How to make $1000 with every post that you publish on a Blog?

Every Blogger mainly creates a Blog to make heavy customer engagement, to make the Best Blog Platformand at the end Money making.
Sometimes it becomes more worst for other bloggers to earn $10,000 dollars per articles but you can at least earn $1000 per article.
Well, this is not a Tough task to be accomplished but it is more tricky.
The Trick is to get More Traffic=>Money Making.
This Process only helps you to make your Best Blog Platform and helps you to earn Money that You could hardly ever thought.
1.Affiliate Marketing.
When it comes to making Money Making you could simply think of the affiliate marketing platforms like Clickbank, Chitika and much more.
So the second thought comes into the mind that number of clicks, conversion rates then after so many bullshit you can generate little bucks of dollars.
So why don’t you try to post Long form of articles like 1000+ words?
Sounds a little more hard working but yet it is another powerful way of making more money from your article.
Writing a…

Important Points that will Bring your blog on TOP spot of SERP.

Have You Ever Thought that 35% of the Search Results are only caught on the Top Spot of SERP?However, the Rest of the 90-95% of the traffic gets shifted towards 2nd page or you can say that it gets the drop-off.

Numbers don’t matter the most important thing is Quality content that will bring heavy customer engagement on your blog.Keyword focussed content with well SEO optimized only bring your blog on the TOP SERP of SEO and makes your blog as the Best Blog Platform.

Today we will discuss some of the Best Strategies or points that will help you to bring your blog to the TOP SERP of Google.
1.Search Highly effective Keywords.
Google Handles about 4000+ search queries in every single Second.Sounds so Freaky and amazing.The reason is that People used to get Search things directly instead of typing a unique and complex URL.So, here you have to change your strategy to optimize your potential Keywords and highly effective one.
In order to identify those Hot target Keywords just navigate towards…