but try to integrate all these things you will get your website ranked rapidly and makes your blog as the “Best Blog Platform”.





No doubt, SEO are most important for any website to Rank higher in SERP of Google.

But Still, you can create a different impression on your target audiences by writing quality contents and to improve your Alexa rank regularly.Once your website comes below 1 lakh you will get a number of daily visitors that you never ever imagined.

Thanks for reading my article and Do share your reviews regarding the same.

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6 simple steps to get more Profitable YouTube advertising.

Have You ever thought that How many videos seen on YouTube every day? I hope you would not able to guess it is about 5 Billion videos in a Single day.

Even 300 Hours of videos will upload by every individual in a single minute.


6 simple steps to get more Profitable Youtube advertising.


In fact the Success of most of the businesses like Amazon, Ebay totally occupied by Youtube video advertising.

If your Business or blog still not using Video Advertisement then you must apply from now onwards.However after Google Youtube is the Second largest search engine.Many Blogs including Best Blog Platforms are always their strategies for digital Marketing by using YouTube videos in their posts.

Therefore to advertise your Brand and to Increase your Online Presence YouTube is the Best way to increase your online reputation and to increase the customer engagement.


1. First Choose your Ad Format wisely.


There is a large number of  Ad Format available on YouTube platform including Sponsered ads.So the questions come into mind what Kind of format you choose.Therefore the answer is ver simple just go here Youtube help page here.


6 simple steps to get more Profitable Youtube advertising.



Suppose you are looking for “Best Blog Platform” with a customer engagement video ad than would be better you must run your ad in True view Stream or in the Discovery ad.

Apart from them if you are looking for the more targeted audience and highly customer engagement video then it must be wise to use sponsored ad.


In my point of view, you first try to make experiments with different types of ads format and then compare their differences to find out the best ad format for your website or business.



2.  Use of Instream-Segment and  Discovery Ads.


In Google Adwords campaigning Networks when you make the separation between Search and Display networks.

Just like similar to them you would understand the Differences between Instream and Discovery Ads displaying ads Format.

Basically Instream video format play before, during or after the other videos.However, Discovery ads appear next to related YouTube videos as a separate part of youtube search results.



6 simple steps to get more Profitable Youtube advertising.



via word stream: Example of Discovery Ad.

Because of the different types of the budget level according to the individual you can utilize according to your convenience.



3. Start taking Benefits of YouTube  Targeting Options.


Just like advertising on the Facebook, Twitter, google and Linkedin you have to pay a very close attention towards your target regions.So why you waste your valuable money on the unqualified and undeserving eyes who are hardly like your ads any more.


6 simple steps to get more Profitable Youtube advertising.


Via SEMRush


Therefore you can start taking benefits of your video ads by targeting your customer to the specific locations.

Suppose if you are having a business for selling best cup cakes in Australia then it will be good to start Targeting your customer from the region specific.



4. Video Remarketing.


The setting of a Remarketing is also a killer strategy to get your video ads viral because you already hold the security of the products you have published on your website by analyzing the audiences who had already shown interest in your products or services.

If you are still unfamiliar with Remarketing then its time to implement the way to follow your website audiences with ads related to them on the other places like Facebook, Twitter or AdWords display network.


5. Start advertisement More appealing Content.


Start uploading or making video advertisement which is more appealing because there is a large number of Humorous video content available on the youtube platform.

So start creating more appealing video content, it might b the compelling human based native story or something Mystery type.

Like Top 10 videos of 2017.


6.  Try to add Interactive Elements to Increase your Call to action.


If you are a Business owner or a personal or professional Digital Marketing Expert.You can take benefit by adding the interactive element to your advertisements that enable your customers to download or even signups or Lands on your homepage.

Therefore adding Interactive elements on your ads increases your call to action.


6 simple steps to get more Profitable Youtube advertising.




Youtube Marketing is one of the Easiest and Best way to advertisement or promote your Business.Most of the searches happens only on this Search Engine,so start taking benefits of You Tube Marketing it will increase your online presence as well as your ROI.


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Why Accelerated Mobile Pages of Google are so Important?

AMP means accelerated mobile pages is basically an open source coding standard made primarily for publishers.Amp embedded websites load 4x faster than usual loading speed of a website.






No doubt having a responsive website is good but with proper implementation of an amp, pages enable your web pages loading speed faster both in desktops and in smartphones as well.Even for websites which help the Newbies the ways to earn money are also implementing AMP google for faster execution.



Why AMP is Important for mobile platforms?

Have you ever tried to load your website on mobile?

Do you happy with the loading speed?


I know I am not.Loading a website on a desktop takes a little time as I have a usual internet speed not always fast depending upon the bandwidth of the speed.For what about Mobile not always your internet runs faster depending on the data pack have you subscribed.

So it is better to optimize your smartphone platform for the website so that it provides a better user experience.
It can be done easily by standardizing a mobile version of your site with AMP.
Let’s discuss step by step.

However, is meant for better user experiences.So Google starts giving preferences to websites which having AMP on their web pages.


why AMP is so Important for Publishing sites?


if you are running a content-based blog then it is so important to implement the AMP with your website.Even Most Visited Websites are found that they are starting implement AMP .Also, websites that used to publish content for a newbie that gives a descriptive Guide to ways to earn money are equally important.

However you need not set the amp for your whole website it might affect your conversion rates.You can simply employ it to the content part or blog or news updates section to maximize the user experience.


How can I Implement in my WordPress website?


There are very simple and easy steps are given for the implementation of Amp with your word press based website.


1.Install the amp WordPress plugin.
2.Activate the plugin.
3. You can update your permalinks by going to settings->permalinks and saved the permalinks settings.


For Nonwordpress website just go to
The Implementation of Amp are in the following ways:
1.Amp HTML:
A redesigned standard coding format of HTML included with amp related commands.

2.Amp js:
a new javascript coding format that allows you to load speed of your website increase asynchronously.

3. Amp can:
this will take all your amp optimized content and cache them for faster delivery.


How to find google amp optimized content?


1. Grab your Smartphone or tablet or gadget.
2.Click on your desktop browser.
3.type in demo.
4.Search for news-worthy phrases like “Kim Kardashian nude selfie”,
Donald trump controversial speech” or something like this.


How will Google amp affect the paid marketing campaign strategies?

Google already stated that websites with faster loading speed will implement the better paid per click marketing.It will help the websites which help visitors new ways to earn money.
with amp your ads with get better impressions and click like:

1.faster than usual.
2.your ads become beautiful and eye catching.
3.all ads will be redirected with https. works better together as it has broad market landscapes and having better support for the advertisement.




No doubt Google is mainly Responsible for displaying any kind of results.In order to increase the Better user experience, Google AMPs are very important.However, it hardly has any SEO impact but it definitely helps the user to get best results on their smartphones as well as the faster execution of all time.So it would be recommended that add AMPs web pages today.

Although I have tried to cover the important points regarding AMP hope it will be enough for Newbie.

Thanks for reading my article and do share your reviews.


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