Important Points that will Bring your blog on TOP spot of SERP.

Have You Ever Thought that 35% of the Search Results are only caught on the Top Spot of SERP?However, the Rest of the 90-95% of the traffic gets shifted towards 2nd page or you can say that it gets the drop-off.

Numbers don’t matter the most important thing is Quality content that will bring heavy customer engagement on your blog.Keyword focussed content with well SEO optimized only bring your blog on the TOP SERP of SEO and makes your blog as the Best Blog Platform.

Today we will discuss some of the Best Strategies or points that will help you to bring your blog to the TOP SERP of Google.

1.Search Highly effective Keywords.

Google Handles about 4000+ search queries in every single Second.Sounds so Freaky and amazing.The reason is that People used to get Search things directly instead of typing a unique and complex URL.So, here you have to change your strategy to optimize your potential Keywords and highly effective one.

In order to identify those Hot target Keywords just navigate towards your competitor’s social profiles and find their tags and what’s trending new.

Google Trends is yet another Effective way to get highly effective keywords.Over the Past Few years, most of the organic searches for a particular website gets decreased due to the variations of the Google algorithms and keywords alternatives.

So here you can update yourself on the present era and set up your potential keywords for the same that will helps you to make your website as the “Most visited website”.

If you still losing your patience heads towards highly helpful and effective tools like, Keyword planner, try to read all updated SEO articles on and

All these websites and Tools will help you to get updated about all the latest trends and technologies about SEO that will helps you to make your blog as “Best Blog Platform”.

2. Try to Integrate every Single Keyword on your Posts.

The Best thing is that when you have Aim to reach your desired benchmark.I have seen that Most of the Influential Blogger tend to forget to put their potential keywords in their Posts or even stuffs like:
b.Meta descriptions.
c.Image description.
d.Headings tags.
e. In URL if possible(not as Exact Domain Matching.).

I have seen Mostly Bloggers tend to write 1000+ Long Form of blog posts but forget to Mention Keywords particularly because at the end everyone wants heavy traffic engagement and wants to earn money or the ways to make Money.

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3. Always spread the Knowledge by Linking to Influential Blogs or bloggers.

Do not be afraid to get Link with your blog partners or influential Bloggers to spread all the desired information for your readers.
It is not Just Only for the BackLink Building but to show the Biggest search engine like Google and Yahoo that you have put so much effort and hard work to bring the best stuff for your website and for your readers.

4. Write Longer Posts.

Try to write Long Form of Blog Posts that will help to bring your post on the Top spot of Google.Have you ever thought that the average scan time of Human Being is 8 seconds?So do you write at least such type of article that will catch your readers attention for at least 8 seconds?
If not then go and write contents about 800+ words at least so that your readers get some quality Portion of your website.

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5. Mention all Possible Internal Links.

Do not forget to expand your depth articles with effective internal linking.Avoid using a spammy anchor text optimization by putting everywhere your desired keywords.
When you start expanding internal Links with your pages on the website or outward source.


The Long Form of Blog Posts are not always Better but it brings sometimes useful potential and heavy customer engagement.I am not saying you to write 2000+ words articles but try to write at least 800+ words with quality and Dense content that will grab the attention of your readers to some extent.
Thanks for reading my article.Do share your Views and also you can Hire us on Up work for quality content writing services.


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