How to make $1000 with every post that you publish on a Blog?

Every Blogger mainly creates a Blog to make heavy customer engagement, to make the Best Blog Platform and at the end Money making.

Sometimes it becomes more worst for other bloggers to earn $10,000 dollars per articles but you can at least earn $1000 per article.

Well, this is not a Tough task to be accomplished but it is more tricky.

The Trick is to get More Traffic=>Money Making.

This Process only helps you to make your Best Blog Platform and helps you to earn Money that You could hardly ever thought.

1.Affiliate Marketing.

When it comes to making Money Making you could simply think of the affiliate marketing platforms like Clickbank, Chitika and much more.

So the second thought comes into the mind that number of clicks, conversion rates then after so many bullshit you can generate little bucks of dollars.

So why don’t you try to post Long form of articles like 1000+ words?

Sounds a little more hard working but yet it is another powerful way of making more money from your article.

Writing a neatly cleaned and original Dense Content having catchy Title and Meta description will grab the attention of your readers.

2.Writing e-books of 5000+ words on interesting Topics.

Have you ever thought that If you are a Good writer then turn this art into your professional business?

Many e-books writers are earning thousands of Dollars in a Month.

Science Fiction stories, Love, and dating related e-books can make a heavy customer engagement on your Blog.

Readers like to read some catchy stories and informative articles or e-books even if there are 1000 of e-books are freeware.

But Still, If you are having the ability to think out of the Box then it’s your Turn To make heavy customer engagement and make lots of money by selling your E-books.

3.By Providing Online Course.

If you are one of the Influential Blogger or having a certain type of e specialization like Content writing and get paid stuff like that.

You can simply invite your readers to write valuable content for other bloggers as Guest Post and offer them some penny.

The Best way to give away a Free, Basic and Professional memberships to your readers and potential readers.

So the Online Course would include things like:
  1. Podcasting.
  2. Webinars.
  3. Seminars.
  4. Videos

It depends upon you How would you suggest the Pricing Plan of your Membership section.

So the Question comes into the mind How to create the Online Earning course for your academy?

Let’s make it simple with Teachable. a very nice and cool platform where you can simply create your online academy for the expertise that you have.

If you still worry about the Potential readers or traffic then no worry at all because if you are getting 50+ readers then it is more than enough because there is still chances to generate quality readers and earn money.


Earning money is not as easy as most of the bloggers thinks but still it possible but not impossible.So If you still thinks that the above-mentioned points are not enough then do share your views regarding the same.

For Quality Content writing Hiring Us on Up work.

Thanks for reading my articles and keep sharing the valuable feedbacks.


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