After spending $1000 at last I have Found the Hidden PPC Secrets?

Have you not get Bored with so many common marketing tips and tricks that are hardly any use of.Instead of PPC, I have used so many times SEO but after spending approx $1000 I have at last found some of the Hidden pay Per Click Advertising secrets.


Just Grab a Cup of Coffee and let’s check these out one by one.


1.How Iceberg Effect Leads To Success in PPC?


1.How Iceberg Effect Leads To Success in PPC?



An Old saying is that “ALL THAT GLITTERS ARE NOT GOLD”.

 This actually means something else that what really People sees is a bit Different From the Actual thing that it seems to appear.


Making a Combination Of Keywords and ads are responsible for proper conversion and it is an easy task to accomplish.

However, this is not actually that occurs in reality Like the Iceberg Effect as People only see the Keywords but the actual thing is missing about the search terms.


You are spending a lot for your chosen keywords by using Google Adwords, Bing and yahoo ads.

So the question comes into mind How would take the advantage of Iceberg’s effect?


So creating a SINGLE KEYWORD AD GROUP from the search terms and place the automatic search preference and then applied your PPC techniques.


2. Time to take a  Kickstart with Google AdWords.


IF  you have ever had a success with PPC campaigning then it’s a good time to take a Kickstart with Google Adwords campaigning and by making Proper Ads to show in Google.


In order to Expand your PPC, you can also utilize your Ads display program on Facebook, twitter, Display network.

You can take Proper your CTA i,e call to action and replicate your ads network on everywhere if you want.


You have to utilize your PPC channel in such a way that it will increase your conversion a bit more.In other word’s you have to Follow the ICE CUBE and LAVA scale principle.The more and stronger the Intent ,the more threating your CTA would be.


icecube and lavascale



3. Micro Conversions In PPC.


As you are Running your PPC campaign across the Different Network and Channels so to get results.But still you would not able to do so.

So you might get upset.


There is a Chance that the execution might gets off.So it’s time to find out the Problem in your PPC Execution.Before you expecting the Macro-conversion you need to put effort on Micro-conversions.


Most of the Micro-conversions are linear in Nature so it would be very easy to locate and to find the resolution of the problems.


micro coversions in ppc




4. Make Optimization for sales not for Conversion.


As you have started doing things by Following the above strategies and you have improved your Quality-rates, click thru rates and Cost per Action.


It’s Time to take a step Forward ahead in PPC.Now you got to know the Keyword Discrepancy and Search terms.

Now it’s time to Focus on Common around CPA goal.


Once your pair of data leads o successful sales you have to track two more things:

a. URL parameter.

b.Hidden Fields.


a. URL Parameter.

The URL parameter can be track manually or through UTM Parameter.


b.Hidden Fields.

The hidden fields are the data in the Sign-up gen forms that helps to capture the conversion records by a visitor when it enters to a landing page.


I hope these Paid Seo Best Practices will give you some quality and innovative ideas in Ppc advertising.


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